Prehistory through 2150 

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Michael Marek.
An outline of the history of space currently controlled by the United Federation of Planets, with special emphasis on planet EARTH. Version 9.0

Prehistory through 2150 -- From the beginning of time until the Enterprise pilot.
Enterprise & Discovery -- From 2151 through 2264, the premier of Enterprise until the premier of The Original Series.
The Original Series -- From 2265 through 2363, the premier of The Original Series until the premier of The Next Generation.
The TNG Era -- From 2363 and the premier of The Next Generation through 2370, season 7 of TNG and season 2 of DSN.
Voyager and later -- From 2371 to the end of time, including the events of DSN season three, the TNG movies, and the events of the entire Voyager series.

13,800,000,000 B.C.

The Big Bang, creating the universe. Within a billion years, the Milky Way Galaxy forms. (The latest cosmological research.)

Various members of the Q Continuum return in time to this point to "hide" from each other, including one who briefly brings the USS Voyager.

9,000,000,000 B.C.

Collapsing protostars form the Black Cluster.

4,560,000,000 B.C.

The Guardian of Forever time portal is created. The creators of the Guardian eventually stop using it. (City on the Edge of Forever)

The star to become known as Sol ignites in a interstellar cloud that also includes several other nearby forming stars. Sometime in the next 30 million years a Mars-sized body strikes the forming planet Earth a glancing blow, breaking off what becomes Earth's Moon. (Scientific Reports)

4,530,000,000 B.C.

The formation of the Earth is completed when its molten iron core separates from the surrounding mantle. (Scientific Reports)

3,500,000,000 B.C.

Amino acids combine to create proteins that lead to the first primitive life forms on Earth, in a region to be known someday as France. In the AGT timeline, Q and Jean-Luc Picard observe as amino acids fail to combine, due to a massive space/time anomaly. (All Good Things) Note: At least this is what Q told Picard. Life may actually have appeared first near deep sea thermal vents. (Scientific Reports)

The oldest known microorganisms on Earth, known as Archaea, burrow in volcanic rock, actually eating the rock. (Scientific Reports) 

3,000,000,000 B.C.

The civilization known commonly as "The Progenitors" learns it is completely alone in its part of the galaxy, and deposits specially coded DNA material on many worlds to guide evolution. Embedded in this DNA is a message. The home world of these people remains undiscovered. (Gambit)

2,000,000,000 B.C.

The original Tagis III civilization is founded, long considered to be the first in the Galaxy. Tagis III remains the planet with the oldest known ruins.

1,700,000,000 B.C.

Multicelled organisms, similar to Algae, leave the oldest fossils yet discovered on Earth.  (Scientific Reports)

65,000,000 B.C.

A species of sentient dinosaurs develops on Earth. One way or another, they leave Earth and ended up as the species known as the Voth in the Delta Quadrant. (Distant Origin)

Earth is struck by an asteroid, impacting in the Yucatan Peninsula area. The fireball, earthquakes, tidal waves, and debris thrown into the atmosphere results in the long and short term deaths of many species, including most of the dinosaurs, except for thosoe that evolve into birds. (Scientific Reports) 

4,400,000 B.C.

The first true hominids appear on Earth, in Africa. They will later be known as Australopithecus. (Scientific Reports)

3,000,000 B.C.

On Earth, the climate cools and the first of the great Glacial Ages begins. (Scientific Reports)

2,500,000 B.C. 

Hominids on Earth are using primitive stone tools. (Scientific Reports) 

2,000,000 B.C. 

Visitors from the Andromeda Galaxy colonize the Milky Way and begin manufacturing androids. (I, Mudd) 

On Earth, hominids arrive in Asia. (Scientific Reports) 

1,740,000 B.C. 

The last of the race called "The Makers" from the Andromeda Galaxy dies, leaving androids who eventually adopt Harry Mudd as their ruler. (I, Mudd) 

A race of millions of living organic starships enters the galaxy from beyond, living in symbiotic relationships with their humanoid crews. One of these, Gomtu, will be the last of its kind. (Tinman) 

600,000 B.C. 

T'Kon Empire flourishes in the Federation region with a population in the trillions, and the ability to move stars. It is destroyed in its age of Maaktoom by a super nova, leaving automatically operating outposts here and there.    On Exo III, the race known as "The Old Ones" manufactures sophisticated androids, who eventually kill their masters, leaving only one android functioning. (What Are Little Girls Made Of?) 

The people of Arret colonize many worlds. (Return to Tomorrow) 

550,000 B.C. 

At Beta Magellan, "Bynars" begin integrating with their planetary computer net, eventually leading to binary language and thought processes.(10011001) The first prehistoric cave drawings are made on Vulcan, including some which may portray visits of the starships of Arret. (Return to Tomorrow) On Earth, human ancestors arrive in Europe. (Scientific Reports) 

War rips away the planet Arret's atmosphere; a few scientists' minds survive as stored intellect's, including Sargon, Thallasa and Hennock. (Return to Tomorrow) 

197,830 B.C. 

An alien race visits Earth and detects potential for civilization. It leaves facilities and parts for a series of 1,000 androids to secretly guide the human race to maturity.  (Inferred from Questor) 

A mutation occurs within a single band of human ancestors, from which all later humans descend, a fact revealed by DNA research in the late 20-th century. The resulting new species is sometimes known as Cro-Magnon Man. (Scientific Reports) 

100,000 B.C. 

A species that lives for the hunt, the Hirogen, builds a galaxy-wide communications array to facilitate their passion. (Message in a Bottle) 

Guinan said that the Borg have existed for "thousands of centuries," meaning that they are at least this old. (Q-Who) 

60,000 B.C. 

The first primitive Bajorian civilizations flower. In a neighboring system, the Hybitian culture begins developing technology on a world to later be known as Cardassia.  (Ensign Ro) 

50,000 B.C. 

