The TNG and DSN Years

Copyright 1989-2017 by
Michael Marek.
An outline of the history of space currently controlled by the United Federation of Planets, with special emphasis on planet EARTH. Version 9.0

Prehistory through 2150 -- From the beginning of time until the Enterprise pilot.
Enterprise & Discovery -- From 2151 through 2264, the premier of Enterprise until the premier of The Original Series.
The Original Series -- From 2265 through 2363, the premier of The Original Series until the premier of The Next Generation.
The TNG Era -- From 2363 and the premier of The Next Generation through 2370, season 7 of TNG and season 2 of DSN.
Voyager and later -- From 2371 to the end of time, including the events of DSN season three, the TNG movies, and the events of the entire Voyager series.


The Galaxy Class Starship USS Enterprise, NCC- 1701D, is commissioned in Mars orbit. Commander Kintaros oversees construction. Dr. Leah Brahms oversees engine design. Jean-Luc Picard is named Captain. William Riker is promoted to Commander and named First Officer, after declining command of the USS Drake. Deanna Troi is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the nominally civilian Counselor's job, however she declines to resume her relationship with Riker. Admiral Leonard McCoy, Starfleet Retired, 137 yoa, tours the ship. Lt. Tasha Yar leads her team through a mine field to rescue a group of colonists. She is appointed Chief of Security on the NCC-1701D, and actually pilots shuttlecraft Galileo, that delivers Picard to the Enterprise, in spacedock. Miles O'Brien, tactical officer under Captain Benjamin Maxwell on the USS Rutledge in the Cardassian war, is transferred to NCC-1701D. Data serves on USS Trieste, is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to NCC-1701D. Lieutenant Geordi LaForge is assigned to the Enterprise after he impresses Jean-Luc Picard while piloting a shuttle on an inspection flight. Worf Roshenko is promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and assigned to the Enterprise. 

First meeting of the Federation and the Q Continuum. An individual from the Continuum, identified as "Q" places Picard and his crew on trial "for the crimes of humanity." 

Ben and Jennifer Sisko are stationed at the New Berlin colony, a place which is true to its namesake, complete with beer gardens and traditional German clothing. 

Robin Lefler enters Starfleet Academy. 

Tom Paris enters Starfleet Academy. 

Harry Kim attends the Juliard School of Music youth academy, and plays clarinet in the youth symphony. 

Chakotay is promoted to Lieutenant. 


USS Enterprise visits galaxy M33, 2,700,000 light years away and dispatches a subspace signal home. 

First meeting of the Federation and Ferengi recorded by history. 

A wedding is planned for Deanna Troi and Wyatt Miller, but he backs out in order to work to cure a Tarelian plague. 

The Federation makes contact with an automatically operating outpost of the Tkon Empire. 

The USS Enterprise encounters a God-like Alien species protecting an area around the Rubicon system, and removes a fledgling Federation colony in a nearby star system. 

Nick Lucarno enters Starfleet Academy, and discovers that he looks almost exactly like second year cadet Tom Paris. 

The Ferengi Alliance returns the derelict USS Stargazer to Starfleet, confessing that the ship was destroyed in an attack by a renegade Ferengo DaiMon. 

On Bajor, Veddek Wynn is arrested by the Cardassians for teaching Bajoran spiritualism, and imprisoned. She is beaten repeatedly. 

Data discovers an unassembled android on Omicron Theta, identical in appearance to Data. When activated, it announced its name is Lore. After threatening the USS Enterprise, Lore is beamed into space, there to drift for several months. Note: Wesley Crusher stated that he beamed Lore into space with a "wide dispersal" beam. Apparently no one checked his statement, and Lore rematerialized intact. 

Jadzia graduates Starfleet Academy as an ensign, specializing in science, and becomes an initiate in training to become a Trill host. In this highly competative selection process, only one in ten are successful. Curzon Dax, assigned to train her, washes her out of the program, but develops a crush on her and does not object when she becomes the first initiate to reapply and be accepted a second time. 

Ro Lahren promoted to Lieutenant. 

The USS Drake is destroyed at the planet Minos, in the Lorenze Cluster. 

Romulan ships are detected in the Neutral Zone, however no direct contact is made with Starfleet ships. 

