The Enterprise and Discovery Years

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Michael Marek.
An outline of the history of space currently controlled by the United Federation of Planets, with special emphasis on planet EARTH. Version 9.0

Prehistory through 2150 -- From the beginning of time until the Enterprise pilot.
Enterprise & Discovery -- From 2151 through 2264, the premier of Enterprise until the premier of The Original Series.
The Original Series -- From 2265 through 2363, the premier of The Original Series until the premier of The Next Generation.
The TNG Era -- From 2363 and the premier of The Next Generation through 2370, season 7 of TNG and season 2 of DSN.
Voyager and later -- From 2371 to the end of time, including the events of DSN season three, the TNG movies, and the events of the entire Voyager series.


At least in Starfleet, neckties are still worn by officers. (Shadows of P'Jem) Trains are still in use on Earth. (Shuttlepod One) The Boy Scout program still exists. (Rogue Planet)

April. First contact with the Klingon species. (Broken Bow)

April. The first starship capable of warp five, the Enterprise, NX-01, is launched. On his first mission, Captain Jonathan Archer learns that a species known as the Suliban is in contact with someone in the future who is apparently involved in a temporal cold war. (Broken Bow -- reference made to first contact with the Vulcans "90 years ago".)

Vulcan Subcommander T'Pol is named Science Officer. Commander "Trip" Tucker is Chief Engineer. Dr. Phlox is Chief Medical Officer. Travis Mayweather, who was raised on the "Boomer" interstellar trading ship Horizon, is helmsman.

May 6. First contact with the Axenar. (Fight or Flight)

June. Six weeks into their mission, after three weeks in deep space, the crew of the Enterprise explores their first uninhabited world -- one where pollen causes psychotropic reactions. (Strange New World)

June. Commander "Trip" Tucker becomes pregnant after an inadvertant exchange of DNA with an alien woman. It is the first recorded interspecies pregnancy involving a human and the first recorded human male pregnancy. (Unexpected)

Enterprise makes contact with human survivors of the fabled lost colony of Terra Nova, learning that the colony was destroyed with an asteroid or comet hit the planet, releasing dangerous radiation. Colonists retreated underground. After winning their trust, Captain Archer helps the survivors move to a different continent where conditions are healthier. (Terra Nova)

The exploits of the Enterprise are followed closely on Earth since it represents a major achievement of human technology and courage. School children are particular fans, sometimes sending letters and artwork. (Breaking the Ice)

Enterprise science officer T'Pol decides to remain on Enterprise, thus ending her betrothal. While this is a violation of Vulcan tradition, she feels that her presence on Enterprise is very important. (Breaking the Ice)

November. Tensions increase between the Vulcan and Andrian governments after Captain Archer helps Andorian agents unveil a treaty violating survelience station at the Vulcan monastery on P'Jem. Andorians return and destroy the facility, giving the monks enough warning to evacuate. The Vulcan government breaks off "joint fleet operations" with the Humans, ordering T'Pol back to Vulcan. In an altercation on Koridan, she saves the life of Vulcan Captain Sopek, who then agrees to speak to the Vulcan High Command on her behalf. (Shadows of P'Jem)

November 9. Enterprise confirms the existence of microsingularities, long thought by Vulcans to exist. Tucker and Reed are trapped in the damaged Shuttlepod One for several days and are near death when rescued. (Shuttlepod One)

Late 2151. Enterprise makes first contact with a species of shapechangers living on a rogue planet drifting between stars. Archer helps the shapechangers evade hunters from another world who have been killing them for nine generations. (Rogue Planet)


Early 2152. T'Pol agreed to a mind meld with Tolaris, a member of a Vulcan group called V'tosh ka'tur" ("Vulcans without logic") by the Vulcan elders and are on a pilgrimage to explore and incorporate their emotions, to find a balance between emotion and logic. T'Pol, however, is distressed by the procedure and breaks it off. Soon after she learns that she has contracted a terminal mental condition from the mind meld. She and Dr. Phlox keep it secret because those who have the condition are ostracsized in Vulcan society. (Fusion)

