Voyager and Beyond

Copyright 1989-2017 by
Michael Marek.
An outline of the history of space currently controlled by the United Federation of Planets, with special emphasis on planet EARTH. Version 9.0

Prehistory through 2150 -- From the beginning of time until the Enterprise pilot.
Enterprise & Discovery -- From 2151 through 2264, the premier of Enterprise until the premier of The Original Series.
The Original Series -- From 2265 through 2363, the premier of The Original Series until the premier of The Next Generation.
The TNG Era -- From 2363 and the premier of The Next Generation through 2370, season 7 of TNG and season 2 of DSN.
Voyager and later -- From 2371 to the end of time, including the events of DSN season three, the TNG movies, and the events of the entire Voyager series.


Chakotay's father, Kolopak, dies. 

Ben Sisko returns to Earth to report in detail on his contact with the Jem'Hadar, and the destruction of the Odyssey. In the process, he realizes that he has come to think of Deep Space Nine as home. He returns to the station with the USS Defiant, which he helped design, but which experienced unsuccessful flight tests. The ship is dangerously overpowered, but Sisko concludes that the show of force will be valuable in countering the Dominion threat. He consults with chief O'Brien on ways to regulate the Defiant's power curves. 

The senior staff of Deep Space Nine, aboard the USS Defiant, enters the Gamma Quadrant to seek the Founders of the Dominion. The Dominion captures the senior staff and submits them to unconscious testing to learn about their determination. Jem'Haddar forces study the captured Defiant. After their release, Sisko and his staff receive permission to keep the Defiant at Deep Space Nine, since it has better performance characteristics than the three runabouts based at the station. Operations chief Miles O'Brien installs safeguards to keep the Defiant from damaging itself. 

Odo discovers that his species, the Changlings, are the Founders of the Dominion. 

The memory blockers which prevent Dax from remembering its host Jurian Balar break down, threatening Jadzia's life. On Trill for treatment, Sisko and Bashir learn of the secret of the Trill Symbiosis Commission, and blackmail the Commission into allowing Jadzia to remember. 

On Cestus III, a colony once attacked by the Gorn, the archaic sport of Baseball becomes popular. 

While in the Gamma Quadrant, a Vulcan geological survey team unearths the apparently abandoned home word of the Hurk, who had invaded the Kronos over a thousand years earlier. One artifact brought back is a cloth, recognized by Ambassador Kor as the legendary Shroud of Kahless' Sword, bearing an imprint of the batleth. 

The Nova Class US Equinox is pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. The ship escapes and begins the long voyage home. Not designed for extended service, the ship has to fight its way across the light years. Eventually, Captain Ransom learns to achieve high speed by drawing power from the bodies of aliens from another dimension. He proceeds to move his ship closer to home, although replicators and many other systems on the ship fail. (Equinox)

Lt. Thomas Riker defects to the Maquis, and leads a team which steals the Defiant from its berth at Deep Space Nine. Riker reveals that the Cardassian Obsidian Order is secretly building a war fleet in the Urias system. Riker surrenders in order to save the lives of his crew. In an agreement between Ben Sisko and Gul Dukat, Riker is sentenced to life imprisonment in a Cardassian labor camp on Lazon II. His crew and the Defiant are handed over to Starfleet. 

Harry Kim graduates Starfleet Academy, and is assigned to the USS Voyager, meeting the ship at Deep Space Nine. (The Caretaker)

A Maquis ship commanded by ex-Starfleet officer Chakotay, disappears in the Badlands region, following a fire fight with a disabled Cardassian warship. The USS Voyager, commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway, is assigned to search for the Maquis ship, which carries her Security Officer, Tuvok, as an undercover agent. Also on board the Maquis ship is Seska, a Cardassian, surgically altered to appear to be Bajoran, also operating as a spy. Janeway recruits Tom Paris (Jr.) to help search the Badlands. (The Caretaker)

In the Badlands, the Voyager is scanned by a coherent tetrion beam, and trapped by a displacement wave on Stardate 48315. The Voyager reappears tens of thousands of light years away, in the Delta Quadrant, out of touch with the Federation. They are in a region of space controlled by the Kazons, a powerful alien race with many creches and sects, such as the Olga and the Nistrim. The crews discover they have been kidnapped by a member of the Naceen species from another galaxy, who has been protecting the Ocampa species for 1,000 years. He has captured many ships, looking for a compatible bio-molecular pattern, so he can procreate. The effort fails, the Caretakes dies, and his space station "the Array" is destroyed, to prevent the Kazon from taking possession of it. This has the effect of protecting the Ocampa from the Kazon, for at least five years, until the power provided by the Caretaker is exhausted. Chakotay rams his ship into a Kazon warship after evacuating his crew. The combined crews begin the long journey home in the Voyager, also looking for a second member of the Naceen Caretaker species, who they believe to be somewhere in the Delta Quadrant. Chakotay, Captain of the Maquis ship, agrees to become First Officer of the Voyager. Harry Kim, on his first deep space assignment, remains OPS officer. Tom Paris has his commission reactivated, and becomes Con officer. Tuvok returns to his post as security officer. B'Elanna Torres becomes Chief Engineer. Chakotay's sometimes-lover Seska is also assigned to Engineering. (The Caretaker)

On Stardate 48481, a transporter accident while beaming from the USS Defiant, in Earth orbit, to San Franciso throws Benjamin Sisko, Julian Bashir and Jadzia Dax back in time to the year 2024. Remaining crew on the Defiant are eventually able to track the three, and recover them. In the interim, however, all evidence of Starfleet and the Federation disappear from the Sol system. 

Vedick Bariel is seriously injured in a transport accident, but is kept alive by Bashir while Kai Wynn negotiates with Legit Torral for a peace treaty between Bajor and Cardassia. Bariel suffers serious brain damage, resulting from an experimental drug. He dies of brain damage. Cardassia and Bajor sign a peace treaty. Although there is dissent from hard line elements on both sides, observers say it holds the potential for a new era. 

