The Original Series Years

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Michael Marek.
An outline of the history of space currently controlled by the United Federation of Planets, with special emphasis on planet EARTH. Version 9.0

Prehistory through 2150 -- From the beginning of time until the Enterprise pilot.
Enterprise & Discovery -- From 2151 through 2264, the premier of Enterprise until the premier of The Original Series.
The Original Series -- From 2265 through 2363, the premier of The Original Series until the premier of The Next Generation.
The TNG Era -- From 2363 and the premier of The Next Generation through 2370, season 7 of TNG and season 2 of DSN.
Voyager and later -- From 2371 to the end of time, including the events of DSN season three, the TNG movies, and the events of the entire Voyager series.


The Borg attack Guinan's home world, destroy its cities and scatter the survivors throughout the galaxy. She is not present. (BOBW)

Shortly after being assigned to the USS Enterprise, Leonard McCoy kills the last survivor of the sentient race of planet M-113.  (Mantrap)

First contact between the Federation and the Thasians, who succored Charlie Evans. (Charlie X)

Federation discovers android technology of the long dead natives on Exo III. Research scientist Roger Corby, a former fiancé of Lt. Christine Chapel, dies. (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

Surviving natives of Miri's world are rescued. (Miri)

First contact between the Federation and the First Federation.

Spock is promoted to Commander. (The Corbomite Maneuver)

Spock hijacks the USS Enterprise to Talos IV. General Order 7 is suspended to allow Christopher Pike to live out his live on Talos IV. The Menagerie)

Kodos is unmasked on board the Enterprise. (Conscience of the King)

First visual encounter of the Federation and Romulans. (Balance of Terror)

First encounter of the Federation and the Gorn. The Gorn attack the human colony on Cestus III. The colony is eventually reconstructed. (Arena)

Enterprise is accidentally thrown back in time to 1969 and returns successfully. (Tomorrow is Yesterday)

James T. Kirk becomes the first starship Captain to be court martialled, for the death of a crewman, later found to be falsified. He is prosecuted by Ariel Shaw and defended by Samuel T. Cogley, who teaches Kirk the attraction of books versus computer records. Kirk is acquitted. (Court Martial)

On Beta III, the Landru computer is destroyed, freeing the native culture from computer mind control. (Return of the Archons)

Pavel Chekov graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to USS Enterprise. 

Enterprise discovers the DY-100 class SS Botany Bay adrift in space. After an unsuccessful attempt to hijack the Enterprise, Kahn agrees to colonize Ceti Alpha V. Marla McGiver goes with him, as his wife. (Space Seed)

First encounter between the Federation and the Horta. (Devil in the Dark)

At the Starfleet Academy, five cadets are killed attempting the dangerous Colverd Starburst maneuver, and the maneuver is banned. 

Federation and Klingon forces begin a war which is peremptorily halted by the Organians who impose a treaty on James T. Kirk for the Federation and Kor for the Klingon Empire. Federation and Klingon Empire begin joint development of disputed planets under the Organian Treaty. Nimbus III is developed by the Federation, Klingons AND Romulans. (Errand of Mercy)

First and only known use of Guardian of Forever by the Federation. (City on the Edge of Forever)

George Samuel Kirk, and his wife Aurelia are killed in attack of flying parasites on Denova. Their son Peter, age about 10, survives. Their two other sons die. 

Several women knifed to death on Rigel IV by Jack the Ripper entity, nicknamed Beratis. (Wolf in the Fold)


Spock's aborted first wedding, to T'Pring. (Amok Time)

The last of the Terran Greek gods, Apollo, dies on Pollux IV. Who Mourns for Adonis?)

The "Nomad" interstellar probe, merged with alien probe "Tan Ru," destroys all life on several worlds. Kirk uses logic to make Nomad destroy itself. (The Changeling)

On Gamma Trianguli VI, the Vaal computer is destroyed, freeing the native culture. (The Apple)

USS Constellation is destroyed to deactivate the planet-eating Doomsday Machine. (The Doomsday Machine)

Federation discovers android technology of the long dead natives on Deneb V, known as The Makers. 

Zefrem Cochrane is located on Gamma Canaris N. (Metamorphosis)

Galactic conference at Babel on admission of Coridan to the Federation. Journey to Babel)

The gaseous entity which consumes red blood cells, and which decimated the crew of the USS Farragut in 2256 is destroyed on Tycho IV. 

The Jack the Ripper entity is unmasked on Argelius II and marooned to die in space. Wolf in the Fold)

Lieutenant Watley, great grandmother of Julian Bashier, transfers from the USS Lexington to the USS Enterprise. Bashier once commented "no one ever saw my great grandfather."

Klingon spies, directed by Koloth, sabotage the Federation development of Sherman's Planet. A primary Klingon operative is Arne Darvin, surgically altered to appear human. He poisons grain destined for Sherman's Planet. Kirk and Spock discover the plot, and reveal Darvin's disguise, with the help of somewhat over a million tribbles.

A hundred year older Arne Darvin returns in time in the USS Defiant to attempt to kill Kirk, and thus allow his original plot to succeed. The crew of the Defiant thwarts Darvin's new plot by finding a bomb hidden inside a tribble in the grain compartment and transporting it away to explode harmlessly in space. When the Defiant returns to the 24th century, one or more tribbles travel with them. (Trials and Tribblations)

Subsequently, the Klingon Empire declares tribbles security threat. Klingon forces scour the galaxy, killing tribbles, including destroying the Tribble homeworld. 