March 2152. An Enterprise shuttle apparently triggers an atmospheric explosion that kills 3,600 people on a Paraagan colony. Enterprise is ordered to rendezvous with a Vulcan ship and return to Earth. Enroute, Archer is contacted by Daniels, the agent from the future who was thought killed by the Suliban. Daniels says the explosion did not happen in the original timeline and was caused by someone who doesn't want Archer's mission to succeed. Using Daniel's information, Archer finds a cloaked Suliban ship. A team from Enterprise board the ship and captures three data disks that prove the accident was not the fault of the Enterprise personnel. Enterprise then flees toward the Vulcan ship. Silik is ordered to capture Archer by his boss from the future. The Suliban pursue Enterprise and order Archer to surrender, but Archer is taken to the future to Daniels. The 31st century they arrive in, however, is not what Daniels remembers. His city in the future was destroyed long ago and the buildings are crumbling. To be continued... (Shockwave)

March 2152. Silik vows to destroy Enterprise but T'Pol, now in command, invites the Suliban on board to prove that Archer is not on board. They confine the crew to quarters and question T'Pol under drugs that she is unable to completely resist. Daniels uses Archer's communicator and scanner to signal to the past and Archer gives T'Pol instructions. Trip contacts Malcolm, Hoshi and others through a doorbell circuit and they hatch a plan. Hoshi crawls through very tight access spaces to get drugs from Sickbay, then delivers the injectors to Malcolm, losing her top when it snags on something near the end of her journey. Malcolm gets to Daniel's quarters and locates the device Archer mentioned, but Siliban guards capture Malcolm and Silik acquires the device. Trip, also freed, simulates a warp core breech and the Suliban prepare to evacuate. Silik, meanwhile, uses the device from Daniel's quarters to try to signal his contact from the future. A figure appears, but it is Archer. He jumps out of the beam, the devide having allowed him to return to his own time. He takes Silik captive and blackmails him into releasing Enterprise, which jumped to warp as soon as the Suliban left and is under pursuit. The Vulcan ambassador continues to push to end the Enterprise mission, but T'Pol defends her crewmates. The Starfleet command council agrees to continue the mission. (Shockwave II)

April 2152. T'Pol tells Archer the story of her great-gransmother's visit to Earth in October 1957. (Carbon Creek)

Mid 2152. The USS Enterprise encounters the Romulans. (Minefield)

Late 2152. Archer learns that T'Pol is infected with a terminal mental condition. Vulcan diplomats learn of her condition and discriminate against her. (Stigma)

Late 2152. Archer is successful in nnegotiating a cease fire between Vulcan and Andorian forces on a world claimed by both of them. Archer earns grudging respect from Vulcan Ambassador Soval. (Cease Fire)

A ship appparently from 900 years in the future found by the USS Enterprise with a dead pilot on board. The pilot's DNA is Human, but includes Vulcan, Terellian and Rigelian DNA. The ship is powered by a temporal drive and uses organic circuitry. When Enterprise activates a distress signal from the craft, a cloaked ship from the future recovers it. Enterprise discovers that Tholians are apparently working for one of the factions in the temporal cold war. The Tholians attack Suliban ships attempting to take the small ship from the future away from Enterprise. (Future Tense)


Archer is captured and tried by Klingons for assisting a group of refugees from Klingon ocupied space. He is sentenced to the dilithium mines on Rura Penthe, but escapes. His Klingon defense counsel is also sentenced to Rura Penthe, for one year, because he protests unfairness of the course. When Archer escapes, the Klingon remains behind, determined to serve out his sentence and return to Kronos to work for reform of Klingon society. (Judgment)

January 10, 2153. Travis Maywerather's father dies on the ECS Horizon but notification does not reach Travis. Six weeks later he is able to visit Horizon, enroute to Denova Station and helps his brother, Paul, adjust to command. (Horizon)