On Stardate 48579.4, the USS Voyager makes contact with a Romulan ship through a microscopic wormhole, and the Romulan captain actually beams through the wormhole. The Romulan, however, is from the year 2351. He returns to his ship with messages he agrees to keep the message chip for 20 years, and then turn it over to the Federation after the Voyager disappears. He, however, dies before the 20 years is up. 

On the Voyager, Seska is unveiled as a Cardassian, and escapes to a Kazon ship. 

A fleet combining forces of the Romulan Tal Sheyar and the Cardassian Obsidian Order invades the Gamma Quadrant, and attacks the Founders of the Dominion. The combined fleet is destroyed, ending the effectiveness of both secret orders. One or more Changlings had infiltrated the enemy forces, using shape changing abilities to pose as part of the attack force. 

Mark Seven transporters are commonly in use by Starfleet. 

Robert Picard, and his son Rene, burn to death on Earth, in a fire. Worf Roshenko is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. 

Doctor Soran attempts to destroy Veridan III in order to deflect the path of the Nexus, so that he can reenter the Nexus. Jean-Luc Picard attempts to stop him, and is drawn into the Nexus, where he discovers James T. Kirk. Kirk and Picard return to Veridian III and together prevent Soran from destroying the Veridian star. This saves the life of 250 million pre-industrial inhabitants of the system. In the process, Kirk falls into a deep canyon, and dies a few moments after Picard reaches his side. 

The USS Enterprise, 1701D is destroyed. The Battle section suffers a warp core breech following a battle with the Klingon Bird of Prey which had transported Soran to Veridian, and which had secretly obtained the Enterprise shield harmonic frequency. The Battle section explosion shock wave throws the detached Saucer into the atmosphere of Veridian III. The saucer crash lands, effectively trashing it beyond salvage. The Duras sisters, Lursa and B'Etor, who had lead the conspiracy to conquer the Klingon empire, are killed on the Bird of Prey explosion in the Veridian system. On 48650.1, a Starfleet task force lead by the USS Farragut evacuates the Enterprise crew. 

In the AGT timeline, the Enterprise is not destroyed and Picard remains in command. 

Worf considers resigning from Starfleet, and takes extended leave at the Klingon monastary on Boreth, sending Alexander to live with the Roshenkos in Earth. 

The Cardassians confess to locating the remains of a crashed Bajoran light sail ship, circa 800 years old. 

Kai Wynn is blackmailed into withdrawing from the political arena on Bajor. She retains her position as head of the church. 

The USS Voyager helps Jetrel attempt to reassemble the people whose molecular cohesion was dissolved by the Metrion Cascade, on Rynex in the Talaxian system. The attempt to save 300,000 people fails. Jetrel dies of Metrion poisoning, incurred 15 years earlier. 

In the AGT timeline, Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher are married. 

Jadzia Dax undergoes a ceremony that allows her to meet previous hosts of the symbiont Dax. The personalities of the previous hosts temporarily take up residence in the minds of Sisko, Kira, and others of the crew. Curzon confesses that he was in love with the young Jadzia, explaining why he washed her out of the initiate program and then allowed her to be reaccepted. 

Nog is sponsored to Starfleet Academy by Sisko, and, after testing, is accepted. 

Ben Sisko is promoted to Captain. 

Captain Lisa Cusak's escape pod crashes on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship. She makes contact with the USS Defiant via subspace radio and makes friends with the Defiant crew members who are coming to rescue her. She does not realize that she it talking with Defiant through a fluke three-year timewarp and they are in her future. She dies alone, thinking that they Defiant is about to arrive. (The Sound of her Voice)

Odo causes the death of a changling who had impersonated an ambassador and taken over the Defiant in an effort to begin a border war. The dieing Changling indicates to Odo that Changlings have infiltrated Starfleet and the Federation. A simple test is developed to determine whether a person is actually a Changling -- blood removed from a Changling will revert to its Changling form rather than retain the appearance of blood. It is later determined that this test can be fooled by the Changlings. 

The USS Voyager locates the home of the 37ers, whose ancestors were kidnapped from Earth in 1937. Amelia Earhart, and the others still in cyrogrnic stasis, are awakened. Earhart confirms that her round-the-world flight in 1937 was, in part, a secret mission to spy on the Japanese. Although the descendants of the 37ers invite the crew of the Voyager to remain with them, nobody takes them up on the offer. 


As relations deteriorate between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Captain Sisko invites Lieutenant Commander Worf Roshenko, age 31, to be Tactical Operations Officer on Deep Space Nine. Sisko fires on a Klingon ship that is interfering with a ship owned by his girlfriend, enraging Gowron and the Klingon leadership. 

The Klingon Empire attacks Cardassia, in order to remove them as a possible hotbed of Changling infiltration. Kahless (the clone) objects to the attack, but Gowron proceeds anyway, egged on by one of his generals, Mordok. Sisko supports the Cardassians, earning the further emnity of the Klingons. Gowron proclaims the treaty ended. Federation citizens are ejected from the Klingon empire. Worf's family loses its seat on the High Council. The Klingons continue to occupy several systems they captured, and hostilities between the Klingons and the Federation continue. 

The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701E is commissioned, and command is given to Captain Jean-Luc Picard. With the exception of Lieutenant Commander Worf, all of his department heads from the Enterprise-D accept assignment to the Enterprise-E. The ship is assigned to the area formerly served by the Enterprise-D, in the vicinity of the Romulan Neutral Zone. 

Lwxanna Troi marries Jayal, a Tabnian, who bears a slight resemblance to Kang. 

On Voyager, Maquis crewman Suder is convicted of murder, and confined to his quarters for the duration of the voyage. 

In the Delta Quadrant, Chakotay makes contact with an alien species that has visited Earth several times over 45,000 years, and who were ancestors of Chakotay's tribe. They tell him of their travels, their interest in Earth, and their philosophy. 