The mythical planet Aldea is located in the Epsilon Myno system, having been cloaked for 100 centuries. 

Admiral Gregory Quinn becomes concerned about the loyalty of several Starfleet Officers. After an extensive investigation on the USS Enterprise, he offers Jean-Luc Picard the position of Commandant of Starfleet Academy. Picard declines. 

Tasha Yar is killed at age 28 on Veygra II in the Zed Lapis sector, by Armis. Worf becomes Enterprise Chief of Security. 

Massive temporal distortion occurs as the result of experimentation of Dr. Paul Manheim. Jean-Luc Picard is reunited with Jenice, now the wife of Manheim. 

Starfleet Command is almost taken over by a parasitical life form, but for the efforts of the USS Enterprise. Afterwards, the situation is sorted out by Admiral Nora Satie. 

Several Federation and Romulan outposts at the neutral zone are assimilated by the Borg; Romulan ships return to the area in force. 

The cyrogenicly frozen bodies of Ralph Ophenhouse, Claire Raymond and L.Q. "Sonny" Clemens, are recovered in deep space. 

Ben Sisko is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and named First Officer of the USS Okinawa, under Captain Leighton. 

Julien Bashir enters Starfleet Academy. 

Admiral Mark Jameson dies of a Seribus II drug, taken in an attempt to restore youth. 


Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. 

Geordi LaForge is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. 

Beverly Crusher serves one year as Acting Head of Starfleet Medical. 

Deanna has a child, Ian Andrew, resulting from rapid growth of an alien entity within her. The entity is born as a human, lives and dies within a few days, to experience humanity. 

The Enterprise creates a self-aware holodeck program, in the form of Sherlock Holmes nemesis Moriarty. The program is eventually deactivated but "saved." 

The sum of knowledge of Ira Graves is saved into the USS Enterprise master computer before his death. 

The USS Lantree is destroyed, because it carries a plague. 

William Riker is assigned to temporary exchange duty on the Klingon Bird of Prey Pagh. 

Captain Phillipa Luvoir, Sector 23 Judge Advocate General, rules that Data is a sentient being, with all associated rights. 

The USS Yamato is destroyed by an Iconian computer virus. The USS Enterprise locates the Iconian home world, but destroys the last "gateway" that had been used by the Iconians as a sort of super-transporter. 

Wreckage of the Carybdis is found in orbit around Theta VIII in the Theta 116 system. 

First recorded Borg/Federation meeting at system J-25, 7,000 light years from Federation space. Starfleet mobilizes to try to prepare for the eventual Borg threat, however bureaucracy prevents rapid progress. 

Picard's second heart implant, at Starbase 515, performed by Kate Pulaski. 

Worf Roshenko commemorates the tenth anniversary of his coming of age. 

When male Ambassador Odan becomes terminally ill, it becomes common knowledge in the Federation that the Trill is a joined species. Odan transfers to a female host. 

Imperial Klingon Cruiser Tong returns from its 75 year old secret mission for the Klingon Empire and reluctantly accepts peace with the Federation. Worf and Keylar conceive a son, Alexander, on the holodeck, but Keylar does not tell Worf she has borne a child. Alexander, like all Klingon young, grows rapidly to maturity, achieving a physical development in three years comparable to a human 6 year old. 

When her Borg scout ship crash lands on an uninhabited planet, Seven of Nine's fellow drones begin to waiver from the Collective. Seven forces them back into the Collective before the Borg recover them.

Odo, an alien with shape-changing powers, is discovered in the Denorius energy belt in the Bajoran star system. He has no recollection of his past, and eventually becomes security officer of Terrok Nor, the Cardassian space station administering the occupation of the system. 

Ensign Julian Bashir graduates Starfleet Academy, and enters Medical School. 

At Garushta, 47 people are killed, including Captain Darson, of the USS Adelphi, when Betazoid advisor Tam Elbron gives insufficient advice to Darson about a first contact situation. 

The USS Enterprise conducts war games with a skeleton crew on board the USS Hathaway. 


Ben and Jennifer Sisko are transferred to the USS Saratoga. Ben is assigned as First Officer, under a Vulcan Captain. They take Jake with them. 

Worf Roshenko is promoted to full Lieutenant. 

