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Prehistory to 1970
13,800,000,000 Billion Years Ago

The Big Bang, creating the universe. The first galaxies form within 600 million years, and the first stars much earlier. Within a billion years, the Milky Way Galaxy forms. (The latest cosmological research and Hubble Space Telescope imagery.)

4,560,000,000 B.C.

The star to become known as Sol ignites in a cloud of as many as 1,000 other suns and slowly drifts away, taking with it Oort Cloud material that originated around other stars in the cloud. (Scientific Reports)

4,530,000,000 B.C.

The formation of the Earth is completed when its molten iron core separates from the surrounding mantle. (Scientific Reports)

4,500,000,000 B.C.

A rock blasted off the face of Mars by a meteor impact. After floating in space, it eventually enters the atmosphere of Earth, and lands in Siberia. It contains dormant biological organisms capable of entering living bodies. (Terma and NASA)

4,000,000,000 B.C.

A planetary body the size of Mars slams into Earth, melting the surface of the Earth and throwing off huge amounts of molten rock. Some of it coalesces to form the Moon. (Scientific reports)

3,900,000,000 B.C.

The Earth-Moon system is bombarded by huge meteorites and asteroids for a period of 100,000 years. On the Moon, most rocks collected by NASA astronauts show signs of melting in this timeframe, suggesting a major "event" in the Solar System, such as a collision of two planets, or migration of a planet such as Neptune scattering comets and planet-like bodies into the inner system. Rocks of this age do not survive on Earth due to the constant renewal of the surface due to plate tectonics. (Scientific Reports)

3,500,000,000 B.C.

The oldest known microorganisms, known as Archaea, burrow in volcanic rock, actually eating the rock.  Some scientists speculate that life was introduced to Earth from space. (Scientific Reports)

Millions of Years Ago, or more

A virus sometimes known as the Black Oil, having the ability to take control of humanoid species, is the "original inhabitant" of the planet Earth, according to the Well Manicured Man. He adds that aliens came, also apparently millions of years ago. Those that didn't leave have been dormant since the last Ice Age, waiting for the Colonists. (Movie)

250,000 years ago

A meteor crashes into Icy Point, Alaska, far north of the Arctic Circle. It carries extraterrestrial organisms similar to worms that are native to a cold ammonia environment. The worms have the ability to enter a human body and cause the release of chemicals resulting in aggression. Two of the worms, however, will not reside in the same body without killing each other. (Ice)

35,000 B.C.

Two human hunters follow a line of footprints through the snow and enter an ice cave in what is now northern Texas, during the last ice age. The footprints are three-toed, implying that they are not human. Inside the cave, they find another of their kind, encased in ice. They are attacked by a highly aggressive creature -- an alien. The alien is hard to see, but is based on a reptilian "gray" alien. The first human is killed, but the second kills the alien. Black Oil pours out of the dead alien and enters the body of the human. (Movie)

Circa 200 B.C. to 200 A.D.

Ancient Celtic legends tell of trickster Men in Black who used enchantment. (Josť Chung's 'From Outer Space')

Circa 30 A.D.

According to a religious legend heard by Dana Scully as a child in Catholic school, when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (see The Bible) a clay pot is being turned nearby on a wheel and the grooves in the clay capture the vibrations of the air made by the voice of Jesus. Sister "Spooky" Callahan claims to Dana that the bowl is imbued with the power to raise the dead. (Hollywood A.D.)

Circa 1200

According to Mulder, reports of mysterious lights around Brown Mountain go back this far, although the literature is vague about how this date was established. There are no written records this old and the date is derived from Indian legend. The first written report by a white man will be in 1771. According to Indian legend, a great battle is fought around this date between the Cherokee and Catawba Indians near Brown Mountain. The Cherokees believed that the lights were the spirits of Indian maidens who went on searching through the centuries for their husbands and sweethearts who had died in the battle. (Historical)

Circa 1300

The Anasazi culture disappears in the Southwest. Attacked or invaded by aliens, some of their elders hide in one particular pueblo that contains magnetite, protecting them from the aliens. The Cigarette Smoking Man thinks of these elders as "the first shadow government," similar to US government plans for a shadow government retreat at the Mount Weather Complex in Virginia in 2012, when the new alien invasion takes place. (The Truth)

Circa 1400

A colony of tree mites infects a tree in what will someday be the Olympia National Forest of northwest Washington state. They continue to survive inside the tree as the years pass, and additional tree rings surround them. The insects cocoon their prey and drain the fluids, attacking victims as large as humans. Wherever the insects swarm, an oily residue is left behind. (Darkness Falls)

In the 15th century, a French peasant girl encounters an old Moor, selling rugs. She discovers that a powerful genie lives in one rug, and makes three wishes -- for a stout hearted mule, a magic sack that would always be filled with turnips, and to be long-lived and powerful. In response to this last wish, genie makes the girl a genie, herself, and she takes up residence in a rug. She soon, however, becomes disillusioned by the greed and lack of forethought by people to whom she owes wishes, and begins to enjoy perverting their wishes, when they are not specific. (Je Souhaite)


Juan Ponce de Leon makes his first exploration in Florida, seeking the legendary "fountain of youth." Instead he finds death by an Indian arrow. (Historical)

Mulder speculates that if anyone actually found the Fountain of Youth and remained living in the forest, they might have adapted to their environment and become significantly changed. He feels X-Files about "Moth Men" may refer to those who drank from the Fountain of Youth. (Detour)


The Earth passes through the tail of comet Lexell. The comet passes .0151 Astronomical Units from Earth, just a few times the distance of the Moon, crossing the Northern sky close to Polaris on its way into the Solar system toward the Sun. No comet is known to have passed closer (except for the poorly recorded course of the 1491 comet, which may have been as close as .0094 AU). Comet tails, however, have been recorded to stretch up to 4 AU from the nucleus, meaning Earth did not just graze the edge of the tail. Earth cut a thick swath through a dense region of the tail of Lexell. Dust, filled with organic materials,fell to Earth fresh from its ice-bound source in the Lexell nucleus. (Historical Accounts)


Geraud de Brahm, a German engineer and the first white man to explore the region now known as North Carolina reports what has come to be known as the "Brown Mountain Lights." The lights, also reported in Indian legend, are described as dancing, flickering, and darting. Sometimes at night they seem to drift slowly, fading and brightening. At other times they seem to whirl like pinwheels, then dart rapidly away. Brown Mountain is located in Burke County, between Morganton and Lenoir, in the western part of North Carolina. (Historical)

Circa 1800

Contradictory evidence suggests that around this year an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity may have been frozen in ice near a glacier in the Yukon Territory. The body found there in 1997 may also be a hoax. (Gethsemane)


Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, exploring the Northwest, write of Indian men who are able to change their shape into that of a wolf. (Shapes)

Just after entering what is now South Dakota, Lewis and Clark visit "Spirit Mound," an isolated hill, alone in the middle of the plains. Indians who live in the area refuse to approach Spirit Mound, because they say it is the home of "little devils with large heads, whose arrows can kill at an unusual distance." Lewis and Clark find no evidence of little beings with large heads, alien or otherwise. In spite of efforts of local residents over several decades to make Spirit Mound a state park, it remains under the private ownership of a farmer until 2001 when it finally becomes a public park with restored prairie. (The Journals of Lewis and Clark and current accounts)