Quark and Rom escort Nog to Earth, to begin his training at Starfleet Academy, traveling in a Ferengi shuttle. Odo stows away on the ship, in order to catch Quark transporting contraban. The ship is accidentally thrown back in time to 1947, but the four manage to return to their own time, and deliver Nog to San Francisco. 

The USS Voyager makes contact with Sysperia, the female Caretaker. Sysperia somehow knows of her mate's death, and does not believe that the crew of the Voyager is not evil. She returns to her home in subspace without fully understanding the plight of the crew of the Voyager. 

Kor returns to Deep Space Nine, bearing the Shroud of Kahless' Sword. Dax confirms its authenticity. Worf, Kor and Dax discover the Sword of Kahless, in the Gamma Quadrant, on what is apparently the remains of the world of the Hurk. The Sword, however, has an insidious effect on Worf and Kor, and they agree that the Empire is not ready for the devisiveness the Sword would produce. It is left adrift in space in the Gamma Quadrant. 

Several people are killed in an explosion in Antwerp on Earth, set by Changlings. Ben Sisko is called to Earth to serve as acting planetary head of security, because of his extensive experience with Changlings. He finds that Changlings have extensively infiltrated the planet, and suspects that a cloaked invasion fleet is on its way. 

In the Delta Quadrant, Voyager encounters the Praylor and Kravek robots. B'Elanna Torres almost gives them the secret of building new power supplies, but destroys her prototype at the last moment. 

Ohkarim Mahn emerges from the wormhole, and briefly claims to be the Emmisary. Sisko and Ohkarim reenter the wormhole, and the Profits agree to return Ohkarim to his own time. 

Lwxanna Troi discovers she is pregnant. Her husband Jayal, however, comes from a culture that insists that male children be raised by men, and attempts to gain custody of the baby, following her to Deep Space Nine. Odo and Lwxanna marry in order to cancel Jayal's claim on the child. She, however, does not understand his willingness to make it a real marriage, and leaves to return to Beta Zed. 

Jake Sisko writes the first draft of what will eventually be published as his first novel, Anslem. The novel is semi biographical, to the extent that the main character's mother dies, and he has a strong father. Jake's creativity is stimulated by Anaya, the entity that feeds on creativity. Ben Sisko, however, drives Anaya off before she kills Jake, leaving Jake with the understanding that he has great potential as a writer. 

The Founders infect Odo with a deadly disease, forcing him to return to the Great Link in order to be judged for killing a Changling months earlier. They judge him and entence him to remain in humanoid form permanently, retaining his half-formed humanoid face. While in the Link, Odo is told by his people that Gowron, leader of the Klingon Empire, has been replaced by a shape changer.

On the Voyager, Chakotay's lover, Maquis member Seska defects to the Kazon, and works with them to attempt to capture Voyager, because of the advanced technology it carrys. Seska obtains a DNA sample from Chakotay, and attempts to impregnate herself with Chakotay's child. Near the end of the year, Seska masterminds a deception in which she claims Chakotay's son is in danger. When Voyager attempts a rescue mission, repeated Kazon attacks knock out the ship's secondary processors, eliminating the ship's self destruction capability. Tom Paris escapes the battle in a warp shuttle, seeking assistance from a nearby friendly Talaxian colony. Kazon's capture Voyager and strand her crew on a primitive volcanic planet. Only convicted killer Suder and the holographic doctor remain behind on the ship. 


Tom Paris leads a rescue mission from the Talaxian colony, and recaptures Voyager. The mission is successful because convicted killer Suder kills several key Kazon before being killed himself. Paris returns Voyager to recover her crew on the volcanic world where they had been stranded. 

A commando team from Deep Space Nine unveils Mordok, a chief general serving under Gowron, as a shape changer. Sisko, O'Brien and Odo earn Gowron's thanks, however Worf continues in Gowron's bad graces. Gowron agrees to a temporary cease- fire and a beginning of negotiations with the Federation. 

A team lead by Captain Ben Sisko captures a derelict Jem'Haddar ship, and returns it to Starfleet experts for analysis. Cardassians return the Orb of Time to the Bajorans. While it is being transported in the USS Defiant, Arne Darvin, a Klingon disguised as a human, uses the orb to travel back in time on the US Defiant to the 23rd century to try to kill James T. Kirk. The Defiant crew thwarts the plot, and brings one or more tribbles back to the future. They subsequently infest Deep Space Nine. 

Captain Braxton, from the 29th century, arrives in the Delta Quadrant and attacks Voyager. Voyager repels the attack, and is drawn into Braxton's time vortex, pulled backwards in time to Earth in the year 1996. 

The Voyager crew encounters the reptilian Voth, who believe they are the oldest intelligent species in the Delta Quadrant. The Voth are surprised to find genetic similarities between themselves and the humans. Gegen, the chief researcher, is treated as a heritic when he suggests that the Voth originated on Earth. Gegen and his assistant, Veer, kidnap Chakotay to prove Gegen's claim. (Distant Origin)

While investigasting a planet with a natural energy barrier, the Defiant is thrown 200 years back in time and crashes. The decendents of the crew warn the current Defiant crew. This time the Defiant does not crash and the alternate timeline is canceled. (Children of Time)

Kai Winn meets with Dominion representative Weyoun on the station to discuss the Dominion's wish to sign a non-aggression treaty with Bajor. Sisko feels strongly that this would be an unwise move and convinces Kai Winn to stall the proceedings. (In the Cards)

The Voyager crew discovers a fleet of Borg ships destroyed by a mysterious new alien species while attempting to sneak through a narrow Borg free corridor in what is otherwise Borg-infested space. On a derelict Borg ship, they download Borg information -- the Borg call their enemies "Species 8472." The Borg have been repeatedly defeated by Species 8472 over the last five months. They are from Fluidic Space and are exiting into our space through an artificial singularity in the Borg-free corridor. The Doctor determines that Borg nanites could be programmed to allow assminiation of Species 8472 and Janeway negotiates a deal with the Borg for free passage in exchange for the Doctor's technology. As Species 8472 attacks again, Voyager escaped under a tractor beam, being towed to safety by a Borg ship. (Scorpion I)

Starfleet personnel on Deep Space Nine convert to the new Starfleet uniform, a jumpsuit with grey shoulders and turtleneck shirts with colors denoting departmental function. 