Romulans begin covert preparation for an invasion of Vulcan, based on Galorndon Core within the neutral zone. 

The changes in Romulan leadership also result in the abandonment of the plot to replace Picard with the clone loyal to the Romulans. The boy clone, Shinzon, is sent to the dilithium mines on Remus to live or die. He is befriended by a Reman with psychic powers who helps Shinzon become a leader of the Reman slaves.

Wesley Crusher inadvertantly creates sentient nanite robots, who briefly infest the USS Enterprise until granted permission to colonize Kavis Alpha IV. 

Tau Cygna V is evacuated of human settlers under the terms of the Federation treaty with the Sheliak. 

From Delta Ranna IV, the immortal being The Dowd aka Kevin Uxbridge, exterminates the entire Husnok species after one of its warships kills 11,000 people, including Rishan, on Ranna IV. 

Ensign Sonia Gomez graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Romulan Admiral Jerak defects, then commits suicide, leaving a message with Picard to be delivered to Jerak's wife and daughter. He was aware of the buildup in the Neutral Zone and advocated peace, but was allowed to escape with red herring information in an effort to capture the Enterprise within the Neutral Zone. 

Miranda Vigo is killed by muggers who steal the groceries she is carrying home to her orphanage. 

Geordi Laforge and a Romulan Centurian work together to survide on a Galorndon Core, as the Enterprise looks for evidence that the Romulans are "up to something." 

A low-orbit moon threatens Bre'el IV, until the moon's orbit is corrected by Q. 

Shelby is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to Borg tactical analysis under Admiral Hansen. Her team begins designing an experimental ship to battle the Borg, the USS Defiant. The ship is small and highly maneuverable, but very high powered, with innovative new weapons systems. 

Picard mediates a trade dispute on Jameris V between the Jamerians and their neighbors the Docklets. 

Worf Roshenko accepts discommodation from the Klingon empire rather than allow the High Council to crumble as a result of revelations of a Romulan sympathiser's responsibility for the Khitomer massacre 20 years earlier. 

Sarek retires from diplomatic corp, age 202. 

Riker introduces Picard to Rhysa near Starbase 12, as a sybaritic shore leave spot, where Picard locates the Taax Utat, based on research notes of the late Professor Samuel Estrigon, and with help from Estrigon's assistant Vash. 

The living starship Gomtu, named "Tinman" by Starfleet is discovered at Beta Stromgren, and joins with Betazoid Tam Elbron in a symbiotic relationship, departing conventional space. 

Efforts begin on Earth to create a new subcontinent in the Atlantic ocean. 

In an alternate timeline, Tasha Yar returns to the year 2344 to assist the NCC 1701-C in a battle against Romulan Warbirds attacking the Klingon colony Narendra III. 

A collection of priceless stolen artifacts is recovered from Kivas Fazhoe, including the Mona Lisa, a Roger Marris baseball card, and the android Data. 

Starfleet command offers Wil Riker command of the USS Melbourne. He delays a decision. 


A Borg ship is destroyed in Earth orbit by USS Enterprise, commanded by Brevet Captain William T. Riker, after the Borg devastate a 40 ship defensive fleet at Wolf 359, killing almost 11,000 people. Picard survives temporary the integration with the Borg mind, but is emotionally scarred because of his inability to keep the Borg from using his knowledge to kill. Subsequently, he reaches accomodation with his brother, Robert. The USS Saratoga, NCC 13911, is among the ships destroyed by the Borg. Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake escape in a shuttle seconds before the Saratoga explodes. Sisko's wife, Jennifer, is killed in the Borg attack. After recovering from his wounds, Sisko is promoted to Commander and assigned to command the Utopia Planetia starship construction yards, including facilities on Mars and in orbit 16,625 Kilometers above the surface. Also destroyed in the battle is the USS Melbourne, ending Riker's chances of commanding it. Shelby is promoted to Commander at age 31, and assigned administrative duties relating to rebuilding the fleet. Shelby and Sisko work together on rebuilding the fleet, and building the Defiant to battle future Borg threats. 

The humaniod host of the joined entity Curzon Dax dies and the symbiont Dax joins with a new female host to become Jadzia Dax. The new joined entity elects to remain in Starfleet, even though the symbiont is 3 centuries old. Jadzia is promoted to Lieutenant, having added several science degrees to her record. 