USS Enterprise visits Io and discovers the social contamination caused by the USS Horizon. (A Piece of the Action)

USS Intrepid, crewed by Vulcans, is destroyed by a 11,000 mile long space-going amoeba. The Immunity Syndrome)

The stored intellects of the last survivors of Arret depart their storage containers. 

Valeris is born.  (TUC)

Starfleet Academy history professor John Gill violates the Prime Directive by installing a quasi- Nazi government on Ekos. (Patterns of Force)

Federation obtains advanced warp technology from the representatives of the Kelvan Empire in Andromeda Galaxy, after they briefly hijack the USS Enterprise. The Kelvans settle a class M planet near the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, and a robot ship is dispatched to Kelva with greetings from the Federation. 

Crew of the USS Exeter is killed by a virus at Omega IV. Captain Ronald Tracey survives due to immunity factors on the planet surface, and violates the prime directive to assist quasi-communists native to that world. 

Klingons attempt to gain influence on Capella IV and other primitive worlds. 

Enterprise engages in experimental time travel, witnessing the 1970 launch failure of a US nuclear weapon platform, and meeting Gary Seven. (Assignment Earth)

Ceti Alpha VI explodes, shifting the orbit of Ceti Alpha V and making its atmosphere poisonous. (TWOK)

Federation Fleet Captain Garth of Isar is seriously wounded in an accident, and healed by the shape changers of Antos IV. He becomes criminally insane. 

Generations of clan wars end on Achamer when a clan calling itself "The Gatherers" leaves the planet for a life of space piracy. 

A battle is fought between the Klingons and the Romulans which becomes legendary. Kor leads the Klingon forces to victory, after which the two governments form an alliance to their mutual benefit. 


Kirk's wedding to Miramanee and her death by stoning while pregnant with his child. (The Paradise Syndrome)

Federation steals Romulan cloaking technology, and captures a Romulan Captain at the same time. Her repatriation has the effect of establishing low level diplomatic contacts between the two governments. (The Enterprise Incident)

Federation first encounter with the Tholians. (The Tholian Web)

Klingon Captain Kang cooperates with Kirk to defeat a common enemy, which feeds on anger. (Day of the Dove)

Chekov, prompted by Dr. Severin, of Tiberon, believes he has located the legendary planet Eden in Romulan space, however the planet is acid and poisonous to human life. This legendary world is known as Sha Ka Ree in Vulcan, Vorta Vor in Romulan and Qui'Tu in Klingon. The Way to Eden, TFF)

The generation ship Yonada is discovered, carrying descendants of the Fabrina star system. McCoy, suffering from terminal Zenopolyesthemia, is cured by medical technology on board Yonada. (For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky)

Birth of Boothby. 

On Holberg 917 G, Akherin, aka Flint constructs the android Rayna Copic, but learns he is dieing. 

The star Beta Niobe novas, destroying it's inhabited planet Sarpeidon. All residents flee into the past via the Atavachron. 

Joanna McCoy graduates nurses training. 

Fifth Interstellar Geophysical Conference. 

First observed occurrence of a wormhole, in the 39 Titaura star system. 


An explosion of a polaric ion device on Chaltok IV nearly destroys a Romulan colony. Subsequent relief efforts and diplomatic contacts lead to a Polaric test ban treaty between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire. 


James T. Kirk surrenders command of the Enterprise, at age 36, is promoted to Admiral and becomes Chief of Starfleet Operations on Earth. Montgomery Scott promoted to Commander at age 47, and assigned to oversee the refit. Hikaru Sulu promoted to Lt. Commander, and stationed on Earth. Spock retires from Starfleet at age 42 and begins study of the Kolinahr discipline on Vulcan. McCoy retires from Starfleet at age 42. (TMP)

First meeting between the Federation and the Tamarians. Communications is not established. 


LtC Hikaru Sulu is married and soon after has a daughter, Demora. (TUC)


V'Ger attacks Earth. Kirk, age 38, leads the mission against V'ger in the fully refitted USS Enterprise and remains in command for 12 years. Spock fails to reach Kolinahr due to his inability to restrain his curiosity. His commission is reactivated, at his request. McCoy's commission is involuntarily reactivated at Kirk's demand, at age 45. Captain Wil Decker, and Deltan navigator Ilia, physically join with V'Ger and depart to other plains of existence. Noyota Uhura promoted to Lt. Commander. Christine Chapel promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned Starfleet Medical. (TMP)


The Artemis, a colony ship enroute to the Septimus Minor system, crashes on an uninhabited planet claimed by the Sheliak, Tau Cygna V. 

Tuvok and T'Pel are joined in a traditional Vulcan ceremony, promising to one day become husband and wife. 


The USS Bozeman, NCC-1941, Captain Morgan Bateman commanding, disappears in a temporal distortion field, to reappear in 2368. 


Saavik enters Starfleet Academy. 

Birth of Mark Jameson. 

Hikaru Sulu promoted to Commander. 


Alleged birth date of Kevin Uxbridge, really the immortal Dowd. 


James T. Kirk again surrenders command of Enterprise, at age 49, and takes an extended leave of absence. While visiting his uncle's ranch in Idaho, Kirk meets Antonia, and begins a two year relationship with her. They both share a love of horseback riding. Kirk purchases a home in the mountains, and acquires a Great Dane dog, named Butler. (Generations)

Kirk meets 11 year old Demora Sulu. 