March 1, 2153. An arctic research team on Earth discovers debris from an alien vessel, nearly a century old, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids. Once those beings are thawed for investigation, they come to life and abduct the scientists and a transport vessel. Enterprise intercepts the transport and by the skin of its teeth destroys the Borg, but not before a message is sent, aimed at the Delta Quadrant. (Regeneration)

The Xindi attack Earth, killing 10 million people, allegedly because Earth will destroy their home world hundreds of years in the future. Archer learn from a shadowy figure from the future that the Xindi are building an even more powerful wespon, with which to inflice an even more powerful attack on Earth. Archer takes Enterprise to the Delphinic Expanse, seven weeks from Earth at high warp, to seek out the Xindi. (The Expanse)


Enterprises searches the Expanse for weeks, finding little trace of the Xindi, who are determined to be made up of multiple species that are somehow genetically and politically related. They learn the location of what is allegedly the Xindi home world, but find it destroyed and only an asteroid field remaining. (The Xindi)

Enterprise manages to download 90% of a Xindi database that had been taken by pirates from a destroyed Xindi ship. The data allows the crew to begin narrowing in on the Xindi. In the process, Enterprise begins to understand a series of giant artificial spheres that appears to be transforming the space of the Expanse. (Anamoly)

Enterprise visits a mining colony where part of the Xindi weapon is being built. The colony is refining kemocite for a Xindi named Degra, a humanoid Xindi who is managing the weapon project. The head of the colony, Gralik, agrees to help Archer. They sabotage the kemocite and plant a transmitter on the Xindi ship, but the ship vanished into a portal used by the Xindi. (The Shipment)

Archer is injured when a spatial anomaly passes through Enterprise. He experiences an alternate timeline in which extra-temporal parasites inhabit his brain and prevent him from remembering anything more than a few hours old. T'Pol becomes Captain but is unable to prevent the Xindi from destroying Earth and other human colony worlds. The last 6,000 humans are lead by Enterprise to Ceti Alpha V where they hide for years from the Xindi. (Twilight)


Archer forms an alliance with a faction of Xindi and convinces them that they have been misled by the species from another dimension that build the spheres. Archer learns that the sphere builders plan to transform the Expanse so that they can inhabit it. The Reptilian and Insectoid Xindi remain resolute in their intent to destroy Earth, hijacking the completed weapon. They kidnap Hoshi and use drugs to get her to decode the activation codes for the weapon. Taking a Xindi shuttle, Archer and his team destroy the weapon at the last moment, as it prepares to destroy Earth. Remaining behind in the Expanse, Enterprise destroys the sphere network.

Archer is trapped on the Xindi weapon as it explodes, and is apparently killed. When Enterprise eventually returns to Earth, believing him dead, they receive no radio reply from Starfleet and a shuttle, sent to San Francisco to investigate, is attacked by World War II vintage P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft. Archer wakes up in a NAZI medical tent, apparently during World War II. the medical unit is commanded by an alien wearing a NAZI uniform. (Zero Hour)

In an alternate 1944, time traveling aliens who are the "enemy" in the temporal cold war are accelerating Nazi science in order to be able to return to the future.  Archer, working with resistance fighters in the occupied New York, and Enterprise work to stop their leader, Vosk.  They eventually destroy the time machine just as Vosk is about to travel to the future, causing the timeline to reset and Vosk's damage undone.  In the reset timeline, however, the Xindi attack still happened and millions of people sre still dead on Earth.  (Storm FrontI & II)

The Augments capture a Klingon ship and kill the crew. Dr. Arik Soong, incarcerated for his work in genetic engineering, is taken aboard Enterprise to track down Augment DNA found on the Klingon ship. The young Augments capture Soong, but he discovers that he cannot control them. They are eventually defeated and Soong returns to prison. (Borderland, Cold Station 12, The Augments)

The Vulcan people recover the Kir'Shara, a vessel holding the writings of Surak.  Archer temporarily holds the Katra of Surak. The Vulcans discover that they have wandered from the intent of Surak.  Romulans have been secretly infiltraring Vulcan, intent on reunification of their peoples, with the Romulans in control.   (The Forge, Awakening, Kir'Shara)