As a result of evolution or extinction, Neanderthals disappear on Earth, leaving Cro-Magnon Man, Homo Sapien Sapien, as the only land-dwelling sentient species on Earth, at the peak of the fourth Glacial Age. (Scientific Reports) 

47,000 B.C. 

The planet Charon is devastated by racial strife, and all life destroyed. (Let That be Your Last Battlefield) 

42,500 B.C. 

An alien race, from far away in the Delta Quadrant, makes the first of several visits to Earth, taking over two generations for the trip each way. They discover a primitive civilization living on glacial ice fields. The aliens give "a genetic heritage" to the primitive humans, and leave, returning several times over the centuries. The humans develop an alien bone structure in their foreheads, which slowly loses prominence over the millennia, as the tribe occasionally interbreeds with other humans. 

The descendents of these human-alien fusions, known as the Inheritors, migrate across North America, and serve as the ancestors of many tribes. Some of them preserve the story of the Sky Spirits, who were their ancestors. 

25,000 B.C. 

First evidence of woven cloth on Earth.  (Scientific Reports) 

19,600 B.C. 

The first known archeological excavations are conducted at Tagis III. Competition of tribal warfare causes Vulcans to begin establishing fortified settlements around desert oasis's. On Earth, additional humans cross the land bridge from Asia into North America. They interbreed with The Inheritors, who are already in the Americas, and in many tribes, dilute the blood of the Sky Spirits. Together with the Inheritors, they rapidly span both North America and South America. (Scientific Reports) 

The immortal Dowd, later to be known as Kevin Uxbridge, arrives in the galaxy 

18,000 B.C. 

The Bajoran city of Bahalla becomes a lost city. According to a legend that is eventually told about the city, it will one day be found by one who has been touched by the Prophets. 

15,000 B.C. 

As Earth moves out of its fourth ice age, primitive indo-European settlements become the first city-states. The rising ocean level allows water to cataclysmically re-flood the Black Sea, inundating many settlements, and passing stories of The Flood and Atlantis into legend. (Scientific Reports) 

10,000 B.C. 

A group of proto-Iroquois people is taken to a terraformed world by the Preservers, who transplant many cultures in danger of destruction. (The Paradise Syndrome) 

7,500 B.C. 

Inhabitants of the Fabrina star system escape a nova in the generation ship named Yonada. They eventually forget they are in a ship. (For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky) 

"The New Era" begins for the Q, as they evolve and begin to develop omniscience. 

6,800 B.C. 

The Bajoran culture known as "The First Republic" achieves space travel. The date is eventually designated the year 1 of the Bajoran calendar. 

6,700 B.C. 

The first of several alien artifacts is found in the Denorius energy belt in the Bajoran star system. The artifacts, called "Tears Of The Prophet," cause people to re-experience important memories, or visualize prophecies. They become the basis for a spiritual religion. 

6,600 B.C. 

The Zakdorian race earns its reputation as master strategists and survives the next 9,000 years without enemy attack. 

4,000 B.C. 

Humans are collected by an unknown alien civilization, for benevolent training. Gary Seven will be a descendent of these humans. (Assignment Earth) On Beta III in system C-111, Landru's computer takes mental control of the population. (Return of the Archons) 

The living starship Gomtu makes its last contact with another of its kind. Shortly thereafter, its crew is killed by radiation from an explosion in space. (Tinman) 

3,834 B.C. 

Akherin is born in Mesopotamia. (Requiem for Methuselah) 

3,812 B.C. 

Akherin discovers in battle that he is immortal. He eventually holds identities including Solomon, Alexander, Methuselah, Lazarus, Merlin, DaVinci, Brahms and Roddenberry. (Requiem for Methuselah) 

2,750 B.C. 

In the British Isles, construction begins on the observatory known as Stonehenge, made of giant stone blocks. Work continues for close to 1,500 years.  (Scientific Reports) 

2,700 B.C. 

Alien travelers visit Earth and are perceived as the Greek gods. Later they go to Pollux IV. (Who Mourns for Adonis?) 

The consciousnesses of hundreds of criminals from the planet Oxmahl are stripped from their bodies and marooned on an M Class moon of Mabu VI. 

2,250 B.C. 

Zarabeth lives and dies in an ice age on planet Sarpeidon, in the Beta Niobe system, marooned in time by dictator Zor Kahn. Spock and McCoy visit her via the Atavachron, but return to 2267 without her. 

1,953 B.C., March 5 

From the perspective of Earth, the Sun, Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn align "like a string of pearls" at dawn.   The date is recorded as the first day of the Chinese calendar by Yu, first emperor of the Xia dynasty. (Scientific Reports) 

1,250 B.C. 

Construction of Stonehenge ends. This feat of engineering soon becomes transformed in legend into a work of magic. (Scientific Reports) 

 1,200 B.C. 

In the Delta Quadrant, the Praylor and Kravek species build intelligent robots to wage war on each other. 

500 B.C. 

Survivors of the destruction of the star Sandora visit Earth, live among the Greeks and are greatly impressed with Plutonian ideals. (Plato's Stepchildren) 

240 B.C. 

 The 38 surviving Sandorians leave Earth after the decline of the Greek civilization and settle a world they name Plutonic. A chemical compound found on the planet conveys long life and telekinetic powers. (Plato's Stepchildren) 

372 A.D. 

Shapechangers, known by the pejorative "Changelings" are persecuted by humanoids in the Gamma Quadrant. The shapechangers develop a plan to insulate themselves from persecution, and begin breeding a race of warriors, to be known as the Jem'Haddar. In order to hide the fact that the shapechangers are behind the Jem'Haddar, they declare an empire they name "The Dominion" and fade into a shadowy myth of the "Founders." The Dominion, does not attempt to impose government on individual planets, but begins a slow process of working to control commerce and militarization between worlds. 