Spock is promoted to Captain of the USS Enterprise. Spock and the ship are assigned to Starfleet Academy.  (TWOK)


Ensign Saavik graduates Starfleet Academy. (TWOK)

Rishan (Uxbridge) is born in the aquatic city of New Martinne Vas in the Atlantic Ocean, to become a composer of Dau classical music. 

Christine Chapel promoted to Commander. 

Janice Rand is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and assigned to Starfleet Headquarters. Curzon becomes an initiate in Trill Host training. 

Balar becomes an initiate in Trill Host training. 

Valeris enters Starfleet Academy, sponsored by Spock. (TUC)

Kirk dumps Antonia in favor of an appointment as Superintendent of Starfleet Academy. The job, the number two position at the Academy, is "Operations" oriented, as opposed to the Commandant, who is Administration oriented. Kirk deals directly with cadet training, and the Academy fleet of ships and flyers. Antonia declines to go with him, and he walks away from the relationship. He purchases a condominium in San Francisco and sells the mountain property.  (Generations)


Lieutenant (JG) Saavik returns to Starfleet Academy for Advanced Command Training. 

Boothby is hired as groundskeeper for the Starfleet Academy by Superintendent James T. Kirk. 

James T. Kirk's dog, Butler, dies, in part triggering Kirk's funk about his 39th birthday. 

Kahn escapes from Ceti Alpha V and steals the Genesis Device, exploding it in an effort to kill Kirk. Spock dies of radiation poisoning while making critical repairs to the Enterprise, but leaves his Katra in McCoy's mind. David (Kirk) Marcus is killed at age 31. Enterprise NCC-1701 is destroyed at Genesis I. Montgomery Scott promoted to Captain of Engineering at age 63. Spock's body is regenerated by the Genesis Wave, recovered by his shipmates and returned to Vulcan where his Katra is refused with his body. (TWOK)

Constellation Class Starship USS Hathaway, NCC 2592 is commissioned. 

The experimental USS Excelsior undergoes initial testing. It's radical new transwarp drive experiences serious problems. 


An alien probe attacks Earth resulting in first steps taken to repopulate whales on Earth. Kirk's second court martial, for theft and resulting destruction of the NCC-1701. At age 53, he is convicted, demoted and given command of the new starship Enterprise, NCC-1701 A, renamed from the USS Yorktown.  (TVH)

His new ship is promptly hijacked by Sybok to Sha Ka Ree, where they meet a renegade Cytherian claiming to be God. A slight accommodation is reached between the crews of the Enterprise and a Klingon ship. (TFF)  

The last Soyuz Class starship, a variation on the Miranda Class design, decommissioned. 

Taryus Dax is injured in a shuttle accident. He remains comatose for six months, after which Taryus is sacrificed, because his isoboramine levels drop too low. Dax is joined with Jurian Balar without official permission of the Trill Symbiosis Commission. Balar is censured, and is killed trying to escape after killing a doctor who recommended the censuring. Dax is then joined with Curson. Dax' memory of Jurian is erased, and the commission covers up the incident. Balar's actions lead to proof that half the Trill population can physiologically accept a sybiont, however there are only enough symbionts for one in a thousand of the Trill species. The Commission fears that if the public were to learn of this ability, the symbionts would be commodities and prizes for Trills who would want to obtain them for themselves. 

The experimental transwarp drive technology is declared a failure, and refitting of the USS Excelsior begins, with conventional warp engines. The Federation, however, is able to make significant improvements in warp technology as a result of the transwarp experiments. 


In the thaw between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Curzon Dax negotiates for the Federation and becomes friends with Kor, Koloth and Kang. Kang names his first born son Dax, and Curzon becomes the child's godfather. 

Tuvok enters Starfleet Academy, at the insistence of his parents. While at the Academy, he views his human associates, and their emotions, with distaste. 

Ensign Valeris graduates from Starfleet Academy. 


Hiraru Sulu's delayed promotion to Captain becomes effective and he is given command of the rebuilt USS Excelsior, NCC-2000. The ship is assigned to the unexplored Beta Quadrant. (TUC)

Commander Janice Rand is assigned to the USS Excelsior. 

Hikaru Sulu's daughter, Demora, enters Starfleet Academy. 

Kor, Koloth and Kang are sent in command of a three ship squadron to capture a pirate ship which is raiding Klingon colonies. The raider captain, an Albino, escapes and vows revenge. He infects the first born son of each of the Klingon captains with a fatal genetic virus. The three Klingons take a blood oath to avenge the deaths, and are joined in the oath by Federation Ambassador Curzon Dax. 


Imperial Klingon ship Tong departs on a secret mission for the Klingon High Command, with its crew in suspended animation.  (Emissary)

Curzon Dax and Spock become associates, as Spock enters negotiations with the Klingon people, on detached duty from the Enterprise. 

Valeris is promoted to Lieutenant. 


Ensign Tuvok graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Excelsior. 

Federation and Klingon cold war ends in the tri-lateral Khitomer Conference, prompted by the Klingon Empire's desire to scale back its militaristic stance as a result of environmental catastrophes. En route to this conference, Captain James T. Kirk is framed for the assassination of the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, Gorkon, while Kirk's ship, the USS Enterprise, is escorting Gorkon's ship, Kronos One to a negotiating session on Earth.