The first reported case of "communication with spirits," in the form of a poltergeist in the Fox family home in Hydesville, NY, results in a rapidly spreading belief in Spiritualism, now considered to be part of parapsychology. (Historical Accounts)

April 4, 1849

The recorded date of birth of L.H. Rice, pseudonym of Alfred Fellig. This may be Fellig's actual birth, but because he used a series of false identities, it may be a false entry. (Tithonus)


Around this year, the Chinese Wanshang Dhole wild dog is believed to become extinct. The dog, a scavenger, is also the basis for Chinese myth and legend which calls it a trickster dog, able to open doors, steal wives and disappear into thin air. The Wangshang Dhole may also be related to a form of Chinese werewolf, which does not become extinct. (Alpha)


Yellow Fever, spread by mosquitoes, kills many people in the United States as far north as Boston. This is the last of several epidemics of Yellow Fever to impact New York, although the last great Yellow Fever epidemic takes place in New Orleans in 1878. (Historical Accounts)

L.H. Rice is hospitalized in an epidemic ward and expects to die. He believes he sees a glimpse of Death walking through the ward, taking the souls. He closes his eyes and refuses to look at Death and his nurse dies instead of him. He recovers from Yellow Fever and finds himself to be immortal. (Tithonus)

November 23, 1863

Union troops, having held Chattanooga, Tennessee, since September, join 60,000 other Union troops to attempt to capture the countryside around the city. After two days, Confederate forces still hold Missionary Ridge, southeast of Chattanooga, until the Union's General George H. Thomas moves in to relieve General Sherman, taking the ridge in the process. (Historical accounts.)

November 26, 1863

Confederate soldier Sullivan Biddle dies in a battle with Union troops in Hamilton County Tennessee, when Union troops of General Thomas catch up with the retreating forces of Confederate General Clayborn near Apison House. Biddle's lover, nurse Sarah Kavanaugh, hides nearby in a bunker. 133 years later, Fox Mulder comes to believe he was Biddle in a previous life. (The Field Where I Died)


The Peacock family builds a farm in Home, Pennsylvania, and begins (or maybe continues) a practice of genetic inbreeding. (Home)

November 3, 1868

Four coal miners accused of killing a prospector in a claim dispute are acquitted in court. The dead man was found with his skin completely removed, apparently while he was still alive, at the Fitzgerald Mine near Novi, Virginia. The prosecutor says that justice was not served. (Hellbound)

Late 1800s

A religious sect settles near Steveston, Massachusetts. They believe in complete isolation from other people, except for the occasional visit to the Steveston feed store. Actually, they (apparently) are aliens, with the ability to change sex and to emit massive amounts of pheromones that can, among other things, create extreme sexual desire in humans. (Genderbender)

There is limited evidence that other enclaves of aliens may exist in other parts of the country, such as Georgia. (The Unnatural)


Marjorie Butters is born, according to the claim of the Smoking Man in the episode En Ami. She will still be alive in the year 2000 and will be offered as proof that the Smoking Man has technology that can end human disease and prolong life.

January 1, 1895

J. Edgar Hoover is born. (Historical)


Walter Chaco is born. (Our Town)


Eugene Victor Tooms commits a series of five murders in the Baltimore area, but is not captured. An apparent genetic mutation, Tooms has the ability to hibernate and to stretch his body. He begins a pattern of killing five people, taking their livers, and reentering hibernation every 30 years.  The only murder to enter police records is of the man who lives upstairs above Tooms' apartment at 66 Exeter Street, Baltimore.   (Squeeze)


The US Government Special Agent Force is renamed the Bureau of Investigation. (Historical)

June 30, 1908

At Tunguska, in Russian Siberia, a huge explosion occurs, laying waste to a 1200 square miles. No scientific study team reaches the site until 1927. It finds fallen trees in a pattern radiating outward from a central point. No crater is found. The angle of impact suggests to researchers that the object likely came from a trail of comet debris the Earth was passing through at the time. (Historical)

Dr. Alexander Kazentsev is a member of the Russian scientific team and is struck that immediately under the center of the explosion, the tops of trees are missing, whereas their trunks are still standing. Surrounding them, trees are down in uniform directions, radiating out from the central point. Years later, he later studies the damage after the Hiroshima nuclear explosion, and finds tree trunks with their tops missing directly under the coordinates of the aerial bomb explosion, and trees farther away down in a radial pattern.

He returns to Tunguska in another expedition and finds radioactivity in the soil, as well as fragments of metal that appear to be alloyed. In his official report on the new expedition, Kazentsev concludes that the 1908 explosion was nuclear in nature, slightly more than a mile above the ground, and was the result of the explosion of "some very large artificial construction weighing in excess of 50,000 tons, which was being directed toward a landing when its atomic engines exploded." (Details from Stranger Than Science by Frank Edwards, copyright 1959, Bantam books)

September 27, 1909

A lawman disappears after failing to find the person who killed four others by skinning them alive. The lawman may be -the reincarnated victim of an 1868 murder in which he was skinned alive. The four 1909 victims are the reincarnated souls of the four 1868 murderers. A fifth person tries to prevent the murders but fails. (Hellbound)


Harry Cokley is born in southeast Nebraska. He is the only son with five sisters. He is often beaten by his father. (Aubrey)

December 24, 1917

In Maryland, young lovers Maurice and Lyla die in a murder-suicide pact because they are anguished by World War I and the great flu epidemic that is killing thousands of people across the country. Their pact is to always spend Christmas Eve together, even after death. They become ghosts, often haunting residents of the mansion as the result of their belief that murder-suicide is the greatest possible expression of love and togetherness. Over the next 80 years three additional murder-suicides occur in the mansion, always on Christmas Eve. A book is eventually written about Maurice and Lyla's deaths, "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" by R. Grimes. (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)


J. Edgar Hoover becomes Director of the Bureau of Investigation, later renamed the FBI. (Historical)

The Well Manicured Man is born, based on age of actor John Neville.

Arthur Dales is born, based on age of Darrin McGavin, and the fact that the young Dales in Travelers looked like he was in his early to mid-thirties.

Albert Hosteen is born, in Navaho land. He will one day become an elder and mystic in his tribe. (Date estimated by his service in World War II and by his apparent age at the time of his death in 1999.)(Amor Fati.)

July 21, 1929

Photographer Lewis Brady is convicted for the murder of two people. Lewis Brady is a pseudonym for Alfred Fellig, aka L.H. Rice, an immortal man who hoped to encounter Death as his victims died. He later walks away from a prison facility and is never recaptured. (Tithonus)


Eddie Van Blundht, Sr., is born with a vestigial tail and a unique layer of voluntary muscle under his entire layer of skin, which allows him to "make faces" and appear to be other people. (Small Potatoes)


A Trego Indian boy named Ish is born. (Shapes)


Circa this date, Cigarette Smoking Man is born. (Based on being an adult in 1953, as seen in 731.)


The Bureau of Investigation is renamed the US Bureau of Investigation, later to be called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Historical)

March 1, 1932

The abduction of Charles Lindbergh Junior from his bedroom, called by many the "crime of the century." The Bureau of Investigation participates in the investigation. A badly decomposed child's body is found May 12 and publicly identified as that of Charles Junior, although the medical examiner refuses to make a positive identification. Bruno Richard Hauptmann is eventually arrested, tried and executed for the abduction. Questions persist for decades that suggest his innocence. (Historical)


Victor Eugene Tooms commits his second series of five murders, in Powhattan Mill, but is not captured. Only four of the bodies are found, because one is buried in the concrete floor of a factory. Among the investigators is a young sheriff (or deputy?) named Frank Briggs. The crime haunts him for the rest of his life. (Tooms) (The Tooms crimes may be based on the Halls-Mill Murders, in October 1922 -- an infamous serial murder case in New Jersey that was never solved.)