775 A.D. 

 During the reign of Charlemagne, the ancestors of the Picard family begin to gain prominence in France. 

890 A.D. 

The Klingon species achieves Warp Drive. 

 970 A.D. 

Kahless seizes power on Kronos, which will become the Klingon home world, and sets the pattern for centuries of tyranny. His brother, Morath, takes actions which dishonor the family name, according to the propaganda of Kahless, and the two battle for 12 days to resolve the matter. Kahless forms the First Empire, largely located on the planet. He eventually leaves Kronos, with the promise that he will return. His Batleth, the Sword of Kahless, is left behind in a place of honor. 

1006 A.D., May 1 

Earth is illuminated by a massive supernova of a star 7,100 light years away. The brightness of the supernova is roughly halfway between that of Venus and the Full Moon.  

1040 A.D. 

The Hurk species invades Kronos and lays waste to large parts of the planet, after looting it of many objects of value, including the Sword of Kahless. The Klingon species is set back hundreds of years, losing the art of space flight. 

1200 A.D. 

War destroys the planet Zetar. Some inhabitants escape in the form of mental force. (The Lights of Zetar) 

1300 A.D. 

Warring civilizations of Promelia and Menthar destroy each other in a final battle at Orlius 9. 

Birth of Surak, who teaches that logic is the only answer to the constant war on Vulcan. For the following century, those who believe in logic and those who resist wage a cold war, gradually becoming more violent. The followers of Surak develop an almost evangelical zeal to convert save the planet by converting all others hers to logic. In support of this quest, they use a device known as the Stone of Gol, which amplifies and directs violent emotions back at their originators. 


Plague hits Constantinople. Akherin is present. (Requiem for Methuselah) 


On Ventax II, planetary leaders claim to have signed a deal with the devil in the form of Ardra. 

In the Gamma Quadrant, the T'Rogorands conquer a large volume of space, including the Skrians, whose legends say they came from the Alpha Quadrant, through the "Eye of the Universe"-- apparently the wormhole terminating in the Bajoran system. The T'Rogorands come into repeated conflict with the Jem'Haddar of The Dominion, which is still building its influence. 


In the Delta Quadrant, an expedition of the Naceen species, from another galaxy, accidentally damages the ecosystem of Ocampa. They guide the humanoid Ocampa natives into an underground refuge, and provide all of the water, food and power the Ocampa need. Two Caretakers, a male and a female, are left behind to permanently fulfill the debt to the Ocampa. The Ocampa people typically live only 9 standard years, then transform into energy beings. A standard generation is considered to be two years. The Ocampa species is telepathic, but loses much of this ability over the next 1,000 years, due to disuse.  (The Caretaker, et al) 

According to legend, Klingon warriors kill the gods of the Klingon people, because they have become too troublesome. This may also be the result of the gods not protecting them from the invading Hurk. 


A group of Vulcans, later called "Romulans" by the Federation, oppose the teaching of logic by Surak. They leave Vulcan with the goal of establishing their culture on a new world. The Romulans are "written out" of Vulcan history by the followers of Surak, and later generations do not learn of them.  (Balance of Terror, et al) Due to their sublight ships, the Romulans make several stops on habitable worlds along the way before they finally settle in the double star system designated Romulus/Remus by the Federation, in sector Z-6. Their new planet, also known as Romulus, is considered to be by far the most beautiful of the worlds they had visited. One faction of the spacefarers, known as the D'Brun, separates from the main body of the former Vulcans, remains in space and constructs small outposts on several worlds. 

On Vulcan, as war subsides, great strides are made in technology and space flight, however as the centuries pass, more and more emphasis is placed on ethical and moral development of the species. 


Last celebration of the Vulcan pagan festival of Rumery. 


One or more Bajoran "light sail" ships leave the Bajoran system, and visit Cardassia, and possibly other worlds. The ships are accidentally accelerated to warp speeds by a tachyon stream near the Denorious belt. How the ships survive the acceleration without a warp field or inertial compensators is unknown. At least one Bajoran ship crashes on Cardassia. Similar ships are used for the next seven centuries, at least. 


Birth of Guinan's father. 


Southwest American tribes, including the descendents of the Inheritors, unite to throw their Spanish rulers out of New Mexico. 


Spanish conquistadors, including French mercenary Avierre Maribona Picard, return to New Mexico for a bloody reconquest. 


Birth of Guinan. 


In star cluster NGC-321, war breaks out between Eminiar VII and Vendikar. The leaders agree to fight the war by computers, with "killed" people going to disintegration chambers, rather than fight in actual battles. 

The android Emil Vaslovik is activated. (Questor) 


Famed poet John Keats is born, in England. (Historical Reports) 

1805, October 

The British sailing fleet, commanded by Lord Admiral Nelson, destroys the joint fleets of France and Spain in a clash known as the "Battle of Trafalgar." On the night before the battle, Nelson tours his flagship, the HMS Victory, under the impression that it may be a hopeless battle. The British fleet, however, is victorious and Nelson dies gloriously, knowing that the battle is won. Although the British win, Napoleon honors French Navy Captain Picard for valor. 

The defeat at Trafalgar leaves Britain in a commanding position on the high seas, able to attack the coast of Napoleonic France at will. The French public is not told about the seriousness of the defeat, and the war continues until 1814, when Napoleon surrenders. He returns to power nine months later, and is ultimately defeated at Waterloo by forces under Wellington in 1815. Pursued by his own French people, as well as most other nations, he surrenders to British forces aboard the HMS Bellerophon at Plymouth, and dies in 1821, of cancer, possibly complicated by exposure to arsenic fumes, on St. Helena. (Historical Reports) 


Famed English poet John Keats dies, at age 26, the victim of an entity calling itself Anaya, possessing the ability to stimulate bioelectric fields in the brain in order to feed off the creativity. This stimulation, if carried out long enough, is fatal, and Anaya has the ability to travel at warp speeds, without benefit of spacecraft, and roams the galaxy in search of creativity. 