Archer convinces the Andorians and the Tellerites to sit down and negotiate peacefully.  (Babel One, United)


A xenophobic group attempts, unsuccessfully, to use the Verteron Array on Mars to blackmail Earth into deporting all aliens in the Solar system.  (Demons, Terra Prime)


Two women are knifed to death at Heliopolis, Alpha Proxima II by the Jack the Ripper entity. (Wolf in the Fold)


Creation of the permanent United Federation of Planets. (The Outcast)


Trip Tucker is killed while diverting aliens from killing Archer.  Jonathan Archer delivers a major speech and is part of the ceremony signing the Federation charter. The Enterprise, NX-01, is decommissioned and placed on permanent museum exhibit because ships capable of warp seven are being built.  (These Are the Voyages...)


A fleet of "Daedalus Class" starships is built by the new Federation.


Sarek is born on Vulcan, son of Skon, grandson of Solkar.

A Daedalus Class starship visits the Delos star system. Two inhabited planets are reported, Brekka and Onarra. One is a pastoral society, the other close to space travel.


A brief, bloody war is fought by the Romulans against a federation of other races, primarily Terrans. The final battle, at Sherraw, is lost by the Romulans. The peace treaty is negotiated entirely by short range subspace radio. Terran Captain Stiles earns distinction. (Balance of Terror)


Plague strikes Onarra in the Delos system. The neighboring Brekkians discover a cure which turns out to be highly addictive.


The white rhino becomes extinct on Earth.

Guinan and Q have some sort of encounter.

The ECS Horizon visits Iotia, before the Prime Directive, leaving behind textbooks and a book on Chicago Mobsterism which changes the native culture. The ship is lost with all hands shortly after leaving. (A Piece of the Action)

A group of colonists arrives from Earth at Moab IV, populating a closed biosphere, to create a genetically engineered perfect society.

The Daedalus Class USS Essex, NCC-173, founders in an electromagnetic storm on a moon of Mabu VI after being captured by stranded criminals of Oxmahl.


Android Questor completes his span and deactivates in a cave in Mount Arrat, having helped guide mankind to maturity. While his creators intended him to be the last of his kind, there are indications he may have attempted to procreate. (Inferred from Questor)

USS Archon visits Landru's planet and is pulled into the atmosphere by tractor beams controlled by a paternalistic planetary computer. Survivors blend with the natives and become subversives. (Return of the Archons)

On Cardassia, burial tombs of the Hybitian civilization are discovered by the current Cardassian civilization. Many artifacts are of priceless Jevenite. Some are stolen, and some are placed in museums.

Poet Ohkorim Mahn's light sail ship is pulled into the wormhole. Mahn lives with the Prophets, and his wounds are healed. Mahn is then returned to the Bajoran side of the wormhole.

A group of descendants of the Inheritors, lead by Kitalla, makes the controversial decision to leave Earth, in search of a world where they can protect their culture, rather than merge it into the United Earth/United Federation of Planets. They accept the term Indian to describe their culture, and search for 180 years before finding the perfect home for their people, on Dorvan V.

The Jem'Haddar attacks a Gamma Quadrant world that has attempted to resist the Dominion. As an example, all residents of the planet are infected with a deadly virus, known as "The Blight," that can lie dormant for many years before quickening and leading to a painful death.

While investigating a planet with a natural energy barrier in 2373, the Defiant is thrown 200 years back in time and crashes. In 2373, the decedents of the crew warn the current Defiant crew. This time the Defiant does not crash and the alternate timeline is canceled. (Children of Time)


Sarek enters the Vulcan Academy of Science.


The last Daedalus Class Starship is decommissioned. The class is replaced to a new, more advanced design, including improved transporter technology. The formal class name is this series is unknown, but its ships are sometimes called "Class J" starships. It includes the second starship named Valiant.


Jonathan Archer would be 85 years old. Presumably he dies within a few years of the beginning of the new century, if he lives to die of old age.


Birth of Amanda Grayson, future school teacher, mother of Spock and second wife of Sarek.