A WPA logging crew vanishes in the Olympic National Forest in northwest Washington. (Darkness Falls)

Amy Cassandra is born. She will eventually believe that she is the victim of alien abductions. (Demons)

Circa 1935

A series of photographs is taken of The Kindred, a sect of religious isolationists in Pennsylvania. In 1994, many of the same faces will be seen on the Kindred farm. They are apparently from another world. (Genderbender)

July 1, 1935

The US Bureau of Investigation is renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Historical)

Finger prints are taken of Henry Strand, which in 1999 Mulder finds match those of Alfred Fellig and Lewis Brady. (Tithonus)


Bill Mulder is born. Based on the cemetery marker in Within. Note, however, that other episodes indicate that he was a military or intelligence officer circa 1952-53, suggesting a birth date ten or more years earlier.

Josh Exley is born in the Macon, Georgia, area. He will disappear at age 6. (The Unnatural)

September 3, 1939

Britain declares war on Germany after Germany invades Poland. (Historical)

Southwest of the Bahamas, the British ship SS Queen Anne is reported sunk by a German torpedo. Mulder believes that it entered the Bermuda Triangle and became caught in a time warp. In events that may be real or may be a dream, Mulder visits the ship in 1939 and learns that the German troops boarded the ship after picking up a radio message using the code word "Thor's Hammer." Initially they believe that the ship has left America with armaments but they learn that Thor's Hammer refers to a scientist who has expertise relevant to building an atomic bomb. (See the entry for Triangle on November 16, 1998, for more details.)

September 27, 1939

Warsaw, Poland, surrenders to the Nazi blitzkrieg. (Historical)

Mulder believes he lives a previous life as a Jewish woman in the Warsaw ghetto. (The Field in Which I Died)


Benito Mussolini acquires a rug in which lives a genie, allowing him to become powerful. In the end, however, the genie brings about his destruction because his wishes are not specific enough. (Je Souhaite)

Scientists of Germany's Third Reich conduct a series of experiments on unwilling human subjects. Generally reviled as inhumane and barbaric, they were intended to be the basis for a eugenics program to improve the race. (Historical)

After Germany surrenders, many of the scientists of the German eugenics program are brought to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. (Historical)

A German industrialist named Strughold flees Germany, apparently after the downfall of the Reich. He takes up residence in Tunis. (Movie) (Note that exactly when Strughold fled Germany is vague. Instead of the end of WWII it is possible that it happened later and with different circumstances, such as from postwar Communist East Germany. )

Reader Erik Pflueger provides the information that this character is likely a reference to Hubertus Strughold, a real-life German scientist whose work, because of Operation Paper Clip, aided the American space program, at the cost of Jewish lives.


Margaret Scully is born circa this year.

August 20, 1940

In Mexico City, a Stalinist agent assassinates Leon Trotsky. (Historical)

Frohike believes that at that same moment, the person to be known as the Cigarette Smoking Man is born, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (This date is not possible, since the Smoking Man and Bill Mulder were adults in 1953, seen in 731.)

Frohike later relates to Mulder and Scully the information the Cigarette Smoking Man writes about his character in the story A Second Chance. Some elements may be semi-autobiographical. According to the story, as published in 1996 in "Roman a Clef" magazine, Cigarette Smoking Man/Jack Colquitt's father is an ardent communist activist, keeping the Soviet Union informed about American plans to enter World War II. The man was executed in a Louisiana electric chair under the espionage act of 1917, before his son could walk. His mother died of lung cancer before her son was old enough to talk. The child becomes a ward of the state, sent to various orphanages around the Midwest. He makes few friends and spends all of his free time alone, reading. (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man)


Teena Mulder is born. (Based on the cemetery marker in Within. Note that the spelling of her name is sometimes also seen as "Tina.")


The Philadelphia Experiment may have begun as early as this year. Scully later says it was an effort to make battleships invisible to radar during World War II, but as the Manhattan Project heated up, it was de-emphasized. She says most of the scientists were relocated to Los Alamos, but Mulder claims most never made it there, and were transferred to Roswell, New Mexico instead. Mulder has also suggested that the Philadelphia Experiment reportedly caused the USS Eldridge to disappear from Philadelphia and reappear in Norfolk, Virginia, after the Roswell incident in 1947. (Dod Kalm) Other popular accounts suggest that it was in 1943 and that the ship disappeared in Norfolk and reappeared in Philadelphia. Some suggest that it teleported and some that it sailed while invisible. All accounts say that crew on the ship suffered or died as the result of the experiment.

The father of the Cigarette Smoking Man is executed in Louisiana, for espionage. The young Cigarette Smoking Man becomes an orphan. (If you believe Musings...)


A Japanese medical unit, 731, conducts human experimentation similar to that of German Victor Klemper, experimenting on human subjects. Takeo Ishimaru is a leader of the effort.(731)

FBI Special Agents Sam Chaney and Tim Ledbetter disappear in Aubrey, Missouri, while investigating three rape/murders in which the word "sister" was slashed across the chests of the victims. The partners use psychology to solve crimes years before the FBI accepts the technique. It is learned years later that they were killed by Harry Cokley, then a resident of Terrance, Nebraska, an hour's drive away. Chaney was buried in a field and Ledbetter in the basement of the house in which Cokley lived at the time. (Aubrey)

Also sometime in 1942 six year old Josh Exley disappears from Macon, Georgia. At about the same time, an adult black man calling himself Josh Exley shows up in Roswell, NM, and begins playing baseball in the Cactus League. The adult Exley is a gray alien, shape-changed to appear human, because he has fallen in love with the game of baseball. The aliens do not allow participation in such games and he leaves "his family" without permission, planning to play in the cactus league because the scrutiny of the major leagues could compromise the secret of his background. An alien bounty hunter becomes a Macon police officer, planted to watch for missing person reports of the name Josh Exley, since apparently the aliens do not read sports news about minor league baseball. (The Unnatural)


The existence of DNA is discovered. (Historical)

A Navy transport plane carrying 42 year old Walter Chaco is shot down over New Guinea. He is the only survivor. He lives with the cannibalistic Jale tribe for six months before being rescued. He learns from them how to prolong life by cannibalism. (Our Town)

Navaho Albert Hosteen serves in the US military as a "code talker." He and his fellow Navaho servicemen communicate military message traffic in their native language, which serves as a "code" that the Japanese in the Pacific cannot break. (Anasazi)


Harry Cokley, of Terrance, Nebraska, is convicted of rape and attempted murder and sentenced to McAlister Penitentiary after carving the word "sister" with razor on the chest of Linda Tibideaux of Edmund, Nebraska. Tibideaux survives the assault, and has Cokley's son nine months later. Given up for adoption, the child is given the name Raymond Morrow. Authorities do not connect the case with Sam Chaney's case in Aubrey, Missouri, in 1942. (Aubrey)

April 26, 1945

The Joint Chiefs of Staff issue Order 1067 to General Dwight David Eisenhower to "preserve from destruction and take under your control records, plans, documents, papers, files and scientific, industrial and other information and data belonging to...German organizations engaged in military research." The effort is known as Operation Paper Clip and includes 127 German scientists and engineers including Werner von Braun. (Historical)

Apparently included in this group is Victor Klemper, who had conducted gruesome experiments on Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. There are allegations he may have experimented on combining human and alien DNA, then or later. (731 & Nisei)

Early August 1945

A B-29 transporting a nuclear bomb similar to those used on Japan, and an escort squadron of P-51 Mustangs, crash after an encounter with a triangular-shaped UFO, known to pilots as a Foo Fighter, that also crashes, at 171E, 42N, part way between the western Hawaiian Islands and the Aleutians. (Date is based on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, followed by Japanese surrender August 14, 1945.)