A deep mine shaft is dug under the Presidio military land in San Francisco. After the shaft is abandoned, an unknown alien species from a time-phase shifted future forms a cavern off the mine, designed to focus the tryolic waves used in time travel. On Cardassia Prime, the totalitarian government establishes a security force, called the Obsidian Order. The Order is independent from the military. In the Delta Quadrant, one of the two Caretakers of the Ocampa species leaves her assignment to explore the galaxy. The remaining Caretaker is thus unable to procreate. 

The Denobulans and Antarans conduct the last of several wars. The Denobulan military kills 20 million Antarans and animosity remains high between the two races for centuries. (The Breach) 


Colonel Thaddeus Riker is injured during the Civil War. He eventually joins the gold rush to Alaska, and raises a family there. 


A highly aggressive race, the Vaadwaur, uses subspace corridors in the Delta Quadrant to raid neighboring worlds. They are finally defeated by an alliance of worlds and enter stasis, planning to sleep for five years. The timing system fails and they sleep for 500 years. (Dragon's Teeth) 

Borg records from this era are spotty. (Dragon's Teeth) 


Seth Bullock is appointed the first Sheriff of Lawrence County by Dakota Territorial Governor John L. Pennington, making his office in the Black Hills gold mining boom town of Deadwood. (Historical Reports) 


6 women knifed to death in London by the Jack the Ripper entity, nicknamed Red Jack. (Wolf in the Fold) 

The Kirk family homesteads in Washington County, Iowa, after a brief flirtation with the frontier life in Arizona and the gold rushes of Colorado and the Black Hills. 

1889, February 22 

South Dakota is granted statehood in the United States of America, Earth. (Historical Reports) 

1892, August 13 

Data arrives in San Francisco, accidentally thrown back in time. He meets Mark Twain and also Guinan who is living on Earth in that era. Other members of the Enterprise-D crew follow, and eventually return to their present. (Time's Arrow) 


Edith Keeler is born. (City on the Edge of Forever) 


World War One. (Historical Reports) 

The Klingon species again attains space flight and warp drive. The Second Empire is declared and the Klingons begin conquering neighboring star systems. 


Nine generations before 2151, members of the Eska (sp?) people begin hunting shapechangers, whom they call "Wraiths" on a rogue planet that is drifting between stars. Volcanic activity emits sufficient gasses and heat to maintain a biosphere on the planet. (Rogue Planet)  


Leonard McCoy arrives from the future via the Guardian of Forever, followed by Kirk and Spock. McCoy is incoherent as the result of an accidental drug overdose.  Edith Keeler dies in New York in a traffic accident. Had Kirk saved her, she would have been a world known leader of the pacifist movement. 

The Star Trek timeline begins to diverge, possibly resulting from the death of a homeless man in an alley, killed by a phaser lost by McCoy. The divergence will not be generally noticeable for almost 30 years. 


7 women knifed to death in Shanghai, China, by the Jack the Ripper entity. (Wolf in the Fold) 


The first Dixon Hill short story, "The Big Goodbye" is published in Amazing Detective Stories magazine. Dixon Hill novels include "The Long Dark Tunnel," 1936, and "The Parrot's Claw," 1940. 

Gary Seven is born on a hidden world -- the home of a race that wants to help guide the human race to maturity. (Assignment Earth) 


The military of the United States arranges with famous aviator Amelia Earhart to fly over Japanese-held regions of the Pacific ocean, to gather intelligence. The flight is disguised as a round-the-world publicity stunt. (The 37s) Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, disappear while searching for Howland Island, largely because she does not understand proper use of her radios for direction finding. A massive search by air and sea fails to find any trace of the aircraft. (Historical Reports) 

An alien race called the Briori kidnaps 50 humans from various places on Earth, including Amelia Earhart minutes before her Lockheed aircraft would have run out of fuel. The humans are taken tens of thousands of light years away to a planet in the Delta Quadrant where they are made to work in the mines as slaves. The humans eventually revolt, the Briori are all killed, and their single starship is destroyed. The humans build three cities, and grow in numbers, making a paradise of their new world. Eight of the original humans, known as the "37ers" remain in cryogenic stasis and come to be greatly honored. (The 37s) 


  Birth of future financier Ralph Ophenhouse. (The Neutral Zone) 

  Birth of Jerry Robinson. (Questor) 


The United States of America enters the second World War on Earth. The war involves most governments in Europe, Asia and North America. (Historical Reports) 

1947, July 2 

Quark, Rom, Nog and Odo, in their Ferengi shuttle, crash near Roswell, New Mexico, Earth, after being accidentally thrown back in time from 2372. They are questioned by officials of the Army Air Corp, who cover up press reports of the crash with a story about a weather balloon. The shuttle is stored in Hangar 18 of Area 51 in the Nellis Range Complex. A nurse and civilian consultant help them escape in the shuttle and they manage to return to their own time. 


Roberta Lincoln is born in Brooklyn, with a star-shaped birth mark in a location which is impolite to discuss. (Assignment Earth) 

Birth of L.Q. "Sonny" Clemens. (The Neutral Zone) 


A group of scientists conducts clandestine experimentation which leads to advanced practical genetic engineering techniques by 1960. Their goal is to unite the world under the leadership of genetically engineered superior men and women. (Implied by Space Seed & TWOK) Miri is born. (Miri) 

The Captain Proton movie serials are made. (The Bride of Chaotica, et al) 


Black science fiction pulp magazine writer Benny Russell writes a story about a fictional space station known as "Deep Space Nine." The owner of the magazine, however, refuses to allow the story to be published. Benny is taken away to an insane asylum. (Far Beyond the Stars) 


Jerry Robinson enters college. (Questor) 

T'Pol's great-grandmother T'Mir visits Earth for several months when her ship crashes in Pennsylvania. A companion, Mestral, remains on Earth when a Vulcan rescue ship arrives. (Carbon Creek)  


Claire Raymond is born, to eventually become a housewife. (The Neutral Zone) 


A Roger Marris baseball card is printed, to eventually become part of the Kivas Fazhoe collection, until 2366. 