Researchers on Dalynia II first recognize "Transporter Psychosis," a rare condition caused by the breakdown of neural chemical molecules during transport, affecting the body's motor functions, autonomic systems and the brain's higher reasoning centers.


Birth of Christopher Pike, in Arizona.

Marriage of Sarek to a Vulcan princess.  (TFF)


Birth of Sybok, son of Sarek and the Vulcan Princess, who dies soon after. (TFF)


The Class J USS Valiant-A reaches Eminiar VII and is destroyed in a local war.


Birth of Montgomery Scott, in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Marriage of Sarek to Amanda Grayson.

Michael Burnham is born on Earth. Her parents are killed by Klingons in an attack on Doctari Alpha when she is young. She is somehow adopted and raised by Sarek and Amanda Grayson in Vulcan where she is the first human to attend the Vulcan Learning Academy. Soon after, Vulcan extreamists set off a bomb in the academy to protest attendance by a human. Michael is medically dead for three minutes, but is revised by Sarek via a mind meld.


Leonard H. McCoy is born in Georgia, son of David McCoy.

Spock is born on Vulcan, son of Sarek, age 63.


George Samuel Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa.


SS Columbia private research vessel crash lands on Talos IV, with one survivor, Vina, and no sub-space radio. (The Cage)

Christopher Pike enters Starfleet Academy. (The Menagerie)

James Tiberius Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa. (The site of the hospital was formerly occupied by a barber shop in the 20th Century.) In his youth he survives the rare, deadly Rigelian Meningitis. The family home is on a farm, south of Riverside. Young James acquires a love of horse back riding. 

Gary Mitchell born. 


Hikaru Sulu born, in San Francisco. (TVH)


Sybok leaves Vulcan at age 20, unwilling to follow the precepts of Surak, and in search of Shak-Ah-Ree. (TFF)

Christine Chapel is born. 

Spock and T'Pring are bonded in a mind meld. (Amok Time)

Christopher Pike graduates Starfleet Academy. 


Kevin Riley born, probably on Tarsus IV. (Conscience of the King)

Ariel Shaw born. 

Noyota Uhura born in Africa. 

Montgomery Scott enters Starfleet Academy. 


The inconclusive Battle of Tonatu V between the Klingons and Federation forces, over disputed space, including Sherman's Planet. Federation forces are lead by Garth of Isar, the Klingons by Korrd. Lieutenant Christopher Pike earns distinction. (The Trouble with Tribbles)

Establishment of the Prime Directive. 


Pavel Andreivich Chekov born in Russia. 

Montgomery Scott graduates Starfleet Academy. 


Dr. Richard Daystrom invents the Comptronic computer system, to be installed in the Constitution Class Starships.

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, is built, in Earth orbit. It incorporates a new generation warp drive providing much higher speeds and no time dilation. (The Ultimate Computer)

On Tarsus IV, Kodos the Executioner kills 4,000 people when the food supply of the world is destroyed by a fungus. 12 year old James T. Kirk, and 5 year old Kevin Riley survive, among only 9 survivors who actually saw Kodos. Starbase 74 will eventually be built as a space station orbiting Tarsus III, complete with hanger deck large enough to house a Galaxy Class starship. Death of George Kirk, on Tarsus IV. (Conscience of the King)

Old Miss. college student Leonard McCoy has a one night stand with a gymnastics judge, visiting from Trill. He does not realize that the Trill are a joined species, and that his encounter is with the Dax symbiont, in a female host.  (Trials and Tribblations)

Medical Archeologyst Roger Corby deciphers records in the Orion ruins that revolutionize Federation medicine. (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

Michael Burnham begins attending the Vulcan Science Academy.


Montgomery Scott is promoted to Lieutenant. 


Christopher Pike assumes command of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. (The Menagerie)

George Samuel Kirk enters college. 

Joanna McCoy is born, daughter of 22 year old Leonard McCoy. 