The USS Excelsior attempts to reach Kronos, for a rescue mission, but is damaged and forced to retreat by a squadron of three Klingon ship. Ensign Tuvok objects that the rescue mission is in violation of Starfleet orders. Kirk escapes a Klingon prison planet, and with the aid of his crewmates, proves that Gorkon was killed by a conspiracy of Federation, Klingon and Romulan military officers. The USS Enterprise and USS Excelsior prevent the assassination of the new Klingon Chancellor, Azetbur, by Colonel West.

Admiral Cartwright, Lieutenant Valeris and other Starfleet members are court martialled for conspiracy.

The loose Romulan/Klingon alliance dissolves in violent conflict over the Romulan role in the Khitomer Conspiracy, however there remain Romulan sympathizers within the Klingon Empire.

The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 A, is removed from service and mothballed in a Starfleet storage facility. Spock remains in ambassadorial service at age 65. James T. Kirk retires at age 59. Leonard McCoy transfers to Starfleet medical at age 65, and is promoted to Captain of Medicine. Montgomery Scott is assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, Earth, at age 70 and supervises revision of many key engineering regulations. He spends his spare time sailing. Uhura becomes an Academy instructor.  (TUC)

The Klingon empire begins efforts to evacuate its home world, Kronos, with Federation assistance. Meanwhile, the government makes plans to rehabilitate the planet. 

Tuvok takes inactive status in Starfleet, believing that he is not suited to the organization. 


Construction is completed on the Excelsior Class Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701 B. Captain John Harriman is assigned to command the ship. Ensign Demora Sulu graduates from Starfleet Academy, and is assigned to the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 B.

During the initial cruise of the Enterprise 1701 B, the ship is called upon to rescue Guinan and others from a ship threatened by an energy filament to later become known as the Nexus. Visiting Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk, Retired, assists in the Photon Torpedo bay, and disappears when the Nexus passes the ship, damaging the area Kirk was in. Kirk is declared dead at age 60, but in actuality he is drawn into the Nexus, where he remains alive. (Generations)

Tuvok begins the Kohlinar, studying logic and working to banish the last remnants of emotions from his personality. 


The Klingon Empire conducts business dealings with Ventax II. 


Captain Montgomery Scott retires at age 73, and boards the transport USS Jenolen, en route Norpen V. The Jenolen experiences warp drive malfunctions, and upon reentering normal space, discovers a Dyson sphere completely surrounding a star. The Jenolen experiences further damage, and crash lands. Only Scott and crewmember Matt Franklin survive. With supplies failing, Scotty rigs a system to prevent transporter pattern deterioration, and both men take refuge in the transporter buffer while the ship sends an automatic distress signal. 

Birth of Noonian Soong, on Earth. 

In the Gamma Quadrant, the Changlings find a world without a sun where they can be relatively safe from persecution. Using technology, they keep the surface of the planet warm enough for them to exist in their liquid state. The changlings believe that to fully understand another thing or being, they must take the form of that thing or being. In order to learn more about "solids" they send out 100 infants of their species, genetically programmed to return in 350 to 400 years. One, Odo, is sent to the Bajoran system. Meanwhile, the Changlings begin a campaign to secretly take political power in the Gamma Quadrant. Their goal is to protect themselves by controlling other civilizations. 


Mark Jameson enters Starfleet Academy. Leonard McCoy named Chief of Starfleet Medical at age 70 and promoted to Admiral. 


Rishan meets Kevin Uxbridge on a ship at sea on Earth, and proposes two hours later. She is travelling with her parents; he is a student. Tuvok enters Pon Far, and takes T'Pel as his wife. They eventually have four children - three boys and one girl. 


The last Constitution Class starship is removed from active duty. One is retained in the Starfleet Museum. 

On Cardassia Prime, the military launches a desperate effort to save the population from famine. In a quest for additional resources, the Cardassians begin conquering neighboring star systems. 

Romulan ships begin raiding Klingon worlds. Klingon forces mobilize to defend their borders, but many of their resources are diverted by the efforts to rehabilitate Kronos. 


Mark Jameson graduates Starfleet Academy. 


Robert (roh-BEHR) Picard is born, in the village of Labarre, France, to eventually become manger of the traditional Picard Vinyards. 


Jean-Luc Picard born to Maurice Picard and Evette Jessard Picard. 


Cardassians attack the Bajoran star system and eventually conquer it. The Bajorans, who live in a rigid "Dejahara" or cast-oriented society, abandon their hereditary occupations and become warriors to fight the Cardassians. Some Bajorans escape to establish refugee camps in other systems, and begin freedom fighting to evict the Cardassians, coordinated with rebels remaining in occupied areas. The Cardassians eventually build a space station in Bajoran orbit, named Terek Nor, used to administer the system, for ore processing and as their spaceport. 

Timid Cardassian architect T'Vor Kel goes into exile and meets the entity called Anaya, who stimulates his creativity, and eventually kills him, after his designs become famous throughout the Alpha Quadrant. 


The Klingon Empire finishes its rehabilitation of Kronos, and repopulates the planet. 


The Tohmid Incident--last direct contact between the Federation and the Romulans until 2364 (not counting the impromptu Narendra III battle in 2344.) Thousands of lives are lost. Following this incident, the Treaty of Algeron is negotiated between the Federation and the Romulans, which forbids Federation entry into the Neutral Zone, and forbids the Federation from developing a cloaking device. 