The entire adult population of Miri's world dies from a virus created in an effort to prolong life. Only children under age 15 survive, with greatly lengthened lives. (Miri) Jerry Robinson receives his PhD and is hired by Emil Vaslovik. (Questor) 

The Kelvan Empire, in the Andromeda Galaxy, sends a ship to the Milky Way Galaxy in an effort to find inhabitable planets which can be conquered. 


Roberta Lincoln graduates from High School and is hired in a secretarial job in New York. (Assignment Earth) Emil Vaslovick disappears and his papers are taken over by a United Nations research team. (Questor) 

Captain Braxton's time ship appears in the 20-th century. He does an emergency beam out, and the ship crashes in the high sierra mountains of California. Before it reaches the crash site, hippie Henry Starling has hidden the ship. 

July, 1969 

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, arrives from an accidental time warp and eventually returns to 2266 successfully. (Tomorrow is Yesterday) Apollo 11/Eagle lands on Moon. (Historical Reports) 

Henry Starling releases an "isograted circuit" computer chip, based on 29th century technology. Each year, his company, Chronoworx, releases additional technology. The entire growth of the computer industry in the late 20-th century is the result of temporal interference. 


The android Questor is activated by an inexperienced United Nations research team, the final android of its kind, designed to help guide the human race to maturity. The android Emil Vaslovik is deactivated. Jerry Robinson agrees to join Questor and instruct him because emotion was omitted from his jury-rigged programming. (Questor) 

Gary Seven and Isis are assigned to Earth and meet Roberta Lincoln.  An American Saturn V rocket carrying a nuclear weapon platform malfunctions during launch and explodes (non-nuclear) causing world powers to agree to keep nuclear weapons out of space. The incident is not made public but is reported in historical documents which are eventually revealed.  The USS Enterprise observes the events from orbit, on a scientific mission from the year 2267. (Assignment Earth) 


The Soviet Union and United States each launch permanent space stations, named Salyut and Skylab respectively, establishing a permanent manned presence in orbit. Over the following 20 years, both stations are radically expanded. 

The Pioneer 10 probe is launched, to become the first human craft to obtain close-up images of Jupiter, the first to pass the orbit of Pluto, and the first to enter true interplanetary space. 


5 women knifed to death in Kiev, USSR by the Jack the Ripper entity. (Wolf in the Fold) 


The first of the Voyager space probes is launched. Voyager Six eventually encounters a black hole and looses contact with Earth, ending up derelict in the Delta Quadrant. (TMP)    STS Enterprise conducts test flights, including "drop tests" and a highly successful first orbital flight. (Historical Reports) 

The Soviet Union builds a second, larger space station, called Mir. Salyut reenters and is destroyed. 


A permanent base is established on the Moon, as an international facility. 


Transparent aluminum is patented by Doctor Nichols in San Francisco. (TVH) 


Agreement is reached to establish a permanent colony on Mars. NASA designs the DY-100 class of spacecraft, using Nuclear power and designed for interplanetary travel. The DY-100 class is primarily intended for Earth orbit to Mars orbit flight, in support of colonization efforts, and to use cryogenic sleep for passengers. 


Eugenics War begins--which Spock identified as the last world war on Earth, (disregarding the conflict circa 2053). In 1992 and 1993, genetically engineered "supermen" simultaneously seize power in over 40 nations. From 1992-1996, Khan Noonien Singh, a native on northern India, has absolute control of a third of the world from Asia through the middle east, before the free world manages to overthrow him.    "The Fall of Communism," as all socialist governments are overthrown by the Supermen.  The United States and Canada remain free, and become the focal point of world-wide resistance. The supermen capture the Earth-orbit space stations. Without these way-stations available, the lunar colony is cut off from Terrestrial support. Residents take desperate measures to survive. (Inferred from Space Seed) 

The book "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties" is published in New York. (A Piece of the Action) 


The Supermen begin constructing a handful of the prototype DY-100 class sleeper ships, possibly near orbiting space stations, which they control. The ships are named after famous historical colonies on Earth. Resistance to the rule of the supermen is strong, and they have increasing trouble holding the countries they have conquered. (Implied in Space Seed)    The cryogenically frozen bodies of Ralph Ophenhouse, Claire Raymond and L.Q. "Sonny" Clemens, and others, are launched into deep space. (The Neutral Zone) 

The Presidio is closed as a military base. (Historical Reports) Following the Eugenics War, it will be turned into a national park, research center, and Lucasfilms movie studio, and will eventually become the site of Starfleet Headquarters and Starfleet Academy. 


The last of the Supermen is overthrown.     

First manned expedition outside the Solar System--Khan and 81 followers escape Earth in the sublight DY-100 class SS Botany Bay, in suspended animation.  Rumors abound, but there is no authoritative proof that one of the DY-100 ships is missing (or if there is, the information is suppressed).  Thousands of Supermen embryos are found and placed in a secure and classified research facility (The Augments).   United Nations is reorganized in the wake of the Eugenics Wars. All former totalitarian states become democracies. The New United Nations becomes a stronger force in government than the former organization. (Space Seed & Encounter at Farpoint) 

Phineas Tarbolde writes his famous love sonnet "Nightingale Woman" on Canopis I, under the creative stimulation of the entity Anaya, who eventually kills him. (City on the Edge of Forever) 


In spite of predictions, there are no serious problems at midnight on December 31 when it had been feared that computer systems would fail because they could not handle a year not beginning in "19." (Historical Reports) 


The DY-100 ships designed by NASA and built by the Supermen are allocated for exploration of the solar system. They use cryogenic technology, placing space travelers are in suspended animation for most of the journey. Voyager Six is found in the Delta Quadrant by units of a world of computers and machines, where intelligent organic life no longer survives.  Voyager's simple "collect information and report back" programming appeals to the planetary intellect, which begins building a giant spacecraft to carry Voyager back to Earth. However Voyager's programming, damaged by the black hole, leads it to believe that it is destined to merge with its creator. (TMP) At the end of December, Shannon O'Donnell meets Henry Janeway at his bookstore in Portage Creek. Long a holdout, he agrees at the last minute to sell his store, allowing construction to begin on the Millennium Gate, a half-mile-high habitat that serves as a model for the first human colony on Mars. 