The United States submarine Zeus Faber, under Captain Sandford and XO Johansen, is dispatched to locate the planes, which it does. When a Japanese destroyer approaches, the submarine hides on silent running, and crew members develop radiation burns. Sandford is taken over by an alien that can occupy human bodies, and appears to the crew to be acting irrationally. The alien resides in 50 weight diesel oil, as a medium. When it occupies a human body, it gives the appearance of diesel oil within the eyeball.

Johanson seals the Captain in the ward room, and takes the submarine back to Pearl Harbor. The other crew in the ward room kill Sandford, and diesel oil evacuates the body. Of 144 men, only 7 survive, some of whom are hospitalized for years. They never receive an explanation. Johansen remains on active duty, so apparently is not disciplined for technical mutiny.

The UFO, the aircraft and the nuclear bomb are all left in place on the ocean floor. The alien may or may not have returned to America. (Piper Maru, Apocrypha, 731 & Nisei)

Note: Zeus Faber is the name of a deep sea fish that changes color to blend into its surroundings.

September 20, 1945

German scientists from the V2 base at Peenemunde in the US under Operation Paper Clip arrive at Fort Strong, Mass. The first group of seven men includes Werner von Braun. Many of the Germans are eventually relocated to White Sands, New Mexico, where 100 captured V2 rockets are reassembled and tested. (Historical)


J. Edgar Hoover opens the very first Unexplained Phenomenon case, dealing with lycanthropy. During World War II a series of murders occurs around the Northwest, including seven in Browning, Montana. Each victim is ripped to shreds and eaten, as if by a wild animal. Several of the victims, however, were found at home, as if they had invited their killer into their homes. In Glacier National Park, authorities corner what they believe is this animal in a cabin. They shoot it, but when they enter the cabin to retrieve the dead animal they find only the body of Richard Watkins. The murders stop. Hoover locks the cases away in the X-Files, because they are unsolved. A 16 year old Trego Indian boy named Ish briefly sees the animal transform near Watkin's house and believes it to be a werewolf. (Shapes)

The Unexplained Phenomenon cases are initially filed under "U" in the Washington DC FBI office. They will later be moved to the roomier "X" drawer and will come to be known as "X-Files". (Travelers)

Circa 1946, Walter Chaco settles in Dudley, Arkansas, and begins building the chicken processing plant that becomes the major employer in the community. He slowly begins teaching his neighbors what he learned in New Guinea about prolonging life via cannibalism. (Our Town)

December 3, 1946

Bert and Loretta Barry's first child is born in Greensboro, NC. The boy, who would later become an FBI agent as an adult, is christened Duane. (Duane Berry)


An X-File is opened on the Jersey Devil case after a man is dragged off by an unknown animal while changing a car tire in the New Jersey woods. Search teams with dogs find his body with a leg eaten off. Nearby, officers corner the animal in a cave and shoot it, but it turns out to be a large naked man. An autopsy reveals that he has bits of human flesh in his stomach. (The Jersey Devil)

June 24, 1947

A civilian pilot flying over the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington observes nine flying disc-shaped aircraft traveling in formation at a high rate of speed. Although this is not the first known sighting of such objects, it is the first to gain widespread attention in the public media. Hundreds of reports of sightings of similar objects follow, leading to the first major "UFO Flap" in the United States. (Historical)

June 29-July 2, 1947

One of two brothers named Arthur Dales (not the one in the FBI in the 1950s) is a police officer in Roswell, NM, and is assigned to protect negro baseball star Josh Exley from racist threats that the game of baseball should be kept white. Exley plays for an all-negro team called the Roswell Grays. Dales ends up traveling on the team bus, and at night, in a lightning storm, Exley's reflection in the bus window appears to be the image of a gray alien. The next day, during a game, Exley is hit on the head with a ball and knocked out. He murmurs words in an unknown language and claims to be from Macon, Georgia. Dales finds green acid on the glove used to cushion Exley's head and sends it off to be tested. Dales calls the Macon police and learns that Josh Exley was a six year old child that disappeared about the time Exley arrived in Roswell. The Macon police officer Dales talks with is really a bounty hunter. Exley denies to Dales that he was ever in Macon. Dales thinks Exley "tanked" the game that day because American League scouts were there and he did not want to be recruited into the major leagues, because Exley has a secret.

That night, Dales sees a gray alien in Exley's room, wearing a baseball cap and holding a bat. Dales faints at the sight, but the alien wakes him up and tells him he is Exley -- this is his real face. Exley morphs into a pretty girl to prove his claim. The next day they talk more. Exley says his people guard their privacy and don't allow intermingling, but when he discovered baseball he immediately fell in love. The bounty hunter arrives in Roswell, looking for Exley. Posing as Exley, he goes to the lab and kills the lab technician who was testing the acid on the glove. Dales finds Exley and warns him that a witness claims he killed a man. Exley says he talked "with his family" and they want him to come home. He leaves, supposedly to go back home, and several "men in black" question Dales.

Exley actually, however, returns to the baseball team and plays a night game. After a home run, several men in the white sheets of the Ku Klux Klan and carrying guns ride up on horses. Exley has become a very good player and the KKK wants to keep the game of baseball white-only. They threaten Exley, but the white baseball team overcomes the klansmen, one of whom, knocked unconscious, is seen to be a gray alien. Everyone else runs off and Exley confronts the bounty hunter, who quickly awakes. The bounty hunter says he warned Exley and tells him to show his true face so he can die with honor. Exley does not morph. Dales drives up as Exley is killed. The bounty hunter escapes and Dales concentrates on Exley, who is dying. Exley warns Dales that his blood is like acid, but Dales finds only red blood. Exley apparently loved the game of baseball so much that it transformed him into a human, but Mulder can't figure out if the story is metaphorical. (All events described by Dales to Mulder in The Unnatural.)

July 4, 1947

The alleged Roswell New Mexico UFO incident, on or about this date. On July 8 a news release is issued from Roswell Army Air Field claiming to have recovered a crashed "disk." The following day, however, another news release says it was actually the remains of a weather balloon. Eye witness reports that surface later suggest as many as three UFO landing or crash sites in New Mexico at about this time -- one just north of Roswell, one 75 miles northwest and one 175 miles west. (Historical accounts.)

In Deep Throat, Mulder shows Scully what he claims is a photograph of the Roswell UFO. It is triangular in shape, similar that the shape seen in several other episodes.