Young Jim Kirk falls in love with "Ruth," (Shore Leave). She is speculated to be a resident of the Amana Colonies near Riverside. While she is fond of Kirk, she ultimately has to break his heart because of religious differences. 

Leonard McCoy begins medical school. 

Michael Burnham graduates from the Vulcan Academy of Science and receives the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor, but is not allowed to join the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, i.e. the Vulcan space service. Sarek secretly chooses to disallow her in savor of his son, Spock, but Spock joins Starfleet instead. In a surprisingly illogical show of anger, Sarek will refuse to speak to Spock for 18 years after the graduation ceremony, until the events surrounding the Babel Conference. (Journey to Babel)

The implication from the Discovery episode Lethe is that neither Michael nor Spock actually attend Starfleet Academy. Although in Lethe, Sarek is revealed to have sought a position for Spock in the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, Journey to Babel told us that Sarek was upset with Spock for 18 years because Sarek wanted Spock to join the Vulcan Science Academy. Note that within two years, Spock will be a lieutenant on the USS Enterprise.


James T. Kirk enters Starfleet Academy at age 17, meets Gary Mitchell and is harassed by an upper classman named Finnegan. John Gill is his history teacher. Tactics of Garth of Isar and the Klingon Korrd are required reading. Mitchell introduces Kirk to a blonde lab technician, possibly Carol Marcus, in order to divert Kirk from studying, which is impacting grading curve. Kirk considers marriage. (Various)

Sarek obtains a position for Michael serving under Captain Philippa Georgiou on the USS Shenshou.


A colony ship crashes on Thasus. Three year old Charlie Evans is the only survivor. (Charlie X)


Rigel VII incident. Three members of the crew of the Constitution Class Starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, are killed and seven wounded when a landing party is entrapped by the native Kalar warriors. Hand-to-hand fighting results. Captain Christopher Pike blames himself. (The Cage)

Talos IV Incident, USS Enterprise. Spock is a Lieutenant on board. Details classified. (The Menagerie)

The battle of Axenar, won by Federation Fleet Captain Garth of Isar. 

Hikaru Sulu enters Starfleet Academy. 


George and Aurelia Kirk are married. 

Recent divorcee Leonard McCoy receives his medical degree and begins a relationship with Nancy (Crater) which lasts two years. She nicknames him "Plum." 

As a cadet, James Kirk participates in the peace mission to Axenar. (Court Martial)


Ensign James T. Kirk graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Republic NCC-1372 under Captain Garrovick. The ship is assigned to the "inner systems" of the Federation. 


David Marcus is born. 

James T. Kirk returns to Starfleet Academy as Lieutenant (JG) for Advanced Command Training, following which he is assigned to the USS Farragut, newly under the command of Captain Garrovick.

Kirk's relationship with Janet Wallace, which terminates due to her mental problems. 

McCoy's relationship with Nancy Crater ends.  She marries an archeologist and travels with him to a research site.

2256  THE EVENTS OF STAR TREK DISCOVERY (Episode 1 date given as May 11, 2256, Earth time)

A lengthy conflict begins between the Federation and the 24 houses of the Klingon Empire, triggered when the first officer of the USS Shenzhou Michael Brunham kills a Klingon spiritual leader, T'Kuvma, while saving her captain. (The Vulcan Hello and Battle at the Binary Stars)

Burnham is court martialled and sentenced to life in prison, but earns the trust of Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery. Lorca had previously commanded the USS Buran, which he destroyed rather than allowing his crew to be captured by Klingons about a month into the war. This damaged his eyes, and may have resulted in some undiagnosed mental instability.


Discovery is developing an experimental technology to "jump" long distances withouhg using warp drive. It uses a type of mushroom, Prototaxaties celebritorium, a species made up of exotic material found not only in normal space, but in a discrete subspace domain known as the Myceliel Network. Its fungal roots, aka mycelium, spread across the universe, fanning out into infinity to create a matrix that serves as our intergalactic freeway system. This allows a starship, if properly controlled, to follow this network. The Myceliel drivem, however, requires an inteligence to contol it. Discovery first uses a giant space-going tardigrate, which suffers from the process. Later, the chief engineer, Lt. Paul Stamets, provides the control himself.