The old Millennium ends on the night of December 31, 2000. 


The new Millennium begins on the morning of January 1, 2001. 

2003, January 22 

The final feeble signal is received from Pioneer 10, 82 Astronomical Units from the Sun. A subsequent attempt to contact the craft on February 7 fails and NASA schedules no further attempts.  One final attempt is made to locate Pioneer's 10 signal on March 3-5, 2006 but fails to receive a response detection of a carrier signal from the spacecraft. (Historical Reports) 


Jonathan Archer and T'Pol travel from the future to Detroit to defeat a plan by time traveling Xindi to kill humans with a bioweapon. 


Colonel Sean Jeffrey Christopher commands first manned Earth-Saturn probe, in a modified DY-100 class sleeper ship. (Tomorrow is Yesterday) 

2006, August 15
Voyager 1, the most distant manmade object, passes 100 Astronomical Units from the Sun. (Scientific Reports) 


The "Nomad" interstellar life-searching probe is launched from Earth. Dr. Jackson Roykirk, a brilliant but erratic cyberneticist, leads the science team that builds Nomad. (The Changeling) 

Solkar is born on Vulcan, father of Skon, grandfather of Sarek. Solkar will become first Vulcan ambassador to Earth. Assumes Solkar was around 50 Earth years old when named ambassador. (The Catwalk)  


Buck Bokai plays his rookie year for the Kings baseball team. 


Invention of first generation impulse drive, eliminating the need for sleeper ships. The DY-100 Class ships are refitted for more cargo and scientific labs. (Space Seed) 


Colonization of Mars, including adoption of the "Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies" which set major precedents in interstellar law. One of the first colonizing families is named "Picard." The upgraded design of ships used for colony support, using impulse drive, is identified as the DY-500 class. 

Death of Jerry Robinson, of natural causes. (Speculation, inferred from Questor) 


Second Manned Mission outside Solar system -- long thought to be the first. (Referenced in The Royale as a mission prior to that of the Charybdis.) 


Ireland and Northern Ireland are unified after decades of terrorism against the British government in Northern Ireland.In every major American city, "Sanctuary" districts exist, in which homeless people live. The areas have minimal security, health and welfare services, with thousands of people crowded into a small area. In San Francisco, 10,000 people live in a 20 square block area. People enter the Sanctuary district on the promise of help finding jobs, but government workers are unable to locate jobs in anywhere near sufficient quantities.Benjamin Sisko, Julian Bashir and Jadzia Dax appear in San Francisco as the result of a transporter time-travel accident in the year 2370. Sisko and Bashir are picked up by authorities, and taken to Sanctuary district A, because they have no papers. Dax obtains papers and searches for her friends. In a street fight, Gabriel Bell is killed, helping Sisko and Bashir defend themselves. Sisko realizes that history says Bell will be instrumental in later events.On September first, residents of San Francisco Sanctuary District A riot, to protest the lack of jobs. Six government workers in the Sanctuary Processing Center are taken hostage by Bittle "B.C." Courage and his followers. Lengthy negotiations begin, lead by Sisko posing as Gabriel Bell, and Michael Web, seeking closing of the Sanctuary Districts, and reinstatement of the National Employment Act. Although access to the computer nets are cut off by police, the residents hack access, and present a series of pleas for jobs by reasonable-sounding internees, as millions of people watch.On the orders of Governor Chandler, however, National Guard troops storm the Sanctuary district, freeing the hostages and killing many residents guarding the hostages, including Web and B.C. Sisko is wounded protecting the hostages, but escapes. A grateful former hostage plants Bell's ID card on a corpse, so history can record his death.   Sisko, Bashir and Dax are recovered to the year 2371 by Kira and O'Brien. 

The investigation of the Sanctuary riots triggers a major reform movement, and begins the steps toward eliminating want and homelessness. 


The first manned mission to Mars loses its orbiter module when it is absorbed by a spatial anomaly -- the first ever detected by humans. (One Small Step) 


52nd state admitted to the United States. (The Royale) 


Birth on Earth of Zefram Cochrane, inventor of first generation terrestrial Warp Drive. (Based on him speaking at the dedication of the Warp 5 Complex in 2121 and apparently being found by The Companion at age 87 a short time later.)  


New United Nations declares that no Earth citizen shall be made to answer for the crimes of his race or ancestors. (Encounter at Farpoint) 

The first practical hover cars come into common use on Earth. 

2037, July 23 

Third Manned Mission outside Solar System. The ship, the Carybdis, is designed based on the experiences of the 2022 mission, and is commanded by NASA Colonel Steven Richey. Charybdis looses contact with Earth. The mission is ambitious enough to carry planetary shuttles and an extensive library, including the trashy paperback novel "The Royale" by Todd Matthews. (The Royale) 


 Television is no longer a form of entertainment on Earth. 

 The Trill symbiont Dax is "born." Soon after, it is joined with a Trill named Leila, who becomes one of the first female Trill legislators. 