In My Struggle, we see what appears to be the crash of a circular saucer in the "high desert" of Northwestern New Mexico. Roswell is in Southeastern, New Mexico, so the crash seen in this episode is NOT Roswell. The military kill what appears to be a gray alien, crawling away from the crash. A military doctor examines the body and keeps his secret for many years, telling Mulder in 2016 that Roswell was a "smoke screen."

In My Struggle, Mulder indicates that he believes that the Russians tried to invade the United States in 1947 using captured alien technology. The unspoken implication is that he believes this is the truth behind the New Mexico UFO(s).

In Requiem, the Cigarette Smoking Man mentions "Roswell and Corona." "Corona" is reputed to be the crash site of a second UFO, in central New Mexico, at about the same time as the Roswell crash. "Corona" may also be a reference to a secret project conducted in the Roswell area. "Corona" has been described by the US government as its first satellite reconnaissance tests, for which several components were tested in high altitude balloon flights. High altitude balloons are often considered by UFO theorists as cover ups for UFO incidents.

Deep Throat says that alien DNA was first obtained in 1947, but that Roswell was a "smoke screen", and that a half dozen better samples were obtained between 1947 and 1994. (The Erlenmeyer Flask)

In The Unnatural, Mulder says Josh Exley disappeared without a trace, although he was seen to be killed by the Bounty Hunter. Did the men in black recover his body, then stage a UFO hoax to cover their tracks?

In Two Fathers, several references are made to "50 years, since Roswell." Regardless of whether it was a UFO crash or not, apparently contact is made at Roswell between the alien colonists and the government.

As a result of whatever happens at Roswell, a secret government project begins within the State Department to investigate and study the aliens. The Project is staffed with German scientists given immunity from war crimes and allowed to continue the eugenic experiments of the Third Reich. Japanese scientists also participate in the work. (Anasazi)

The early experiments of the scientists were apparently highly unethical, causing human subjects to be greatly deformed. Eventually these initial victims, known as "The Merchandise" are gassed to death and their bodies left in a railroad refrigeration car, buried in a quarry on the Navaho reservation. Victor Klemper is one of the German scientists involved in this work. (The Blessing Way)

Less than nine months after the Roswell crash, according to Mulder, the scientists of the Philadelphia Experiment reportedly cause the USS Eldridge to disappear from Philadelphia and reappear in Norfolk, Virginia. Mulder believes they were manipulating naturally-occurring wormholes. (Dod Kalm)

Deep Throat also says a super-secret meeting of representatives of many nations meets in 1947 to agree that any alien survivors of UFO crashes shall be exterminated. (E.B.E.) At another time, he says this order was from Security Council Resolution 1013. (Musings...) In light of later revelations that the aliens are Colonists, intent on the extermination of enslavement of the human race, this agreement/order makes sense.

In End Game, the Samantha clone claims that two aliens come to Earth in the 1940s and produced several identical clones as progeny, known later as the Gregor clones. Samantha claims that the aliens were combining human and alien DNA in order to eliminate their identical nature. She says that they believe that the human stewardship of the planet is being forsaken and that they will become the natural heirs of the planet. The clone may have been misleading Mulder, but there may also be some germ of truth in the story.

September 24, 1947

It has also often been reported that in 1947, the Top Secret US Government project known as Majestic 12, or MJ-12, is created, possibly by a special classified executive order of President Truman on 24 September, 1947. According to some reports, membership of MJ-12 included Dr. K and Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, names mentioned by Dana Scully in her Senior Thesis. (Popular reports and Musings...)

January 6, 1948

Paula Gray is born, the granddaughter of Walter Chaco, who is in the process of building his chicken processing plant in Dudley, Arkansas. (Our Town)


A royal battleship disappears between Leeds and Cape Perry, on the 65th parallel northwest of the British isles. The seas were calm and the weather sunny. (Dod Kalm)

Circa this date, the Cigarette Smoking Man enters the Army. (If you believe Musings...)

Melvin Frohike is born, based on the age of actor Tom Braidwood.


Use of radiation to treat various ailments is common, because the medical profession does not understand the dangers. Certain governmental agencies conduct testing of radioactive treatments on civilians without their informed consent. (Historical)

Early 1950s

According to Deep Throat, the federal government learns that the Soviets are experimenting with eugenics in order to attempt to develop a super soldier. In reaction, the government somehow manages to clone two people. Eight sets of boy and girl clones are born and raised in a controlled compound at a place called Litchfield. The project comes to be called the Litchfield Experiment. The boys are called Adam and the girls Eve. (Eve)(Deep Throat occasionally lied to Mulder, or distorted the truth. Details could be different from what he reported.)


In McMinnville, Oregon, a UFO is photographed above a field. This photograph is the first picture shown in the X-Files opening credits.

In Christmas Carol, Scully dreams that her mother, Margaret, tells about being given a cross necklace at about the same age by her mother. Given Margaret's apparent age, and the ages at which her children were born, this gift was probably given to Margaret by Dana Scully's grandmother in the 50s.

Young military officers Bill Mulder and Alvin Kurtzweil are recruited to "the Project." Kurtzweil eventually becomes disillusioned, and leaves. He becomes an OB/GYN doctor, and publishes several books about doomsday ahead, but he is generally discounted. Bill Mulder remains with the Project for many years, operating under the cover of being employed by the State Department. Mulder, however, has ethical problems with the way the Project is run. (Movie)

As a "young man," Navaho Albert Hosteen finds a body in a quarry on his reservation. It is strangely disfigured and even the buzzards will not eat it. Albert may not realize that nearby is a buried railroad refrigeration car containing dozens of similar bodies. (Anasazi, The Blessing Way, Paperclip)(The date is very uncertain, but it would presumably be within a few years after the Operation Paperclip scientists begin their experimentation with human and alien DNA, and certainly after Roswell in 1947.)


Walter Sergei Skinner is born. (Date based on the age of actor Mitch Pileggi, which is consistent with Skinner being in Vietnam at age 18, in 1970. Middle name given in Tunguska.)

The first Unexplained File dealing with what comes to be known as the "Moth Men" case is opened. The case involved primitive-looking men with glowing red eyes.(Detour)

1952 ????

The Unexplained Files overcrowd the "U" file drawer in the Washington D.C. FBI office. At some time in 1952 or earlier an enterprising file clerk moves the files to the roomier "X" drawer, and they slowly come to be known as "X-Files." (Travelers)

1952 ????

Veterans Edward Skur and two other men are told they need surgery for war wounds. In reality, German scientists working for the US government graft other living organisms into their bodies. The organisms occasionally emerge through their mouths and can dissolve all of the internal tissue of other people. Out of revenge, Skur begins to plot to kill the German scientists. (Travelers)


Operatives of the conspiracy use positions of power in the House Un-American Activities Committee to pursue their goals. (Travelers)

June 24, 1952

Travelers. One of two brothers named Arthur Dale (not the one who was a police officer in Roswell, NM) and his partner, Agent Hayes Michel, arrest Edward Skur for failing to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee of the US Congress. Dale is later told that Skur has hung himself in his jail cell and there are photographs that it is later discovered are fake. Dale goes to the Skur home to tell Mrs. Skur of her husband's death, but encounters Edward Skur there. They struggle and Dale sees something attempting to emerge from Skur's mouth, but there is a disturbance and Skur runs off. Dale files his report but the HUAC prosecutor, Mr. Cohn, convinces him to change his report to not identify Skur, saying that some things must be kept from the public.