Kassidy Yates is released from prison after serving a six month sentence for supporting the Maquis. She and Sisko take the first steps to revive their relationship. 

Bajor's petiton to join the Federation is approved. Ben Sisko locates the remains of the legendary city of Bahalla, as the result of a series of visions. A subsequent vision, resulting from an encounter with the Orb of Prophesy causes him to announce that it is too soon for Bajor to join the Federation. His position as the Emissary causes Bajor to decline to sign the final membership paperwork. 

It becomes clear that the Dominion intends to take over the Alpha Quadrant. More and more Jam'Haddar ships come through the wormhole. Starfleet orders Sisko to keep reinforcements from reaching Cadassia. A plan is defeloped to mine the mouth of the wormhole. Starfleet cannot send reinforcements. The Dominion spokesman Weyoun threatens to take over Deep Space Nine if the plan proceeds. Starfleet personnel are evacuated from the station. Martog and the Klingons protect the Defiant as the mine field is completed. Sisko leaves Kira in command of the station to meet the Cardassian forces who take over the station. (Call to Arms)

A Borg ship attacks Earth and is met by an armada of Starfleet ships, including the USS Defiant, called from Deep Space Nine to assist in the defense. the Defiant is heavily damaged, and its crew is beamed to the Enterprise. Jean-Luc Picard, of the USS Enterprise E, guides the Starfleet attack on the Borg ship, leading to itsdestruction. A spherical scout ship escapes, however, and generates a time travel field. As the Enterprise chases it into the time field, he detects a planet Earth of an alternate timeline, filled with billions of Borg. The Borg travel to the year 2065, in an attempt to stop the first human warp flight, and thus prevent first contact with the Vulcans, and the resulting formation of the United Federation of Planets. The Enterprise returns to the present, missing its sensor dish and filled with Borg paraphenalia. 


A Borg drone, Seven of Nine, is assigned as a liaison to the Voyager crew. A combination of Starfleet and Borg technology is developed and Voyager enters fluidic space to attack species 8472. It is discovered that the Borg began the conflict to trying to conquer fluidic space. Voyager does not end up giving the Borg the Doctor's nanotechnology. A Borg ship sacrifices itself to save Voyager and Voyager escapes, with Seven of Nine still on board. She is disconnected from the collective and begins the process of learning to be an individual. (Scorpion II)

Captain Sisko and his officers are sent in a mission in a captured Jem'Haddar ship to destroy the Dominion's stockpile of Ketrecel White. The succeed and escape, but their ship is stranded without warp drive.(A Time to Stand) They land on a planet that they later learn also has Jem'Haddar soldiers stranded on it. They capture Garak and Nog to blackmail Sisko's people into treating their injured Vorta leader. Sisko builds a relationship with eht Jem'Haddar leader, but has to kill him and the other Jem'Haddar because they refuse to disobey their Vorta. O'Brien repairs the Dominion communicatiosn gear and the Federation team is rescued by Worf. (Rocks and Shoals)

Sisko is promoted to a leadership position in the war effort. Dax takes permanent command of the Defiant. (Behind the Lines)

Kes begins to evolve into a non-corporial form of life. This usually happens at the end of an Ocompa's nine year lifespan. Kes may have been triggered early by her mental contact with Species 8472. She gives off dangerous quantom vibrations and barely avoids destroying Voyager before she leaves in a shuttle. As a parting gift, she manages to throw Voyager a few years travel time closer to Earth. (The Gift)

Alexander Roshenko joins the war effort, although he is generally unsuited to the life of a warrior. After prooving himself, Alexander is welcomed into the house of Martog. (Sons and Daughters)

Voyager has to eject its warp care. Trying to recover it, the shuttle of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres is attacked and they end up floating in space suits, about to run out of air. Thinking they are about to die they admit they are in love with each other. Voyager rescues them at the last minute. (Day of Honor)

In the face of declining morale in Starfleet because the war effort is going poorly, Sisko launches a plan to retake Deep Space Nine. Meanwhile, The cardassians on the space station struggle to take down the minefield blocking the wormhole. (Favor the Bold) The fleets engage each other. Only Defiant gets through the Dominion/Cardassian line. The minefield comes down. Sisko takes Defiant into the wormhole and convinces the Prophets to prevent the Dominion fleet from entering the Alpha Quadrant, which they do. Exiting the wormhole again, Defiant discovers that Federation reinforcements are on teh way. The Cardassians abandon Deep Space Nine and return to Cardassia. Dukat's daughter, Zygal, refuses to leave the station, admitting that she has helped the resistance. Dukat's second-in-command, Damar, kills Zygal. Dukat, in shock, remains behind when Sisko takes command of the station again. (Sacrifice of Angels)

Worf and Dax are married, but not before Martog temporarily refuses to accept Dax into his family, causing Dax to be evaluated by the mistress of the house, Martok's wife, Sirella (You Are Cordially Invited)

Ducat suffers a nervous breakdown over the death of his daughter. A ship transporting Dukat and Sisko crashes and Duket escapes, apparently insane. (Waltz)

Voyager finds the ruins of the Federation ship Raven, which belonged to Seven of Nine's parents before they were assiminated. They were scientists who tracked down the rumored Borg and tried to study them. They were eventually assiminated. Seven learns that she was once called Anika Hansen. (The Raven)

In an alternate timeline, Krenim of the Annorax travels the timelines, trying to alter time to bring back his family who had been killed when a colony was destroyed years earlier. Voyager comes under attack by Krenim and over the course of a year sustains heavy damage. Janeway ends up ramming Voyager into Krenim's ship. The "temporal wake" from the explosion resets everything and the "real" Voyager crew never knows they have gone through the year-long conflict with Krenim. (The Year of Hell I & II)