Kathryn Janeway is promoted to full Commander. 

Harry Kim enters Starfleet Academy. 

Ensign Robin Lefler graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Ensign Tom Paris graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Wesley Crusher enters Starfleet Academy, and is befriended by elderly groundskeeper, Boothby. He is recruited to Nova Squadron, which soon becomes a prestigious team. 

Miles O'Brien and Kieko marry. 

Dr. Julian Bashir completes medical school, number two in his class, and is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Ro Lahren is court martialed in the deaths of members of her USS Wellington away team. She is demoted to Ensign and imprisoned. Later she is assigned to the USS Enterprise during a mission sensitive to her Bojorian people. 

Vulcan ambassador T'Pel reveals she is a Romulan, and escapes with invasion intelligence. 

First formal contact between the Federation and the Cytherians, a non-corporial race which lives near the center of the galaxy. 

Captain Ben Maxwell of the USS Phoenix, is arrested for taking unauthorized hostile acts against the Cardassians, in the process revealing they are rearming. 

Boleas IX maintains an uneasy peace with the Maropa. Captain Rix of the USS Tom Paine is a native of Boleas IX. 

The longest ruler of the Klingon Empire, Kempec, dies of Ridian 6 poisoning. Gowron and Duras vie to succeed him. Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, Keylar, Worf Roshenko's mate, is murdered by Duros. Worf kills Duras in revenge with his traditional Batleth weap on. Worf acknowledges his 3 year old son, Alexander, who then resides with Worf's human parents on Earth. Gowron becomes ruler of the Klingon Empire, and appoints Kor as ambassador to Vulcan. Kor has little regard for Gowron, but accepts the appointment. 

The alliance of Romulans and disaffected elements of the Klingon empire unsuccessfully attempts to dissolve the Klingon/Federation alliance by brainwashing Lt Commander Geordi LaForge and programming him to kill a Klingon official. Ultimately, at the end of the year, civil war breaks out in the Klingon empire and Worf Roshenko resigns his commission to fight in support of Gowron and in opposition of Duras' family, serving on the IKV Batras, commanded by Worf's Klingon brother Kurn. 

Romulan scientist Dr. Tele Cremor dies. Among his effects is a message chip containing presonal messages from the crew members of the USS -Voyager, recorded in the year 2371. 

Cardassian exobiologist Dr. Crell Moset engages in unethical wartime medical practices on Bajoran prisoners.


A 23 ship Federation task force, commanded by Picard reveals that Romulan supplies are being shipped to Duras forces in the Klingon civil war and blockades the supplies. Without this help, and with the Romulan support made public, Duras forces crumble and Gowron consolidates his power. Duras' sisters go underground, and continue plotting revolusion. Worf Roshenko's Starfleet commission is reactivated. The Romulan Commander Sela reveals her half human heritage to Picard. 

Sonia Gomez is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Communication is established between the Federation and the Tamarians after seven chance meetings over 100 years. 

Cardassians unsuccessfully attempt to force Federation attacks on Bajorian refuge camps. 

The USS Defiant, built at the Utopia Planetia ship yards, is tested. The tests are considered to be unsuccessful. The ship is so over powered that it almost tears itself apart in combat tests. The ship is mothballed. 

The Crystaline Entity is destroyed by Dr. Kyla Marr after it absorbs all life on at least 11 worlds and various spacecraft. 

Vulcan Ambassador Spock, age 140, travels to Romulus to investigate an underground organization favoring unification with Vulcan, followed by Picard and Data. The three discover the Romulan plot to invade Vulcan, and warn the Federation. Spock remains on Romulus to lead the underground. Sarek dies, of Bendii's Syndrome, at age 204. 

Picard arranges for delivery of the final message of Romulan Admiral Jerak to Jerak's wife and daughter. 

Molly Miyaki Worf O'Brien is born. 

Burlinghoff Rasmussen is arrested for theft on the USS Enterprise during a visit in a stolen time pod from 2140 New Jersey. He is taken to Earth for questioning by historians. The time pod disappears. 

Alexander Roshenko takes up residence on the Enterprise, living with his father, Worf Roshenko. 