Kor commands a Klingon assault group that engages in a punitive raid on Romulus. 

Perrin is born. 


Jack Crusher is born. 

Commander Mark Jameson violates Prime Directive by giving munitions to both sides of a civil war on Mordan IV, freeing passengers and crew of a starliner, resulting in 40 years of war. 

Last known case of Transporter Psychosis, a rare condition eliminated completely by improvement in transporter backup systems. 


In the Delta Quadrant, the Praylor and Kravek species sign a peace treaty. Their robots, however, kill all of their masters, in order to prevent their deactivation. They discover, however, that they cannot build new power supplies and thus face extinction because they cannot build new robots. Because they are programmed to fight, they continue their war against each other. 


Jean-Luc Picard enters Starfleet Academy. In his first semester he wins a marathon race, passing many upper classmen. He is befriended by groundskeeper, Boothby, and spends much of his study time under an elm tree bordering the parade grounds. The writings of Judge Aaron Sattee are required reading. The Academy Superintendent is a Betazoid. His archeology professor, Dr. Galen, causes him to almost reconsider his dreams of starship command. In spite of being an excellent student, Picard is also a womanizer and brawler, leading to problems in his senior year. 

Dr. Noonain Soong leaves Earth in disgrace, emigrating to Omicron Theta. Other scientists do not accept his research which attempts to reproduce the techniques which created the androids of The Makers, Questor and/or Rayna Copic. 


Leonard McCoy retires at age 100. His long life and vitality are attributed to Fabrini lifesaving medical treatment received in 2267. 

Ensign Jean-Luc Picard graduates near the top of his class from the Starfleet Academy, but only after a scandal in which Boothby counsels Picard to tell the truth. 

Beverly Howard is born in North America and is taught about roots and herbs by her grandmother, a survivor of the Alvayta III tragedy, sparking her interest in medicine. 

Kathryn Janeway is born, the daughter of a mathematician and an astronomer. 


Julianna O'Donnell and Noonian Soong of Omicron Theta are married secretly on Nevalla IV, because her mother objects that she was too young for him. 

Kestra Troi is born to Lwaxanna and Ian Andrew Troi on Beta Z. 

Tuvok adopts the hobby of raising Vulcan Orchids. 


Lieutenant Jean-Luc Picard is involved in an altercation with three Narsicans, at Farspace Starbase Earhart's Blondell Recreation Facility and impaled by a serrated sword, requiring a parthenogenetic heart implant. The experience causes him to face up to death, face his own goals and motivations, and causes him to become much more serious and driven in his career. 

Miles O'Brien is born. 

Benjamin Sisko is born. His father, Joseph Sisko, is an expert chef who owns a restaurant in New Orleans. He eventually has a younger sister, Judith. Because Joseph is so busy with the restaurant, Curzon Dax (a regular customer at the restaurant) becomes Benjamin's surrogate father, mentor, and best friend. Although it is not commonly known in the Federation, Curzon privately confesses to Benjamin that the Trill is a "joined species." Benjamin works part time in the family restaurant and becomes a proficient chef. 

Isolinear chip computer technology replaces duotronic technology, which has been the standard for 70 years. 


Lieutenant (JG) Jean-Luc Picard returns to Starfleet Academy for Advanced Command Training, then is assigned to the USS Stargazer. 

The first Ambassador Class Starship is commissioned. The Ambassador Class fleet includes a Starship Enterprise. 

A small starship is build which will eventually become the property of the Maquis, be transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, and destroyed by ramming a Kazon warship. 


William Riker is born and raised in Alaska. His mother soon dies, and he and his father remain distant. 

Dr. Noonian Soong creates his fourth android which he names Lore, but Lore's emotion programs are unstable, and the Omicron Theta colonists fear him. Soong deactivates Lore, but keeps the parts. 


Deanna Troi is born on Beta Z to Luaxanna Troi, and Ian Andrew Troi, a human father who dies later. As a little girl, she becomes fond of stories of the American "Ancient West," read to her by her father. A few months later, her sister Kestra dies of drowning, and Deanna's parents hide all traces of her from Deanna as she matures. 

Dr. Noonian Soong creates his fifth android of materials including 26.8 kilos tripolymer composite, 11.8 kilos mylithonym cobolt alloy and 1.3 kilos bioplast sheeting. The android, named Data, is physically identical to Lore, but without the emotion programs. Soong intends that Data slowly self-program to develop emotions. Noonian and Julianna guide the android through its "childhood." 

On Milika III, newly promoted full Lieutenant Jean-Luc Picard leads a daring away team mission which saves the life of Ambassador Spock. 


Sarek's wedding to his third wife, Perrin. Ambassador Spock's wedding. At Spock's request, Lt. Picard serves in the Starfleet honor guard. Picard's first meeting with Sarek. 

Natasha Yar is born on Turkaka IV in at least two timelines. 


Jack Crusher enters Starfleet Academy. 


Shelby is born. 

All colonists on Omicron Theta are killed by the Crystaline Entity. Dr. Noonian Soong, and his young wife, Julianna O'Donnell escape to Turleena III. She fears Data will turn out like Lore, and forces Soong to leave him behind, first deactivating him and wiping his memory, and programming him with the journals of the Omicron Theta colonsts.