Sisko considers leaving Starfleet, but after having a dream of 1953 science fiction writer Benny Russell, he decides to remain in Starfleet. (Far Beyond the Stars)

Dr. Bashir has his first encounter with Sloan, agent of Section 31, a branch of Starfleet intelligence that long ago becaue totally independent, to the point that Starfleet Command does not realize that it exists. Bashir is told that Section 31 protects the Federation by whatever means it takes. (Inquisition)

Voyager discovers an ancient communications network that allows the ship to communicate with the Alpha Quadrant. The Doctor's program is sent through the array to let Starfleet know that Voyager is still kicking. He lands on an experimental ship, the Prometheus, but has to work with the Mark II Holodoctor to repulse a Romulan attack. The Doctor returns and it looks like marginal contact with Starfleet may be possible. (Message in a Bottle)

The Voyager crew receives messages from home over the alien communications array, but the owners of the array arrive and are not pleased. They are the Hirogen a species that lives for the hunt. they think that the Voyager crew will make excellent prey. Voyager escapes by destroying the Hirogen ship but the communications array is rendered nonfunctional. Much of the data received from Starfleet is damaged and almost impossible to translate. (Hunters)

Sisko convinces the Romulan empire to enter the war. The Romulans formally declare war on the Dominion. (In the Pale Moonlight)

Dr. Bashir unveils his new holodeck program that features "Vic," a lounge singer in a 1962 Las Vegas casino nightclub. Kira and Odo discover their feelings for each other and become romantically involved. (His Way)

An ancient tablet is found on Bajor addressing the Emmissary. Sisko destroys the tablet, releasing a "Pah Wraith," an evil Prophet long ago banished from the wormhole. The Pah Wraith enters the wormhole and the wormhole stops functioning. (The Reckoning)

Voyager encounters the Kyrian people and an alternate timeline is spun off in which Voyager is destroyed and equipment holding the Doctor's holoprogram ends up in a Kyrian museum. (Living Witness)

Eight year old Molly O'Brien is lost 300 years into the past in a time vortex. She is returned having lived 18 years in the past on an otherwise uninhabited planet. She is uncivilized and has great trouble adapting. O'Brien steals a shuttle to take her back to her planet and sends her back to the past, but before the vortex closes, she sends her eight year old self back to her parents, having spend only a few minutes in the past. The alternate timeline is thus canceled. (Time's Orphan)

An alien named Arturis claims to have translated a badly damaged message received from Starfleet. The information leads Voyager to an advanced ship that appears to be Starfleet with a highly advanced "Slipstream Drive." It turns out, however, that the ship is not Starfleet and Arturis is seeking revenge against the Voyager crew. (Hope and Fear)

The Voyager crew discovers a space habitat that perfectly reproduces Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, complete with Starfleet personnel who act as if it really is San Francisco. It turns out that Species 8472 is planning to invade Earth. Janeway convinces the leader of the aliens, impersonating Boothby, that the Federation is not the enemy of Species 8472. He and his people return home to try to convince their superiors of the same thing. (In the Flesh)

The crew of the Defiant makes friends by radio with Captain Lisa Cusak, who informs them that her escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship. When they arrive to rescue her, they discover that she has been dead for three years and that they were somehow communicating with her across a three year gap in subspace. (The Sound of her Voice)

Voyager attempts to use Slipstream Drive to get back to the Alpha Quadrant. Chakotay and Harry Kim signal Seven of Nine from 15 years in the future, preventing an accident with the Slipstream Drive that would have caused Voyager to crash on an ice planet. (Timeless)

Captain Janeway develops a plan to steal a piece of Borg hardware that might help get Voyager home. Seven of Nine of captured by the Borg Queen and Janeway has to confront the Queen to get Seven back. (Dark Frontier)

Captain Braxton of the 29th century Federation Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to go back in time to solve the mystery of who planted the "temporal disrupter" which ultimately destroyed the U.S.S. Voyager. (Relativity)

Dukat releases a Pah Wraith from a figuring in which it hs been trapped and sneaks back onto Deep Space Nine. Duket kills Jadzia. The woman dies although Dr. Bashir is able to save the Dax symbiont. Sisko takes a leave of absense from Starfleet and returns to Earth with his son, Jake.(Tears of the Prophets)

The USS Voyager encounters the USS Equinox and renders assistance. When Janeway discovers that Ransom is killing alien lifeforms to get home, she arreses him, but Ransom and his crew steal technology from Voyager and escape, leaving Voyager dead in the water and under attack from the aliens.


Janeway catches up with the USS Equinox and wages a crusade to stop the Equinox crew from killing aliens. Captain Ransom repents, but is killed when his ship is destroyed. A few Equinox survivors are saved by Voyager, to live under very close supervision. (Equinox II)

Three former Borg who were once part of Seven of Nine's working group track her down to discover why they are linked in a sort of mini-collective. Releasing them from their link to each other is a process that dooms them to death within a few days -- a fate they accept. (Survival Instinct)

B'Elanna Torres has a vision and believes that her mother has died. (Barge of the Dead)

Sisko, working on Earth in his father's restaurant, learns that the Dax symbiont was emplanted into a young Trill Starfleet officer, Ezri, who was unprepared for the experience. The symbiont, however, cannot be removed. Sisko learns about his mother, Sarah, who left his father when Ben was young and later died. Sisko discovers that his mother's locket bears the Bajoran words "The Orb of the Emmissary." Ben is attacked by a member of a Bajoran cult that worships the Pah Wraiths. Sisko decides me must go to Tyree, the planet on which a vision of his mother was set. (Image in the Sand)