 The Carybdis arrives in the Theta 116 system. The crew is killed by alien life contaminating a shuttle. Only Col. Richey survives, in a habitat created by the aliens, based on The Royal novel. (The Royale) 


 The huge Hermosa earthquake causes much of southern California, including Los Angeles, to sink into the Pacific Ocean. Under 200 meters of water, the area becomes one of the world's largest coral reefs, home to thousands of species. 


 Cryogenics as a life saving technique is deemed not commercially feasible and is abandoned. (The Neutral Zone) 

 Hunting for recreation goes out of style on Earth. (Rogue Planet) 


 A Vulcan ship is destroyed by a class five neutronic storm because it is unable to reach warp seven needed to outrun the storm. (The Catwalk) 


Zefram Cochrane begins college.  


 Opposing military juntas conduct a limited nuclear war on Earth, later called World War Three, and Colonel Green's War, causing nuclear devastation in some areas.After the war, civilians temporarily control the military with drugs. Recovery from the war is rapid. Limited space travel resumes quickly with spacecraft and personnel which had remained in space. Large tracts of land on Earth are dedicated to park land. (Encounter at Farpoint)The war is observed by the Sky Spirits who find no remnant of the Inheritors. They conclude that humans are violent, and have no respect for the land. 

 The Vulcans make first contact with the Arconian species, which has just achieved space flight. The Arconians are very suspicious and the Vulcans soon discontinue their attempts at cultural exchanges. (Dawn) 


Zefram Cochrane is awarded his PhD in Physics. His research leads him to formulate a theory of warp space and a warp space drive. 


Zefram Cochrane obtains control of an abandoned missile site in Montana, with an active missile still in place. He begins an effort to implement his theories by rebuilding the missile into a spacecraft that uses his warp drive theories. At this point in Cochrane's life, he is materialistic, drinks heavily and chases women. He hopes his warp drive experiments will make him rich. (First Contact) 

2063, April 4 

Unknown to history, a Borg scout ship appears from the future and bombards the Montana compound where Zefram Cochrane's team is preparing to launch the first human warp drive spacecraft. The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701E also appears from the future and destroys the Borg ship. At the last second, a contingent of Borg beams to an Enterprise lower deck and begins assimilating the ship and crew. They also begin building a communications device capable of reaching the Borg of 2063 to summon them to Earth. Data creates a computer encryption code that prevents the Borg from using the Enterprise computer. A task force from the USS Enterprise assists Cochrane's team to repair Cochrane's ship, the USS Phoenix. (First Contact) 

Part of the Borg scout ship crash lands in the Arctic. Nanoprobes preserve two drones, ready to reactivate, if they are evern thawed out. (Regeneration) 

2063, April 5 

Data is captured by the Borg Queen to obtain the computer encryption codes for the Enterprise computer. Picard orders the evacuation of the Enterprise, but remains on board to locate Data. Together they defeat the Borg queen by rupturing a plasma conduit. With the Borg control center destroyed, the Borg are defeated.Zefram Cochrane's ship, the Phoenix, breaks the light barrier briefly, attracting the attention of a Vulcan survey ship that is passing through the Solar System. Altering its plans, the ship lands at Zefram Cochrane's compound in Montana. First warp mission outside Solar system--to Alpha Centauri, lead by Zefram Cochrane. Cochrane is age 29, but looks a lot older. The Enterprise crew is recovered, the Vulcan ship does not detect the Enterprise as it returns to the future, and presumably Cochrane's workers are sworn to secrecy.  (First Contact)The first ambassador from Vulcan to Earth is Solkar, great-grandfather of Spock. (The Catwalk) Due to vast cultural differences, the relationship between Earth and Vulcan remains strained. The Vulcans watch over Earth but are reluctant to provide technological assistance, feeling that the human race is not mature enough for unlimited access to interstellar space. (Broken Bow) 

Earth soon sends out a few manned ships, operating no faster than warp one and two. 


The starship Valiant reaches the edge of the galaxy and is eventually destroyed by its officers to prevent a psionicly accelerated crew member from returning to civilization. (Where No Man Has Gone Before)   Flying parasites attack Lauinius V.   Planet Mizar II suffers first of six planetary conquests. 

 Argelius II adopts a hedonistic culture. (Wolf in the Fold) 


 In the Delta Quadrant, the female Caretaker, Sysperia, leaves the Ocampa system, taking a few hundred Ocampa with her. While devoted to her mate, she feels compelled to explore. For reasons that are not particularly clear, she takes up residence in subspace, visiting the Ocampa colony on its space station on occasion. (The Caretaker) 


 In an alternate timeline, eight year old Molly O'Brien appears from the future in a time vortex. (Time's Orphan) 


 Earth launches an unmanned warp probe to make contact with other civilizations. It is filled with databases of human technology and knowledge. It is eventually found by a people who misuse the knowledge the probe contains, destroying their civilization. (Friendship One) 


 The United States of America no longer exists with 52 states. (The Royale) 


 A colony ship departs Earth for Terra Nova. After several years as a thriving colony, Earth loses contact with Terra Nova and the world becomes a legendary "Lost Colony." (Terra Nova)  


 Skon of Vulcan, father is Sarek, is born, possibly on Earth while his father, Solkar, is Vulcan ambassador to Earth. 