Skur's name keeps coming up in Dale's life. He and Michels are called to the home of a former German scientist who is dead with all of the internal organs of his body missing. A note Dale finds there summons Dale to a secret meeting with Bill Mulder who tells him that Skur is a patriot. He and two other men had something done to them against their will and Skur wants vengeance. It becomes clear to Dale that HUAC is a cover-up for a more sinister conspiracy within the American government. Skur thinks Dale and Michel are part of the plot against him. Dale calls Michel's home, but Skur has already been there and Michel is dead. Viewers see some kind of living organism exit Skur's mouth to kill Michel -- apparently entering his body and destroying the internal organs.

Later, when Dale is at the Michel crime scene, Cohn arrives and proclaims "national security" to have the body removed. Dale investigates the other two men identified by Bill Mulder. One, Gissing, was found dead in the last few days alongside another German scientist, whose internal organs were all missing. An autopsy finds a living organism inside Gissing's throat, held in by sutures. Dale calls on Mrs. Skur and accuses her of knowing her husband is still alive. He says Skur was the victim of Xenotransplantation -- the process of grafting another living organism into a human body. He says German scientists experimented with it during WWII. When Dale leaves, Mrs. Skur goes to her husband in a backyard fallout shelter, the organism emerges from his mouth and kills her.

Dale is taken to J. Edgar Hoover who lectures him about the communist threat and gives Dales one chance to save himself. He is sent to an arranged meeting with Skur, wearing a hidden transmitter. Bill Mulder is one of the escorts to the meeting site. Skur tells Dale that "they" want Dale dead. They fight and the organism begins to emerge from Skur's mouth but Dale manages to handcuff Skur and escape death.

Bill Mulder eventually helps Skur escape captivity. (Travelers)

July 15, 1952

Birthday of twins Roland Fuller and Arthur Grable. They are separated in childhood, and Roland becomes autistic. Arthur becomes an experimental physicist. (Roland)

July 19 & 26, 1952

UFOs buzz Washington D.C. -- a pilot reports seeing unexplained objects, radar at two local Air Force bases -- Andrews and Bolling -- picks up the UFOs, and two Air Force F-94 jets streaked through the skies, searching for flying saucers. A week later, it happens again -- more UFOs on the radar screen, more jets scrambled over Washington. Across America, the story of jets chasing UFOs over the White House knocks the Korean War and the presidential campaign off the front pages of newspapers. "'Saucer' Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals," reads the banner headline in The Washington Post. "JETS CHASE D.C. SKY GHOSTS," screams the New York Daily News. "AERIAL WHATZITS BUZZ D.C. AGAIN!" exclaims the Washington Daily News.


Beginning this year, Majestic begins flying aircraft using antigravity propulsion systems. It is learned that antigravity propulsion operates by bending space-time. It is also learned that lost time is a common symptom of close proximity to antigravity propulsion systems.(Dreamland)(Dreamland is not clear, but the antigravity propulsion system is apparently based on UFO technology. If so, the technology was apparently obtained after the Roswell crash.)

August 19, 1953

The last survivor of the ward room of the Zeus Faber is interviewed by a task force from Washington that includes William Mulder and the Cigarette Smoking Man. They ask if the crewman considers the oil that seeped from Captain Johansen to have been an entity. Even this early, the Smoking Man smokes Morley Cigarettes. (Apocrypha)

Note: Given that Bill Mulder and the Smoking Man are seen as Army Captains in 1962, they may be junior officers at this time, although they appear in civilian clothes. (If you believe Musings...)


An second series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten. The case remains unsolved. (Shapes)

April, 1955

Lockheed Company searches for remote site to test the U-2. It is decided to place a runway at the south end of Groom Lake. Work begins on the facility there under the direction of Lockheed Skunk Works. Groom Lake, is sometimes also known as Area 51 or Dreamland, is the testing grounds for top secret conventional aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117A fighter. (Published accounts)

At some point, the testing of antigravity propulsion systems based on alien technology is moved to Groom Lake.(Dreamland)

July, 1955

Work on "The Ranch" at Groom Lake is complete at a cost of $800,000. It consists of three hangars, control tower, mess hall, runway, and numerous mobile homes. The first U-2 was shipped out on July 23. (Published accounts)

August 4, 1955

First flight of the U-2 at Groom Lake. (Published accounts)


A group of five hunters in Montana is attacked by a creature that appears to be half man and half bat. Five people die or disappear. In some cases, body parts are found later at a significant distance from the body. Ernie Stefaniuk is attacked by the man-bat, but the man-bat is eventually killed. Another man-bat begins stalking Ernie who soon goes into hiding that will last until the year 2000. His wife, Ariel, goes into hiding with him on an island. Ernie forbids her to tell her mother where they have gone. Ernie's brother, Myron, sends supplies to the island via a raft that is pulled across the water like a ferry. Ernie has deep gouge wounds on his face, possibly from the initial attack or a later encounter with the man-bat. (Patience)

February 23, 1956

Jack Willis is born. (Lazarus)

June 20, 1958

Public Land Order 1662 is enacted by Roger Ernst, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, withdrawing 38,400 acres (60 square miles) around Groom Lake for use "by the Atomic Energy Commission in connection with the Nevada Test Site." The area, 6 miles North/South and 10 miles East/West, form the first "box" around the Groom base.(Published accounts)


Future Environmental Protection Agency assistant administrator Carl Wormus is born. (Nothing Important Happened Today.)

October 23, 1958

Patrick Garland Crump is born. (Drive)


John Doggett is born, based on turning 18 in 1977, which is inferred from his resume seen in Within. (Depending on when his birthday is during the year, he might have been born in 1958.)

Clyde Bruckman has tickets to a Buddy Holly and Big Bopper concert, but they die in an airplane crash in Iowa. He obsesses on the events that lead to the Big Bopper's death and gradually becomes able to predict the circumstances of other people's death. (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)

A third series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten. The case remains unsolved. (Shapes)


Circa 1960, Albert Tanner is born. He has the unique ability to regenerate injuries to his body, and must consume cancer in order to survive. Mulder will later speculate that Tanner is a mutation that incorporates cancer into the "normal" condition of Tanner's body. (Leonard Betts.)

Warren James Dupre is born in Klamath Falls, Washington.(In Lazarus, Dupre said he was born in the Year of the Rat, which was January 28, 1960 to February 14, 1961)

Note: Klamath Falls is actually in Oregon.

According to the Bounty Hunter posing as Ambrose Chapel, early in the cold war the Soviets gain the capability of cloning in a program called "Gregor." (Colony and End Game)

March 8 to June 21, 1960

A lawman disappears after failing to find the person who killed four others by skinning them alive. The lawman is the reincarnated victim of an 1868 murder in which he was skinned alive. The four 1960 victims are the reincarnated souls of the four 1868 murderers. A fifth person tries to prevent the murders but fails. One the day one victim dies, March 8, Victor Potts is born. On the day another victim does, Terry Pruit is born. (Hellbound)

August 7, 1960

David Duchovny's birthday.

January 1961

The Cigarette Smoking Man aids the President of the Congo in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. (If you believe Musings...)

April 17, 1961

The Bay of Pigs invasion, in which the American government secretly supports an invasion of Cuba by expatriates at the Cienaga de Zapata swamps of Las Villas Province, Cuba. The invasion fails when the anticipated popular uprising does not occur. Many of the invasion forces had been trained by the Cigarette Smoking Man, who meets E. Howard Hunt during this training. (Historical and Musings...)