Julianna is injured by the Crystal Entity, and eventually dies, but Soong transfers her memories and personality into an android, and then does not tell the android she is not the real Julianna. Julianna eventually leaves Soong and marries again on Atria.

The USS Tripoli, answering a distress beacon, finds Data lying on a rock slab on Omicron Theta. Data automatically activates when they arrive. The parts for Lore are undiscovered, disassembled nearby. 

Geordi LaForge is born, blind. 

The government on Turkana IV breaks down and rival gangs battle for control of the colony. 


Chakotay is born, in a group of space traveling quasi-Navaho people who are seeking a planet where they can preserve their traditions. 


Worf is born in the Klingon empire. Like all Klingon young, he grows rapidly to maturity, achieving a physical development in two years comparable to a human 6 year old. His playmate is reportedly a half-human neighbor child named Keylar. 

Maug and Kempec serve together in the Klingon military. Kempec is attracted to Maug's servant Kaylest, but she considers him too fat. 

Ro Lahren is born on 17 January in a Bajorian refuge camp. 


Jack Crusher graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Tasha Yar's parents are killed, orphaning her and her sister, Yshara, on Turkaka IV. 

The female Trill host who will eventually be known as Jadzia Dax is born. 

Data petitions to enter Starfleet Academy. The Academy concludes that he is sentient, and admits him. 


Data enters Starfleet Academy. 

Jean-Luc Picard is promoted to Lt. Commander and appointed First Officer of the USS Stargazer. During a refit of the Stargazer, Jean-Luc Picard and Jenice (Manheim) are romantically involved in Paris, but Picard leaves her behind when he leaves for his ship. 

Beverly Howard enters Starfleet Academy. 

Julian Bashir is born. 


Jack Crusher is promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to a ship with Jean-Luc Picard. Jean-Luc and Walker Keel meet on Tau Ceti III. Jean-Luc, Jack and Walker become best friends. 

Geordi LaForge is caught in a fire but rescued after a few minutes by his parents. 


Birth of Kurn, brother of Worf, son of Maug. 

Jean-Luc Picard is promoted to Commander and given a First Officer assignment on the USS Stargazer.

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 C, and Captain Rachel Garrett respond to a distress call from Klingon outpost Narendra III, under attack by Romulans. In the battle, the E-C is temporarily thrown 23 years into an alternate timeline future, returning with Tasha Yar (2), from that timeline. The Enterprise-C is destroyed, however Federation survivors are taken to Romulus, including Tasha. The Enterprise defense of the colony encourages Klingons to agree to an alliance with the Federation in negotiations lead for the Federation by Riva (who is deaf), Sarek and Mark Jameson, and for the Klingons by Kepmec who becomes supreme commander of the Klingon empire. Subsequent to the treaty, Kor is appointed ambassador to Vulcan. 

Sonia Gomez born. 

An insect race, the Harada, destroys a Federation starship because the Captain mispronounces a diplomatic greeting. 


A daughter, Sela, is born to Tasha Yar (2) and a Romulan general. Tasha had agreed to become his consort in exchange for lifting the death sentences of Federation prisoners from NCC-1701-C. 

Maug takes his wife and son Worf to Khitomer, tracking a Romulan sympathizer. Kurn remains behind with the family of Lorg. Five year old Worf is oddly unaware of his baby brother Kurn. 

Dax, Kor, Koloth and Kang narrowly miss finding The Albino. The Albino hides in the Zakara system. 

Paul and Jenice Manheim are married. 

Robin Lefler is born. 

Tom Paris is born. His father eventually becomes a Starfleet admiral. 

Jack Crusher is transferred to Earth. 

Deanna Troi agrees, in a traditional ceremony, to marry Wyatt Miller in ten years. 

Tuvok, having raised a family, finds that his life experiences have changed his opinions about Starfleet, and asks to have his commission reactivated. Following a refresher course, he is assigned to the USS Wyoming. 


Jurad, father of Duras, gives defense access codes to Romulans, allowing attack on the Klingon colony on Khitomer, killing 4,000 residents. The USS Intrepid monitors the attack and many Federation rescue vessels respond. 6 year old Worf is left for dead under the rubble but survives, and is adopted by CPO Sergi Roshenko, a warp phase specialist on the Excelsior class USS Intrepid. He and his wife Eleana raise Worf on the farming world Gault, where they get him a pet Klingon Targh and where he has a foster brother the same age. They later move to Bobruysk, Byelorussia, Earth. Worf's nanny, Kaylest, also survives. Kurn is raised as a son of Lorg. 

After years of pleading by the Bajoran government in exile, the Federation agrees to commit starships to displace the Cardassians from space they have conquered. Vulcan ambassadors Sarek and Spock disagree publicly about Federation policy. 

When the Captain of the USS Stargazer is killed, Picard takes emergency command of the bridge. Later he is promoted to Captain and given permanent command. Guinan joins the crew at some point as a civilian, making it a point to get to know Picard. Professor Galen visits Picard to congratulate him.

During a two week shore-leave on Earth, Picard has a brief, torrid affair with Miranda Vigo, a relative of the USS Stargazer's Chief Helmsman. 

Beverly Howard graduates Starfleet Academy, and enters Starfleet Medical School. Walker Keel introduces Beverly to Jack Crusher and they soon marry. 

Ensign Data graduates Starfleet Academy, "Class of 78." 

Benjamin Sisko enters Starfleet Academy. For the first week he is so homesick that he uses the transporter to return home for supper each day. 