Burnham is allowed to serve on Discovery, without rank, and sees it as a way of seeking redemption for causing the war. She helps improve the drive, but it remains unstable and Stamets' health deteriorates..

Klingons obtain cloaking technology from the wreakage of T'Kuvma's ship, but Discovery develops a way to track ships through the cloak.

After a sound defeat of a Klingon fleet, Discovery uses the Myceliel drive one more time, to reach a starbase, but rematerializes at an unknown location (Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, and Into the Forest I Go).

Federation encounters the Sheliak and negotiates a voluminous treaty. 

USS Farragut crew decimated by a gaseous entity which consumes red blood cells. Lt. James T. Kirk, on his first deep space assignment, survives. Captain Garrovick, killed, had been Kirk's commander since leaving the academy. 

Peter Kirk is born to George and Aurelia Kirk. 

Hikaru Sulu graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Christine Chapel enters Starfleet Academy, where she is briefly engaged to one of her instructors, Dr. Roger Corby.  (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)


Lieutenant James T. Kirk leads a survey party on a primitive planet and lives for a while with Tyree of the Hill People. (A Private Little War)

George Samuel Kirk receives his PHD. 

Noyota Uhura enters Starfleet Academy. 

Hikaru Sulu promoted to Lieutenant. 

Montgomery Scott promoted to Lt. Commander. 


Spock meets Leila Kalomi, on Earth. She falls in love, but he does not reciprocate. 

Roger Corby arrives at the planet of "The Old Ones" for research and discovers ancient androids. 


McCoy is briefly stationed on Capella IV. 

The Tagis III ruins are sealed against external inspection by the current planetary civilization, after 947 archeological excavations. 

SS Beagle, commanded by R.M. Merik, is sabotaged by Merik at 892-4. The crew becomes prisoners of the quasi-Roman planetary government. (Bread and Circuses)

Ensign Christine Chapel graduates Academy. 

Dr. Richard Daystrom invents the Duotronic computer system, a major refinement of his Comptronic technology. It soon becomes the standard in all computer-based hardware. (The Ultimate Computer)

The last subspace radio transmission is received from Roger Corby, a medical archeologist who is studying the ruins of a dead civilization on Exo III. Corby withholds the information that he has discovered how to create androids who are indistinguishable from Humans. (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)


Saavik is born on a Romulan colony world. 

Kirk is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. 

Kirk's relationship with Lt. Ariel Shaw. (Court Martial)

Noyota Uhura graduates Starfleet Academy. 


Pavel Chekov enters Starfleet Academy. At the academy he has a relationship with Irina Galayoulin, also Russian, who drops out. (The Way to Eden)

Christine Chapel is promoted to Lieutenant. 


James T. Kirk promoted to Commander and given his first command--a destroyer class ship. 

Montgomery Scott named Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise at age 41. 

Joanna McCoy enters nurses training. 

Noyota Uhura promoted to Lieutenant. 


Captain James T. Kirk takes command of USS Enterprise at age 31--the youngest Academy graduate to ever be assigned as Starship Command Captain, succeeding Christopher Pike. His brother, George Samuel Kirk, his wife Aurelia and three sons see him off. Sam comments that he hopes to be transferred to Earth Colony Two, also known as Denova.

Sulu begins serving with Kirk. 

Energy field at rim of galaxy is rediscovered and reported to the Federation for the first time. USS Enterprise First Officer Commander Gary Mitchell dies on Delta Vega at age 31. Spock is named First Officer. (Where No Man Has Gone Before)

Flying parasites attack Ingraham B. 

Sarek retires from the diplomatic service as a result of a heart attack. (Journey to Babel)

Fleet Captain Christopher Pike is paralyzed by delta rays in a damaged Boomer (Class J Starship) on a cadet training cruise. (The Menagerie) (Horizon)

Curzon Dax is born, eventually to become a Trill Host. 

Tuvok is born, on Vulcan.