May 17, 1961

Clayton Jones pulls off the road for a nap near Dudley, Arkansas. He is found three days later in a deranged condition, claiming to have been abducted by "Fire Demons." In fact, he has experienced a cannibalism ceremony, organized by Walter Chaco, and been allowed to survive. (Our Town)

May 31, 1961

Cigarette Smoking Man aides Dominican locals in the assassination of Raphael Trujio. (If you believe Musings...)

September 19, 1961

Betty and Barney Hill have an encounter with a UFO on a rural stretch of highway between Lancaster and Concord, New Hampshire. They experience missing time, and over the months become more and more disturbed about the events. Finally, in 1964, they undergo a series of hypnotic regression sessions, with a trained psychiatrist. Under hypnosis, they independently confirm each others stories of being taken on board a UFO and subjected to tests. The psychologist concludes that the experiences may have been based in a dream by Betty, and that Barney may have absorbed his account from her descriptions of her dream. Betty and Barney, however, finish the therapy with the definite opinion that they were abducted. (The Interrupted Journey, by John G. Fuller)

October 13, 1961

Fox William Mulder is born on Friday the 13th, son of William and Teena Mulder. The family home is in Chilmark, on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, within commuting range of Otis Air Force Base and Camp Edwards Military Reservation on the mainland. The family also has a summer home in Qounochontaug, RI, (pronounced QUAN-uh-kah-tagh) near US Highway 1 in southwest Rhode Island. William Mulder allegedly works for the State Department, but in fact is deeply involved in the work of The Conspiracy. Fox presently discovers he is red-green color blind. (Bill Mulder calls Fox a one year old in a Musings... scene identified as October 1962. Some fan sources once gave October 11th as Fox's birthday. The 13th was on the file folder in Paperclip, and repeated on the driver's license in Small Potatoes.)

In "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" the Cigarette Smoking Man claims to be Fox Mulder's father. Later in the episode, Diana Fowley makes a statement confirming the claim. The circumstances are not clear.

In Theef Mulder mentions his grandfather slurping soup, indicating that at least one of his grandfathers was still alive in Mulder's youth.


William and Maggie Scully are married in this year, or earlier. A favorite song of William's, Beyond the Sea, is used in the ceremony, recognizing that he is an officer in the US Navy.


Melissa Scully is born. (Based on her grave stone, seen in Apocrypha.)

Vickie Crump is born. (Drive)

April 18, 1962

A UFO is seen by many witnesses to fly across the United States. First seen near Oneida, New York, it is reported in several states. A UFO, probably the same one, lands near a power substation in Utah, causing a large blackout. The UFO later apparently explodes in western New Mexico, lighting up the evening ski in nearby Reno. The light of the explosion is reportedly visible in California. The Atomic Energy Commission denies that any nuclear test is conducted on this day. Air Force personnel state to reporters that the UFO has been racked on radar. (News accounts)

On December 24, 1991, Deep Throat mentions "all of our work in the past 30 years, all of our victories..." to the Cigarette Smoking Man, implying that their work together, or a major project began in late 1961 or early 1962. (Musings...) This does not particularly agree with One Son, which places 1973 and 1947 as the major events in the history of the Consortium.

October, 1962

Young Fox Mulder speaks his first words, "JFK." His mother sends a photo of herself and Fox to Bill Mulder, at Fort Bragg, where he is stationed. A copy ends up in the possession of the Cigarette Smoking Man. (If you believe Musings...)

October 22, 1962

The Cuban Missile Crisis. (Historical)

William Scully is at sea with the US Navy during the missile crisis, presumably participating in the blockade of Soviet ships. When he arrives home, a favorite song, Beyond the Sea, is played in his honor. His wife later mentions something about him marching off the boat and proposing to her. (Beyond the Sea) Given that Melissa Scully was born in 1962 (Apocrypha), either Maggie Scully was not clear in her statement about the proposal, or Melissa was illegitimate. If Bill Scully's girlfriend was pregnant, this would have given him strong motivation to propose as soon as he was released from crisis duty.

October 30, 1962

At the Center for Special Warfare, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the Cancer Man, a Captain in the Army, is recruited to kill President Kennedy, by General Frantz. Frantz, a two star general, is also an aviator (based on the wings on his uniform) and smokes Morley cigarettes. Cancer Man lies and says he never touches cigarettes, although he has been smoking since at least 1953.

Bill Mulder is in the same military unit, and presumably of similar rank, since their bunks are adjacent to each other.

The Smoking Man is seen to be reading The Manchurian Candidate, about brain washing and assassination, and comments he would much rather read the book than see the movie. (If you believe Musings...)


Diana Fowley is born circa this year. (The Official X-Files Site says she is "in her 30s." 1963 would make her 35 when she first appears in The End.)

At some point early in the Litchfield Experiment, Eve 7 escapes. She is raised by a geneticist employed by the experiment and grows up relatively normal, by the standard of the other Eves. She develops the goal of becoming a geneticist and helping the other Adam and Eve clones become better adjusted. (Eve)

Between 1963 and 1992, six pilots are reported as missing from Ellens Air Force Base in Idaho.  Mulder thinks they have been testing experimental aircraft.  (Deep Throat)

November 22, 1963

The Smoking Man, under the name of Hunt (probably borrowed from E. Howard Hunt) gets Lee Harvey Oswald to leave a rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository, under a pretext. He participates in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, firing from a storm sewer opening. All record of his service is eliminated, and he moves on to other highly classified assignments. Lee Harvey Oswald is made a patsy, although he fires no weapon at Kennedy. Knowing of the conspiracy, Oswald kills a police officer he believes to be a Conspiracy operative. He is subsequently arrested at the Texas Theater, where he has gone to try to find Cancer Man. Feeling the stress, Cancer Man begins smoking more, and enjoying it less. (If you believe Musings...)

John Fitzgerald Byers is born. His parents name him after the assassinated President. (Unusual Suspects)


Victor Eugene Tooms commits a third series of five murders.  Detective Frank Briggs holds a desk job and is not permitted to investigate, but gathers information on his own, including photographing Tooms as a suspect.  He remembers the MO from thirty years earlier, and preserves large amounts of evidence, including a section of liver tissue and the photos of Tooms. (Squeeze/Tooms)

A fleet of six Soviet mine sweepers vanishes on the 65th parallel, northwest of the British Isles. The seas are calm and the sky sunny. (Dod Kalm)


A fourth series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten. The case remains unsolved. (Shapes)

Alfred Fellig registers with New York City police as a free-lance photographer, in order to be permitted to visit crime scenes. He reregisters every year until 1999, and his photographs each year show he has not aged. (Tithonus)

January 22, 1964

Samantha T. Mulder is born. Her smallpox vaccination certificate (seen in Paper Clip) says the family lives at 62 Greer Street, Martha's Vineyard, Connecticut (even though the island Martha's Vineyard and the community of West Tisbury is in Mass.)

February 23, 1964

Dana Katherine Scully is born to William and Margaret "Maggie" Scully. (One Breath) Her birth certificate (seen in Paper Clip) says the family lives at 1170 W. 53 Road, Annapolis, MD. (February 23 established in Lazarus.) Her two brothers are Bill Junior and Charlie. Their exact ages are unknown, although in "Roland" Dana says one brother is older and one younger. Dana's older sister, Melissa, was born in 1962. (Apocrypha) Presumably Bill, Jr., is the eldest son, both because of his name and because he tends to act like an older brother in various settings.