Geordi LaForge receives his first VISOR and begins training to interpret its signals. 

Julian Bashir is born. 

Miles O'Brien begins his career in Starfleet in order to avoid a career as a musician, as his father intends. He works with transporters and other technical specialties. 

Katherine Janeway begins high school, and avidly plays tennis on her high school teams. 


Wesley Crusher is born to Beverly, age 22, and Lieutenant Jack Crusher, age 30. 

Paul and Jenice Manheim leave Earth for Vandor, where his team conducts space/time research. 

Harry Kim is born. 


Picard, aboard the Stargazer, locates the ruins of legendary Lygillium, and the giant Zateral emerald. 

Bajoran captive Meru, mother of three year old Nerys, becomes the mistress of Gul Dukat, who commands the space station where hse family is held. She believes that by doing so she will gain better treatment for her family members. Nerys is told that her mother has died. (Wrongs Darker than Death or Night)

Kathryn Janeway enters Starfleet Academy. 

The USS Stargazer returns to Earth, where Jack Crusher is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named First Officer, USS Stargazer. 

Beverly Crusher interns on Daylos IV. 

Tuvok is promoted to Lieutenant, a promotion delayed because his record shows his inauspicious departure from Starfleet in 2292. 

Romulan captive Tasha Yar (2), who originated in an alternate timeline, is executed on Romulas for escape. Her daughter, Sela, exposed the escape attempt and remained loyal to the Romulans. 

A group of Navaho people, including Chakotay, colonize Dorvan V, near Cardassian space. 


Amanda Taylor is born in Kansas. Her parents, members of the Q continuum are killed shortly thereafter by the continuum, because they refused to renounce their powers. 

Miranda Vigo has a son, Jason, but she never tells him who his father is. 

The Romulan science vessel Talba, operating in sector 1385 of the alpha quadrant makes contact through a microscopic wormhole with the USS Voyager, in the Delta quadrant and 20 years in the future. Captain Tele Cremor beams through the wormhole and returns with a message chip containing personal greetings from the voyager crew members. He agrees to hide the chip for 20 years, and turn it over to the Federation after the Voyager disappears. 

B'Lanna Torres is born, to a human father and Klingon mother. They move to the Federation colony on Kessak IV. B'Lanna and her mother are the only Klingons, and she soon begins trying to hide forehead. 


Tasha Yar escapes from Turkana IV, at age 16, but her younger sister, Yshara remains behind. 

Beverly Crusher receives her Doctor's Degree, and is promoted to Lieutenant. 


William Riker enters Starfleet Academy. He excels in a simulated battle against Tholians. His academy superintendent is Vulcan. He sees his father for the last time for almost 15 years. 

Starfleet conflict with the Tholians. Relationship between Kyle Riker and Kate Pulaski. 

USS Stargazer is attacked by a Cardassian warship in sector 21505 after Picard lowers shields in an attempt to open peace talks. 

Talarians raid human settlement on Galen IV. 

Ensign Benjamin Sisko graduates Starfleet Academy and shortly thereafter meets his future wife on a beach. She is a civilian scientist, working for Starfleet. 


Deanna Troi enters Starfleet Academy. She meets William Riker, but they do not date because they are not in the same year.

Benjamin and Jennifer Sisko are married. 

Ensign Kathryn Janeway graduates Starfleet Academy, and gives up tennis for 19 years. 

14 year old Worf visits Kronos in a trip arranged by his foster parents. Worf's cousins spurn him, and he runs away to hide in mountain caves. While there, he sees a vision of Kahless, who tells Worf that he will do what no other Klingon has done. 


Picard, on the USS Stargazer, visits the remote planet Chalna with its fanged, anarchistic natives. 

Shelby enters Starfleet Academy. 

USS Stargazer, NCC-2893, is heavily damaged by internal fire after an attack by an unidentified enemy ship, which was Ferengi. Picard devises the Picard Maneuver to destroy the attacker. The crew abandons the Stargazer and limps across space in shuttlecraft for weeks. Lieutenant Commander Jack Crusher dies at age 36, of a massive neck wound. 

Worf Roshenko reaches his "age of ascension," 15, when by Klingon tradition he becomes as adult. He resolves to enter Starfleet, when he is old enough. 

Jake Sisko is born. 

Chakotay concludes he is not fully committed to the spiritual teachings of his people. He is befriended by several Starfleet officers who are patrolling the borders of Cardassian space. One, Captain Sulu, is the grandchild of Hikaru Sulu. 

In the Delta quadrant, Talaxia is conquered by the Akoian race, by demonstrating the power of the Metrion Cascade on the beautiful nearby moon Rynex. 300,000 Talaxians are killed by disolving their molecular cohesion, including Neelix' family. He is on Talax, hiding from military conscription. Afterward, he joins the relief forces that return to Rynex. The inventor of the cascade effect, Jetrel, regrets the effects of his invention, and works for 15 years to reintegrate the people killed. 

Scientists Magnus and Erin Hansen head off into Beta Quadrant space in violation of Federation wishes to look for the mythical Borg. They take their young daughter Anika along. They locate a Borg ship, trail and study it successfully for some time, but eventually are noticed by the Borg and assimilated.(Dark Frontier)


Jean-Luc Picard faces court martial proceedings resulting from the loss of USS Stargazer, prosecuted aggressively by Phillipa Luvoir, but is cleared of blame. 