 According to a legend told among space trader families, a Y-500 class ship encounters a distress signal and salvages a life pod with nobody on board. Shortly after crewman George Webb begins acting erratically, damages the ship's engines and launches himself into space in one of the lifepods of his ship. "Boomers" tell that when the subspace static is low one can sometimes still hear his signal among the stars. (Strange New World)  


 In an alternate timeline, eighteen year old Molly O'Brien is returned to the future in a time vortex. (Time's Orphan) 


European Hegemony is formed--a loose alliance which is the first step toward world government.Earth slowly becomes involved in interstellar trade, using ships capable of warp 1-3, taking months of years to travel between star systems. Some ships are operated by families and paid crew. Children are often born and raised between stars. (Broken Bow) At some point, the Earth Cargo Authority is created. The ECA licenses casho ships and either schedules or monitors operation of the ships. The ECS (Earth Cargo Ship) Horizon is build as part of a fleet of "J-Class starships" with engines designed by Zefram Cochrane. He reportedly signs the inside of the engines of each ship personally. Using a tug and cargo module approach, the Horizon can often make no better than Warp two, depending on how heavily loaded it is. Other Class J ships include the Constellation. (Horizon) Other starships from this era that have been named in various episodes include Valiant, Essex, Archon. While they have been simply called "starships," they may also have been boomers.   The intelligent subterranean Cornonian race destroys itself after a war of several generations leaving behind booby trapped tunnels. Energy-based life forms survive on the world.   Eight women are knifed to death in the Martian colonies by the Jack the Ripper entity. (Wolf in the Fold)SS Mariposa departs Earth on colonizing mission, Captain Walter Granger commanding. In the disruption after the nuclear war, it is forgotten. 

 The Trill host Leila dies, and the symbiont Dax is transferred to the body of Tobin. 


 T'Pol born circa this date or a bit before. In "The Seventh" she says that she is not old enough to have been an agent sent to Ackeron in 2121 and that she was newly trained in 2135. 


Jonathan Archer is born on Earth. 


Henry Archer designs a starship capable of reaching Warp Five. 

An undetermined number of decades before 2151 the Vulcans develop a mining agreement with Koridan, propping up an allegedly corrupt government in the process. (Shadows of P'Jem) 


An elderly Zefram Cochrane speaks at the dedication of the Warp Five Complex after which construction begins on the first Terran ship capable of Warp Five. There are hard feelings that the Vulcans are not providing more assistance and advice. Designer Henry Archer dies before the ship is finished. (Broken Bow) 

Not long after, Cochrane departs Earth in a ship by himself and never returns. His disappearance is considered to be the missing person case of the century. He leaves behind a family. There are rumors that he is testing some new kind of warp drive. (Future Tense) 


At the request of the Ackeron government, Vulcan sends hundreds of surgically altered to infiltrate criminal factions. They are successful in overthrowing the criminals, but 20 Vulcans refuse to return to Vulcan and continue living in Ackeron society. (The Seventh) 

Circa this year, an elderly Zefram Cochrane is found by "The Companion" and taken to Gamma Canaris N, where he is rejuvenated. He is a much different man from the one who broke the light barrier in 2063. His contact with the Vulcans and other species has caused him to become less materialistic. After The Companion rejuvenates him, his appearance changes significantly, compared to his younger self at the same apparent age. (Metamorphosis) 


Travis Mayweather's family acquires the Horizon and takes up the life of interstallar traders. He is probably born within the first year. Initially Travis' grandfather commands, at one point filling five specific crew functions, two on the ship. Travis' father is chief engineer, succeeding to Captain when his father can no longer serve. (Fight or Flight) (Horizon) 


Jonathan Archer becomes an Eagle Scout. (Rogue Planet) 


Jonathan Archer enters college at age 18. 

About this time, Dr. Arik Soong violates the law by creating a secret facility in which he incubates embryos of the 20th Century Supermen and begins raising "Augment" children. After several years he is arrested, but the children and not captured and continue to mature. 


Vulcan sends a team of newly trained security operatives to recapture 20 surgically altered Vulcans who remained in Ackeron society. T'Pol is a member of the team and kills one assigned to her in Rhysa. Another, Menos, escapes her. Upon return from her mission, she is so disturbed that she has killed a man that she is sent to the monastary at P'Jem. When they are unable to counsel her, they put her through a rritual that removes memory of the death from her mind. She leaves Security and eventually ends up in the diplomatic service. (The Seventh) 


Jonathan Archer graduates enters college at age 22. He considers serving on an ECS trading ship but decides not to. (Horizon) 


Circa this year, Starfleet is created. In Horizon, Archer says he considered serving on a Boomer before Starfleet was created indicating there must have been a certain amount of time between Archer's maturity and formation of Starfleet

"Trip" Tucker joins Starfleet, specializing in engineering. (Unexpected) He said he has "been in" Starfleet for 12 years. Unknown whether this includes time at Starfleet Academy. 


Kal Dayno, fleeing from criminals in the year 2650, hides the Taax Utat in a cave on Risa in what would become the Starbase 12 district. His story becomes a legend. New Jersey inventor Burlinghoff Rasmussen steals a time pod from a time traveler and visits the year 2368. He does not return.At some point, the Vulcan and Andorian governments negotiate a treaty called the Tau Ceti Accords. It is an uneasy peace, however. (Shadows of P'Jem) 

Dr. Phlox talks with one of his sons for the last time in over a decade because the son has adopted racist attitudes about the Antarans, which attitudes Phlox tried to prevent as the boy was growing up. (The Breach) 


Skon enters the Vulcan Academy of Science. 


Starfleet officer Jonathan Archer meets fellow officer "Trip" Tucker. They become best friends. (Unexpected) 


Starfleet officer Jonathan Archer saves the life of his fellow officer and best friend "Trip" Tucker. (Unexpected) 

Travis Mayweather decides to leave the Horizon and join Starfleet. His father, who has been grooming Travis for command of Horizon is disappointed, but proud of his son. Travis' younger brother, Paul, becomes next in line to command. (Horizon) 


Creation of Terran world government.  First experimentation with sub-space radio. The technology remains experimental and quirky for many years, especially when applied to long distances.Creation of Starfleet Academy, with the motto Ex Astra, Scienta. "Science from space." Both institutions have facilities built on the grounds of The Presidio, San Francisco, Earth. 

By this time, Vulcan officers have attempted to serve in Human ships several times, only lasting a few weeks because they reportedly find their Human crewmates "too chaotic." (Shadows of P'Jem)