Two dozen colonists leave the genetically engineered society on Moab IV, after an encounter with Starfleet personnel, threatening the colony's future. 

202 year old remains of the USS Essex are found on an M-Class moon of Mabu VI. 

The Federation research vessel USS Viko is damaged, and all but one of her crew killed, by high energy plasma in the Black Cluster. The ship is salvaged and converted into a Starfleet supply ship. 

Worf Roshenko is paralyzed in an accident and contemplates suicide, but receives an experimental spine replacement instead and recovers fully. 

The USS Bozeman, NCC-1941, appears from the year 2278 in a temporal distortion field. Its crew members accept new assignments from Starfleet, and continue their careers. 

At Starfleet Academy, Nova Squadron Commander Nick Lacarno is expelled, and remaining team members graduations delayed one year as punishment for attempting a banned maneuver, and covering up the death of one team member, Joshua Albert. Wesley Crusher becomes more and more disallusioned by Starfleet life, but cannot bring himself to leave the Academy. 

Amanda Taylor begins experiencing Q powers. 

Data's head is found in a cavern under San Francisco, having been there since 1893. Data is accidentally thrown back in time to August 13, 1893, where he meets Guinan and Mark Twain. Picard, Riker, Crusher and LaForge follow. 


A team from the Enterprise chases two aliens of an unidentified species from 1893 back to 2369, and destroys the cavern on Davidia II used to travel in time. During the transition from 1893 to 2369, Data's head is detached. In 2369, the 500 year head is reattached, and brought up to normal functioning with no apparent harmful effects from the 500 years it lay in the cavern. 

Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Captain. 

Tuvok is assigned to a ship commanded by Kathryn Janeway. 

The Federation science vessel USS Yosemite investigates a plasma stream between two stars. Bioenergy from the plasma infects the crew, killing them, with only four survivors. 

The USS Jenolen is discovered on the surface of a Dyson sphere by the USS Enterprise-D. Starfleet Captain Montgomery Scott is recovered from the transporter buffer, but crewmember Matt Franklin's pattern is too far deteriorated. The Enterprise is captured by automatically operating equipment on the sphere, and Scott reactivates the Jenolen to help the Enterprise escape. Scott decides he's not ready to retire, and is given a long term loan of an Enterprise warp shuttle. 

Amanda Taylor enters the Q continuum. 

The USS Enterprise is hijacked by Ferengi renegades at Lygo VII, using two surplus B'Rel class Klingon birds of prey. 

A Cardassian attack on Minos Corva, in Federation space, is thwarted by Captain Edward Jellico, commanding the USS Enterprise. In preparation for the attack, the Cardassians lure and capture Jean-Luc Picard, torturing him for defense information. Concurrent with the retreat from Minos Corva, the Cardassians, commanded by Gul Dukat, end their occupation of Bajor, having stripped it of most usable resources and because of continual harassment by Bajoran freedom fighters. Exiled Bajorans return and the newly formed provisional government requests the Federation provide relief and defense to the Bajorans remaining on the the planet. The initial response is coordinated by the USS Enterprise. 

The Federation establishes its base of operations on the abandoned Terrok Nor Cardassian space station, which is renamed Deep Space 9. Commander Benjamin Sisko is placed in command, at age 39, recommended by his former Captain, ____ Leighton. Sisko travels from Earth with his son Jake. They stop at terraformed world Blue Horizon en route. Sisko requests a Bajoran national as his first officer. Former freedom fighter Major Kira Nerys is named to the post by the Bajoran government. Trill Starfleet Lieutenant Jadzia Dax is named Science Officer. Dr. Julian Bashir requests appointment as Deep Space 9 Medical Officer. Odo remains as Chief of Security. Quark remains as defacto leader of the private establishments on the station Promenade. A stable wormhole, created by an alien race which does not experience the flow of time, is discovered in the Bajoran star system, providing a direct corridor between the Alpha Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant, 70,000 light years apart. Although generally uncommunicative, the aliens grant permission for use of the wormhole as a transportation avenue, making Bajor and the nearby Deep Space 9 space station the focus of a newly developing center of commerce. 

Serious exploration and trade with the Gamma Quadrant begins. Vulcans play a major role in this work. 