On Tyree, Sisko discovers the Orb of the Emmissary and uses it to expel the Pah Wraith from the wormhole. Sisko has another vision of his mother, who reveals that she is a wormhole alien who tookm over Sarah's body to ensure that Sisko was born to fulfill his destiny. (Shadows and Symbols)

Ezri accepts Sisko's offer to remain on Deep Space Nine as counselor, accepting promotion to Lieutenant. She has great difficulty dealing with the memories of her many lives and with how Jadzia's friends treat her. (Afterimage)

Odo learns from one of the Weyoun clones that the Great Link is infected with a dreaded disease. Because he has been isolated from the link, he is not infected. (Treachery, Faith, and the Great River)

Aging Klingon warrior Kor joins the crew of Martog's flagship. When Martog and Worf are injured he briefly takes command but becomes delusional, believing he is fighting a battle of the past. In order to save the ship, he beams to an enemy ship and dies a warrior's death, thus inspiring Martog's crew to victory. (Once More Unto the Breach)

The USS Voyager encounters the Vaadwaur, sleeping in stasis. Seven of Nine impulsively awakens them. They try to capture Voyager but fail, escaping into their subspace corridors. (Dragon's Teeth)

In the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager discovers the spatial anomaly that captured the orbiter module from the first Earth-Mars manned mission in 2032. The module is recovered and placed in storage on Voyager to be taken home. (One Small Step)

On Earth, Reginald Barclay becomes obsessed with Voyager and seeks help from Deanna Troi. He ends up developing a means of occasional communication with Voyager -- just a few minutes each month. (Pathfinder)

Ferengi Starfleet officer Nog receives an injury resulting in the loss of a leg. (The Siege of AR-558)

Dukat becomes the leader of a cult worshiping the Pah Wraiths on the Empok Nor space station. Kira exposes him as a fraud, but he escapes. (Covenant)

When a shuttle carrying Chakotay and other crew members is captured by a hostile Borg ship, Janeway offers a trade for the hostages but soon discovers that her rival ship is manned by a handful of unpredictable but deadly Borg youths intent upon assimilation. Seven of Nine helps subdue them and separate them from the Collective. She becomes their mentor. (Collective)

Kes returns to the ship swearing vengeance against Captain Janeway for reasons that aren't very clear. Her memory has been damaged, but a tape recording of herself made years earlier convinces her that Janeway is not evil. Kes departs for Ocampa to help her people, who are about to lose power once provided by the Caretaker. (Fury)

At Jupiter Station, Doctor Zimmerman is deathly ill. To try to treat him, Voyager's holographic doctor beams his program to the Alpha Quadrant but Zimmerman refuses treatment. Reg Barclay and Deanna Troi discover that Zimmerman is refusing because the holoprogram was deemed a failure by Starfleet and all of the holograms except Voyagers relegated to mining duties. (Lifeline)

Odo meets another of the changelings sent out by the Founders as babies, Laas. Odo eventually decline's Laas' offer to join together to locate the other 98 changelings to create a new Great Link. (Chimera)

Shinzon leads a highly successful combat force of Remans during the Dominion War. (Nemesis)

The Deep Space Nine Finale Episode Arc

Sisko asks Kasidy to marry him. Ezri steals a ship to search for Worf, who is missing on a mission. Finding him, they are soon captured by a Jem'Haddar ship and imprisoned. As the result of several days in prison together, their mixed feelings toward each other evaporate in favor of passion. The condition of the female shapeshifter leading the Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant is rapidly deteriorating. Dukat has himself surgically altered to look like a Bajoran and he insinuates himself into the graces of Kai Winn. Sarah tells Sisko in a vision that his greatest trial is about to begin and that he must not marry Kasidy. (Penumbra)

Sisko and Kasidy are married. An alliance is formed between the Dominion and the Breen, providing a powerful new fleet to oppose the Federation alliance. (`Til Death Do Us Part)

Damar, formerly Dukat's lieutenant and now commander of Cardassian forces, realizes that the Dominion alliance with the Breen is not beneficial to Cardassia. Dukat makes progress in leading Winn to worship of the Pah Wraiths. Still in prison, worf realizes that he does not hold the same feelings for Ezri that he did for Jadzia. She realizes that she has feelings for Bashir, who also is attracted to her. As Worf and Ezri are lead to their execution, Damar helps them escape and sends the message with them that the Federation now has a friend on Cardassia. Winn concludes that she has been abandoned by the Prophets and tells Duket that she is ready to walk the path of the Pah Wraiths and overcome all foes. (Strange Bedfellows)

The Breen attack Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. Dukat tells Winn she must release the Pah Wraiths from their prison in the fire Caves, deep inside Bajor, by reading an ancient forbidden text. The pages of the book, however, are blank and Winn begins studying to learn how to read them. The Breen launch an offensive in the Chin'toka system. In battle there, The Defiant is destroyed. Sisko and his crew escape. Winn murders an aide who threatens to expose Dukat. Drops of his blood fall on the book and the text is revealed. Rebels under the command of Damar attack the Dominion and Sisko realizes that Damar could be the key to ending the war. (The Changing Face of Evil)

Bashir discovers that Odo is also infected with the Founder's disease. Sisko sends Kira, Garak and Odo on a secret mission to Cardassia to train and work with Damar's troops. Bashir and O'Brien realize that the Founder's disease was created by Section 31 and Bashir vows to find the cure. Dukat is blinded when he looks at the Book, which Winn sees as punishment for defying the Pah Wraiths. Gowron comes to Deep Space Nine to take command of Klingon forces and announces a poorly conceived plan to send dangerously outnumbered Klingon forces into Dominion territory. (When it Rains...)