Around this time, a Romulan spy obtains a sample of Picard's DNA. The DNA is used to create a clone of Picard. The plan is to force-age the boy and create an identical replacement for Picard who would then become a Romulan agent. The force-aging process is not used immediately, possibly because it cannot be used until the boy reaches a certain age.

Geordi LaForge enters Starfleet Academy. 

Ben Sisko is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Lieutenant, and assigned as Science Officer on the USS Albatoni, under the command of Captain (later Admiral) Paris. 

The last Mark Five transporter system is manufactured, in favor of the new Mark Six systems.

B'Elanna Torres' father leaves her mother without warning, unwilling to continue living with the volatile Klingon woman.  Young B'Elanna feels guilt because in a fit of anger she had told her father that if he didn't like her temper he should leave.


Four survivors of the damaged freighter Odin reach Angel I in escape pods and ferment rebellion against the matriarchal society. 

18 year old Chakotay, his father, Kolopak, and several other youth, return to Earth to research the origins of their tribe. In a South American rain forest, they find a rarely seen primitive tribe known as the Rubber Tree People. These people display remnants of the forehead bone structure of their "Sky spirits," and are the cousins of Chakotay's tribe, speaking a common language. In honor of his father, Chakotay has his forehead tatooed with a representation of the Sky spirits bone structure. 

Chakotay is sponsored for attendance at Starfleet Academy by Captain Sulu. He is accepted, and begins his Starfleet training. 

Ensign William T. Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy, 8th in his class, and is assigned to the Helm staff of the USS Pegasus, NCC- 53847, a Grissom Class research vessel. 

In the Gamma Quadrant, the Founders of the Dominion initiate a move into new areas of space, in order to expand their sphere of protection, using their client species, the Jem'Haddar, who are powerful warriers and who serve as the publicly seen army of the Dominion, and who are controlled by a powerfully addictive drug, called "Ketrecel White." 


Worf Roshenko and his foster brother enter Starfleet Academy. His brother drops out and returns home. During his academy years, Worf is reunited with his childhood friend, Keylar, and finds himself attracted to her, although they continue friendly bickering, as playmates often do. 

Ro Lahren enters Starfleet Academy. 

Ensign William T. Riker, seven months out of the Academy, defends Captain Eric Pressman when the First Officer, Chief Engineer, and most of the crew of the USS Pegasus rebel against Pressman's experimentation, in violation of the Treaty of Algeron, on a cloaking device. Riker, Pressman and seven others escape the ship via escape pod, after a running battle in the corridors. The Pegasus is heavily damaged, and thought destroyed minutes later by the crew's efforts to deactivate the device. Riker later berates himself over his support of the treaty violation and subsequently examines orders much more critically. Details of the incident are classified. 

Deanna Troi graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to a Beta Z research facility. 

Miles O'Brien is transferred to the USS Rutledge, fighting in the Cardassian War, under Captain Benjamin Maxwell, to serve as Tactical Officer. Over time he become disgusted with the way his personality embraces the war. 

Admiral Mark Jameson diagnosed with Iverson's Disease, a degenerative condition. 

Civil war on Mordan IV ends. 


Jadzia enters Starfleet Academy. 

William Riker is promoted to Lieutenant and assigned duties on planet Beta Z, where he and Deanna Troi have a relationship. 

Ensign Shelby graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Professor Galen discovers micro-palentological evidence so important he withdraws from scientific circles. 


A peace treaty is signed between the Federation and the Cardassians, ending 14 years of intermittent war. The Cardassians retain control of the Bajoran star system. Gul Dukat becomes commander of the Cardassian space station Terrok Nor, in Bajoran orbit. Outwardly an iron-fisted dictator, he takes a Bajoran mistress and takes certain secret actions to relieve Bajoran suffering. 

The Dowd, as botanist Kevin Uxbridge, and his wife Rishan, move to Delta Ranna IV. 

Ensign Geordi LaForge graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Julian Bashir enters Starfleet Academy. 

Deanna Troi is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Worf Roshenko's relationship with Keylar. 

In the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion conquers a large volume of space, including that formerly held by the T'Rogorands. The Skrian people escape and begin a search for the Eye of the Universe. 


Ensign Worf Roshenko graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Keylar graduates Starfleet Academy, but transfers to the diplomatic corp. 

Ensign Chakotay graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Shelby is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Lt. Wil Riker is transferred to the USS Potemkin. His career takes priority and his relationship with Troi cools, by his choice. 

The USS Potemkin visits Turkana IV, but is warned that anyone beaming down would be killed. 

Miranda and Jason Vigo move to Caymore IV where she establishes a school for orphans from the Cardassian War. 


Ensign Georgi LaForge serves on USS Victory. 

Sonia Gomez enters Starfleet Academy. 

Ensign Ro graduates Starfleet Academy. 

Lt. William Riker leads an away mission to evacuate a science station on Nervalla IV. While transporting up, a fluke of atmospheric distortion leaves an identical Riker double on Nervalla, unknown to the Potemkin. The Riker who returns to the Potemkin is commended for valour on Nervalla, promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made First Officer of USS Hood. 

At Altair III, Riker disobeys orders and risks court martial by preventing Captain DeSoto from beaming down into danger. They remain on good terms afterward. (Note that "Altair III" was the planet in the famous 1950s Science Fiction film Forbidden Planet.")