Veddek Wynn is released from the Cardassian prison. 

Robin Lefler is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Tom Paris is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Ambassador Spock's forces establish an underground railroad allowing dissident Romulans to escape to Federation space, where they begin seeking assylum. 

The spiritual leader of the Bajoran people, Kai Opaka, takes up residence on a prison planet in the Gamma Quadrant, in an effort to end centuries of war there. 

In one of the most profound archeological discoveries ever made, triggered by research of Professor Galen, a message is discovered, encoded into the DNA of life on several worlds, telling the story of how "The Progenitors" seeded life on many worlds with their custom-written DNA. This civilization replaces Tagis III as the oldest known sentient life in the galaxy. 

Klingon spiritualists produce a clone of Kahless from a remnant of his blood and program the clone to believe he is the real Kahless. Gowron grudgingly accepts the new Kahless as a figurehead leader of Klingon Empire. 

The Enterprise discovers the identical double of William Riker on Nervalla IV. Troi declines to resume her relationship with him, at this time. He takes the name Thomas Riker, and resumes his career on the USS Ghandi. 

At Deep Space 9, rival factions of Bajoran spriritual leaders vie for control of the Bajoran faith preliminary to selection of a new Kai. 

Pilot error on the part of Lt. Tom Paris leads to the deaths of three officers near Colleb Prime. At first, Paris covers up the error, but his conscious plagues him, and he confesses. He is discharged from Starfleet. 

Lore gains control of a group of Borg, instilling them with individuality. They capture Data, deactivating his ethics program, and lure Picard, LaForge, and Troi into an ambush. 


Picard manages to reactivate Data's ethics program and he, LaForge and Troi are freed by Data. Lore is deactivated by Data, and a group of Borg who are disconnected from the "collective" establish a colony, with support from the Federation. 

A political organization on Bajor calling itself "The Circle" attempts a military coup. Federation officers on Deep Space 9 discover that the Cardassian military is secretly supplying weapons to the rebels, in the hopes that they will succeed, and evict the Federation. The revolt collapses when the involvement of the Cardassians is revealed, leaving some of its leaders still in power in the Bajoran provisional government. 

A movement is discovered on Vulcan which advocates complete isolation from other species, and which has stolen the parts required to reassemble the Stone of Gol. But they misunderstand the capabilities of this psionic weapon, which does not harm people not filled with violent emotions. 

The Starfleet detachment on Deep Space 9 learns that the empire called the Dominion controls much space in the Gamma Quadrant. 

The Federation learns that warp drive has the potential to damage the fabric of space, and orders a limit of Warp 5 in areas of known susceptibility, except during emergencies. However scientific research into warp propulsion interrelays by Dr. Vassbinder and others places the Federation of the verge of major new faster than light technologies. 

Beverly Crusher declines to become intimate with Jean-Luc Picard, in spite of strong feelings for him. 

The Skrian people discovers the wormhole from the Gamma to the Alpha Quadrants, and emigrates. After a request to settle on Bajor, which is declined, they settle on Draylon II, near Safalla Prime. 

The former Captain of the USS Pegasus Admiral Eric Pressman, Starfleet Chief of Security Rayner and several ranking officers are arrested and charged with violations of the Treaty of Algeron, for working to develop a cloaking device. The experimental device is salvaged from the derelict USS Pegasus. Wil Riker disobeys Pressman's orders and divulges the violation to Federation authorities. His role in the original loss of the Pegasus is closely investigated, and he is cleared of wrong doing. 

Federation terraforming researchers, lead by Professor Gidion Seyatek, develop a technique for reigniting dead stars, and test it on Epsilon 119. The technique injects protomatter into the star, causing a cascade effect which converts matter back to basic hydrogen. The technique is based on the Genesis Project research of a century earlier. Seyatek dies in the process of igniting the star. 

Bajorans establish a colony in the Gamma Quadrant on an apparently unclaimed planet, and name it New Bajor. 

Dax, Kor, Koloth and Kang locate The Albino in the Zakara system and assault his stronghold. Kang kills the Albino, however Kang and Koloth are mortally wounded. Kor sings their death chant, and together Kor and Dax perform the ceremony which warns the afterlife that Klingon warriers come to join them. 