Kira and Damar's forces sneak onto a Breen ship to find out why Starfleet shields are ineffective against Breek weapons. Martog declines to challenge Gowron's leadership so Worf challenges and kills Gowron. While he could claim the Klingon crown, he declares Martog as the rightful Chancellor of the Klingon council. (Tacking Into the Wind)

Kira brings the seriously ill Odo back to the station. Bashir and O'Brien confront Section 31 agent Sloan, luring him to the station. They use a Romulan mind probe to enter his mind and, just before Sloan dies, they discover the cure to the Founder's Disease. Odo is cured. (Extreme Measures)

The sister ship of the Defiant arrives and is named Defiant II. Kira, Garak and Damar barely escape a Dominion attack and Damar is reported as dead, giving him legendary status on Cardassia. The female shapeshifter orders a strategic retreat of Dominion forces to Cardassian space. The Alpha Quadrant Alliance plans an all-out attack on the new Dominion defensive perimeter in Cardassian space. (The Dogs of War)

The Cardassian resistance is growing and the female shapeshifter orders Cardassian cities destroyed in retaliation. Kira, Garak and Damar plan an invasion of Dominion headquarters on Cardassia in a final desperate effort. The Great fleets meet in all-out combat. As the battle appears to be lost by the Federation, the Cardassian ships change sides and attack the Breen and Jem'Haddar ships. They have learned of the Cardassian resistance and the destruction of Cardassian cities. The Alpha Quadrant forces pursue the Dominion ships back to Cardassia. Damar is killed but Kira and Garak take the female shapeshifter into custody. Because of the disease she can no longer shapechange and cannot escape. Odo beams down from the Defiant and joins with her, curing her disease. She immediately surrenders, knowing that it is the only way to save her people. The surrender documents are signed. Worf becomes Fderation ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Back on the station, Sisko has a vision from his mother and abruptly leaves the vistory party. Dukat and Winn have entered the Fire Caves. Winn dies and Dukat and Sisko tumble off a cliff into the fire below. Sisko awakes with the Prophets. Sarah assures him that he has completed his task by imprisoning the Pah Wraiths in the Fire Caves. He is a Prophet now, immortal and living outside linear time. He appears to Kasidy, who is pregnant, and assures her that he will return someday. (What You Leave Behind)

O'Brien leaves DSN to teach at Starfleet Academy. Worf leaves to take up his duties as Ambassador. Ezri and Bashir, now a couple, remain on the station. Kira takes Odo to the home planet of the Great Link where he cures his people, remaining with them. Kira returns to Deep Space Nine as its commander. (What You Leave Behind)

Seven of Nine discovers that she is one of 20,000 Borg drones who have visited a virtual world while regenerating. The drones do not remember the Unimatrix Zero when they awake and Seven has a lover in the virtual world. The Collective, however, is getting close to discovering how to access the world and the inhabitants contact Seven for help. Meanwhile, Janeway develops a plan to protect Unimatrix Zero and thus create a Borg resistance movement. In executing the plan, Janeway, Torres and Tuvok are assimilated. (Unimatrix Zero)

In the AGT timeline, the Klingon Empire invades the Romulan Empire, and conquers it over the next two years. Spock's diplomatic status is recognized by the Klingons, and he eventually returns to Vulcan. Deanna Troi dies; Riker and Worf are alienated over the Troi/Worf courtship. 


By this date, Shinzon has determined that he is dieing. Because his clone body was intended to be forced-aged, but the procedure was never done, his DNA is deteriorating. He conceives a plan to receive a complete DNA transplant from his alter ego, Picard. (Nemesis)

Possibly as a result of the Romulan involvement on the Dominion War, Shinzon consolidates his power base and strikes a deal with elements in the Romulan military. He secretly builds the Scimitar, a huge warship, and begins laying plans to lure Picard to his death. He also formulates ambitions to make the Remans the ultimater rulers of the Alpha Quadrant. (Nemesis)

The team from Voyager succeeds in injecting a virus into the Borg Collective that allows visitors to Unimatrix Zero to remember their experiences there when they return to the Collective. Janeway, Torres and Tuvok are protected from assimilation by a treatment developed by the doctor. Several Borg ships are freed from the Collective and attack the Borg Queen. Seven's lover is among those freed, but he is all the way across the galaxy from her. (Unimatrix Zero II)

Three of the four Borg children leave Voyager, to Seven's consternation. (Imperfection)

Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres are married. Soon after, she discovers she is pregnant.

B'Elanna Torres begins to come to terms with her father, who ledt her mother abruptly when B'elanne was young. (Lineage)

Voyager meets a Klingon ship that left the Alpha Quadrant generations earlier. The occupants of the ship become convinced that the unborn daughter of Tom and B'Elanna Torres is a prophesied savior of the Klingon people. They destroy their ship and Voyager gives them refuge. Later they agree to take up residence on a nearby habitable planet. (Prophesy)

Seven of Nine and Chakotay begin a relationship.

Q visits Voyager with his son, who now appears to be and acts like a teenager. Captain Janeway helps them reconcile and bridge their generation gap. (Q2)

Mark I Emergency Medical Holograms, now relegated to mining and other low level duties, receive a copy of a holoprogram written by Voyager's holographic doctor. (Author, Author)

Voyager locates the remains of Friendship One, a warp probe sent out from Earth. The Voyager crew learns that the databases on the probe have destroyed the civilization of the people who located it. (Friendship One)

Voyager locates a Talaxian colony located on an asteroid. Neelix helps the Talaxians drive off miners who plan to destroy their asteroid. He decided to leave Voyager and stay with the colony. He rapidly becomes fond of a Talaxian woman, Dexa, and her son, Brax. He begins wooing Dexa. (Homestead)

Admiral Janeway returns from years in the future to help her younger self get Voyager home using Borg transwarp corridors. The Admiral sacrifices herself in order to infect the Borg Queen with a virus that causes the destruction of the Unimatrix One core of the Borg hive mind. Captain Janeway gets Voyager home, but not until after the ship is enveloped by a Borg sphere and destroyed by Voyager from within with futuristic weapons provided by the Admiral. (Endgame)

Shortly after returning Voyager home, Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Admiral.

The power left behind for the Ocampa by the Caretaker is exhausted, and the Ocampa people are forced to survive on their own, in spite of the hostile forces of the Kazon. 