The Federation and the Cardassian Empire agree to a treaty establishing secure borders between the two governments, and ban warships from the area. Several planets are exchanged between the two jurisdictions, including Dorvan V, settled by Amerindians, who agree to surrender their claim to protection by the Federation in order to remain on their world. Warships are banned from the area. A group of vigilantes from the colonies formerly protected by the Federation organizes to oppose the Cardassian military in the border area, calling itself Maquis after the French guerrilla fighters of World War II. Starfleet Commander Calvin Hudson, assigned as a "liaison" between Starfleet and the former colonies, becomes a leader of the Maquis. Subsequently, the Maquis becomes a cause for a wide range of people, including many ex-Starfleet officers, who feel the Federation- Cardassian treaty is an injustice, and also for mercenaries. 

The Maquis modifies a series of old support courier ships, installing high power phasors, and begins patrolling the demilitarized zone for Cardassian ships, which themselves are harassing non-Cardassian transport ships. The Maquis uses planets near The Badlands as bases--an area of high plasma discharge and spacial distortion. Several ships have disappeared in the area over a period of months, making it little-travelled. 

Bajoran Vedick Bariel begins contacts with Cardassian officials, including Legate Torral, concerning an eventual treaty between the two governments. 

Wesley Crusher resigns from Starfleet Academy at the beginning of his fourth year and begins studying the unity of thought and energy, and his powers to affect them, under the guidance of The Traveler, initially on Dorvan V. 

Chakotay, who is a citizen of Dorvan V, resigns from Starfleet in order to assist the Maquis resistance, and protect his homeland against the Cardassians. Tom Paris joins the Maquis and works with Chakotay but is captured Starfleet on his first mission. He is sentenced to a rehabilitation compound in New Zealand. 

B'Elanna Torres modifies a Cardassian "dreadnaught," sending it to attack a Cardassian fuel depot. However, it disappears in the Badlands, as the result of a coherant tetrion beam sent by the Caretaker. 

Alexander Roshenko travels back in time from the year 2410 to encourage his younger self to "become a warrior." The older Roshenko tells Worf that he had made the choice as a youth to be a diplomat rather than a warrior, and that because of his inability to help, Worf was killed in the Klingon Council chambers some years later. 

Put in the position of opposing the Maquis in order to comply with the Cardassian treaty, Starfleet sends agents to infiltrate the Maquis. Lieutenant Ro Lahren returns to the Enterprise from Advanced Tactical Training, and accepts an undercover assignment spying on the Maquis. However she becomes sympathetic and deserts Starfleet to join the Maquis. 

Q causes Jean-Luc Picard to visit alternate timeline versions of 2364 and 2396 where Picard struggles to dissipate a space/time anamoly which threatens to prevent the original formation of life on earth. He succeeds, and advises his friends on the Enterprise of the futures he saw for them, thus allowing them to attempt to alter the undesirable elements of it. [The events Picard remembered between 2370 and 2396 are called the AGT Timeline, for "All Good Things..."] Picard is found to have a minor neural disorder which has the capability of eventually resulting in Earomotic Syndrome. The discovery causes Beverly Crusher to reevaluate her feelings for Picard. 

The USS Voyager, NCC-74656, is commissioned. New technology on board includes warp engines which can cruise at 9.975 without damaging the fabric of space, bio-neural conduits to improve processing speed, and warp nacelles which are positioned "out" for impulse flight and "up" for warp speed. It has a standard crew compliment of 141. Captain Kathryn Janeway is placed in command. 

The elite warrior forces of The Dominion, the Jem'Hadar, take Commander Ben Sisko and associates captive in the Gamma Quadrant. A task force including two runabouts from Deep Space Nine, and the Galaxy Class USS Odyssey enter the Gamma Quadrant on a rescue mission. Sisko is allowed to escape, but the Odyssey is destroyed while retreating by a Jem'Hadar ship on a suicide run. A Jem'Hadar ship enters the Alpha Quadrant through the wormhole briefly enough to issue the warning to stay out of the Gamma Quadrant. They announce that they have destroyed several Alpha Quadrant ships, and the New Bajor colony, in the Gamma Quadrant, because of their incursions into Dominion space.