In the AGT timeline, Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Picard are divorced. He accepts an appointment as ambassador to the Klingon Empire, and surrenders command of the USS Enterprise. Worf assumes his family's seat on the Klingon Council, surrendering his Starfleet Commission. William T. Riker is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise. 

Worf concludes that he is not cut out for the life of a diplomat and resigns his ambassador's post. He accepts reassignment on the USS Enterprise.

2379 THE EVENTS OF ST:Nemesis

In the AGT timeline, Geordi LaForge and newly single Leah Brahams are married, and have their first child. He decides to give up his VISOR, in favor of cloned eyes. He also begins writing fiction. Two more children follow. 

Deanna Troi and Wil Riker are married. Picard encounters Shinzon, a clone of Picard who now leads the Reman people and who has recently committed a coup, taking control of the Romulan government. Shinzon's ship, Scimitar, and Enterprise battle. Moments before Scimitar emits a radiation burst that would kill everyone on Enterprise, Data disrupts the radiation beam. The Scimitar is destroyed with Data and Shinzon on board. Enterprise, which rammed Scimitar, is refitted in spacedock at Earth. Troi and Riker transfer to the USS Titan, enroute to Romulus with a Federation task force to open peace talks.

As a result of the thaw on relatiosn between the Romulans and the Federation, Spock is able to come out of hiding and join the diplomatic delegation from the Federation. (Star Trek)


In the AGT timeline, Jean-Luc Picard retires, and returns home to LeBarre, France, to tend the vinyards, as his father had always hoped. Geordi LaForge and other friends attend his retirement party. Beverly Picard is named Captain of the medical ship USS Pasteur. Relations between the Klingon/Romulan Empire and the Federation cool, and return to a cold war footing. 

The shockwave from the explosion of a nearby supernova destroys Romulus. Ambassador Spock unsuccessfully attempts to halt the shockwave using "Red Matter" to absorb it and make a black hole. His ship and a Romulan mining ship are pulled into the black hole, exiting 25 years apart in the past in an alternate timeline. (Star Trek)

In the AGT timeline, the first Nova Class starships come on line, replacing the Galaxy Class as Starfleet's primary ships-of-the-line. 


In an alternate timeline, Chakotay and Harry Kim in the stolen Delta Flyer signal Seven of Nine 15 years into the past, preventing an accident with an experimental use of the Slipstream Drive that would have caused Voyager to crash on an ice planet at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Geordi LaForge of the USS Challenger attempts to stop the Delta Flyer from changing the timeline. (Timeless)


In the AGT timeline, William T. Riker is promoted to Admiral, and assigned command of Starbase 247, along the troubled border with the Klingon/Romulan Empire. He selects the USS Enterprise, scheduled for decommissioning, as his flagship, and the ship is refitted, with a third warp nacelle, engines capable of warp 13, and augmented weapons. Data accepts a teaching position at Cambridge University, and takes up residence in the house once occupied by Sir Issac Newton. 


In the AGT timeline, Jean-Luc Picard makes his final starship voyage, to the Deveron system, in the former Romulan Neutral Zone, aboard the USS Pasteur, where he inadvertantly triggers creation of a space/time anamoly which extends backward in time, preventing the creation of life on Earth. USS Enterprises from 2396, 2370 and 2364 converge on the anamoly and dissipate it.


Veteran diplomat Alexander Roshenko travels back in time from an alternate future to 2370 to encourage his younger self to "become a warrior," in hopes that he would be able to prevent his father, Worf, from being killed on the floor of the Klingon Council chambers. 


A very weak subspace radio message sent by the Enterprise from the M33 galaxy, 2,700,000 light years away, arrives at Federation space.


End of the normal Vulcan lifespan for Spock. 

A robot ship launched in 2266 by the United Federation of Planets arrives in the Andromeda Galaxy, carrying greetings of the Federation to the Kelvan Empire. 


Practical time travel is used by historians to gather information on the past. 


Kal Dayno invents the Taax Utat--a quantum phase inhibitor, in the shape of a large crystal, capable of halting all nuclear activity within a star. Two Vorgon criminals, Azure and Boratus, attempt to steal the Utat, and Dayno flees to the year 2140, where he hides it on Rhysa, in the starbase 12 district. 

The 100 Changlings sent out centuries earlier to learn about "solid" lifeforms begin returning home to the Gamma Quadrant. 


Starfleet Captain Braxton, of the Federtion timeship Aeon, observes an explosion that destroys the solar system. In the debris, he locates part of Voyager's secondary hull. He uses his timeship to travel to the 24th century to destroy it, to prevent it from causing the explosion. 

Circa this date, an effort begins to change history. Those responsible cannot travel in time, but they can project their images through time and influence the past.


In an alternate timeline 700 years after the USS Voyager was destroyed in the Kyrian system, the holographic doctor's program is reactivated and he is put on trial for alleged crimes of Voyager. He eventually refutes the inaccurate reconstruction of events and becomes a medical leader on their world. Many yeasrs later he leaves, headed for the Alpha Quadrant. (Living Witness)

Circa this year, a ship is build that will eventually be found in 2151 by the USS Enterprise with a dead pilot on board. The pilot's DNA is Human, but includes Vulcan, Terellian and Rigelian DNA. The ship is powered by a temporal drive and uses organic circuitry. When Enterprise activates a distress signal from the craft, a cloaked ship from the future (presumably this century) recovers it. (Future Tense)


A temporal agent from this era, known as Daniels, returns to the past to try to affect events surrounding the commissioning and mission of the first starship Enterprise, NX-01. (Shockwave)

Daniels briefly brings Captain Jonathan Archer to this year, having been told that Archer needed to be removed from the time stream in 2151 in order for the Federation to come into existance. The action, however, results in a major time change in which the Federation never existed. Daniels uses Archer's communicator and scanner to send a signal to the past. A device he left behind on Enterprise is activated and Archer is able to return to his own time. (Shockwave I and II)