Takeo Ishimaru reportedly dies, but continues his work in secret, attempting to combine alien and human DNA. The conspiracy relocates him to Perkey, West Virginia, under the name Dr. Shiro Zama. He operates a Hansen's Disease Research facility. Other people are periodically brought in, kept segregated, and during "treatment" sustain severe burns. (These burns could result from simple radiation experimentation or from exposure to alien life, such as found on the Pacific UFO.) (731 & Nisei)

A photo of 2 year old Melissa Scully in a forest is taken that her sister will look at in Christmas Carol.

Raymond Morrow becomes a police officer in Aubrey, Missouri, and has a daughter, named B.J. Morrow. (Aubrey)

Lucy Householder is born. (Oubliette)

Eddie Van Blundht Junior is born. Like his father, he has a vestigial tail and the ability to morph. (Small Potatoes)(Date is an estimate. See 1979 entry.)


A photo of 3 year old Melissa Scully is taken in the Nagoya Farmer's Market in Japan that her sister will examine in Christmas Carol. Was Bill Scully stationed in Japan in the US Navy?

March 16, 1966

The Gemini 8 mission suffers serious thruster malfunctions, causing the craft to tumble and roll after the first-ever American spacecraft docking in space. The crew battles the malfunction with manual thrusters, and eventually aborts the flight for an emergency reentry, landing in the Western Pacific. The crew consists of Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott. (Historical)

The episode Space indicates that Astronaut Marcus Aurelius Bolt was on this flight, and that there was also an oxygen loss. The implication is that some entity intercepted the spacecraft, and somehow took at least partial control of Belt's mind. In Space he will be seen to morph uncontrollably. There are implications that in the future he will be forced to participate in sabotage of certain space missions.

(When originally broadcast, it was probably the intent that actual aliens had intercepted Belt in order to keep humans from learning about their existence in the space nearby Earth. In light of later seasons, the Conspiracy may well have had reason to limit NASA, and may have used hypnosis, alien gene therapy treatments and spacecraft based on alien technology to intercept Gemini 8.)

November 14, 1966

What is known as the "Mothman flap" begins, in a field near Salem, West Virginia. A creature with glowing red eyes, described as two inches wide and six inches apart is seen several times over the course of the following year. The creature is described as shaped like a man, but larger, and also sometimes described as having wings, like a bat or moth. It is sometimes reported to be able to fly without flapping its wings. Some descriptions say it has no head, and the eyes are set in its shoulders. Television interference is sometimes reported in association with the Mothman. All reports of the Mothman are generally around the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area. During the same period of time, over 1,000 UFO sightings are reported in the Ohio River Valley area, part of a major world-wide "flap" of UFOs, culminating with the collapse of a Point Pleasant-area bridge on December 15, 1967, that kills 37 people, and coincides with an intense series of UFO sightings in one evening. Things then return to normal. The best scientific explanation for the Mothman is a series of sightings of the rare Sandhill Crane, a very large bird with red eyes. (News accounts)

Mulder believes the nearly invisible creatures he and Scully encountered in western Florida in late 1997 might be related to the Mothman. (Detour)


Richard "Ringo" Langly is born circa this year. (Langly's first name, Richard, is given in The X-Files episode Via Negativa. Although an early version of the script for Unusual Suspects gave his first name as "Ringo," that name was never used on the air, until it appeared in the opening credits of The Lone Gunmen TV series.)

Marita Covarrubias is born circa this year.

Richard Nixon acquires an arabic rug in which lives a genie. His wishes give him the power he desires, but also lead to his downfall when his last wish is not specific enough. (Je Souhaite)

June 6, 1967

Roberta K. Sim is born. Sim will be her married name. Her maiden name is unknown. She is the future mother of "Emily." (Christmas Carol)

August 1967

Four UFO sightings are made in the area of Lake Okoboji, in northwest Iowa. One is sighted by a National Weather Service pilot. Four girl scouts, including Darlene Morris, and the adult girl scout leader make another sighting, and one girl photographs what appears to be a flying disk with a brownie camera. (Conduit)

October 13, 1967

This apparent date was seen on a Conspiracy document relating to Dana Scully. It is unclear what the date might represent in their records. (Emily)


Frank Briggs retires, the Tooms murders continuing to haunt him.  He fears that in 25 years, 1993, more killings will occur.  (Squeeze/Tooms)

Eight year old Albert Tanner is assaulted by two school boys. He does not defend himself. (Leonard Betts)

The Litchfield Project discovers that at around age 12 the Adam and Eve clones begin to develop psychoses. They have been found to have abnormal strength and IQs up to 265 as the result of having 56 chromosomes. (Eve)

March 1968

Cancer Man writes a story, based on his own experiences, Entitled "Take a Chance: A Jack Colquitt Adventure." He uses the pen name Raul Bloodworth.

A group including General Frantz and J. Edgar Hoover consults Cancer Man about how to discredit Martin Luther King. Cancer Man, who respects King, also considers him to be a threat, because he has begun using Marxism as an illustration of the negative aspects of democracy. Cancer Man becomes concerned that if King were to convince black men to not serve in the military, the Vietnam War would be lost. He tells Hoover that the only alternative is to assassinate King. (If you believe Musings...)

April 4, 1968

Cancer Man assassinates Martin Luther King at the Lorraine Motel, room 306, in Memphis, shooting from the bushes at the top of an embankment directly across from the motel, as opposed to the rooming house bathroom, as believed by some authorities. Cancer Man still carries the photo of one year old Fox Mulder, and his mother, obtained from Bill Mulder in 1962. (If you believe Musings...)

Raul, possibly taken from Raul Bloodworth, is the name given by James Earl Ray, arrested for killing Dr. King, who was actually on an errand for Cancer Man during the assassination. Ray discovers that he is a suspect and escapes Memphis. He is eventually arrested in London. Ray confesses, hoping for a light sentence. He is sentenced to 99 years, and recants his confession three days later. (Historical)

August 9, 1968

Gillian Anderson's birthday.

November 1, 1968

Albert Goodwinkle, of Montgomery and Glick Publishing, rejects Cancer Man's story "Take a Chance: A Jack Colquitt Adventure," calling it "crap." Cancer Man receives the letter at 555 Brooksbank Avenue, Apartment 24, Washington DC 20091. (Musings...)

Cancer Man is familiar enough with the poetry of Aeschylus to quote it from memory. (Musings...)

Circa 1969

Fox Mulder encounters a preying mantis while tree climbing, and decides he hates insects. (War of the C.'s)

A UFO is seen over Hanoi. The Marines attempt unsuccessfully to shoot it down. Deep Throat is with "The Company" at this time. (Musings...) Apparently referring to the same incident, Deep Throat later tells Mulder that he became one of the three men to have exterminated an alien, with the CIA in Vietnam. He tells Mulder that the death of that innocent alien haunts him and that is why he wants the truth to be known. (E.B.E)

Deep Throat may have been blurring the facts, and may have actually been describing the killing of an alien in 1991. (Musings...)

Jack Conroy is born. He eventually becomes a US Customs officer, based on San Pedro, California. (Alpha)

Antiwar activist Micah Hoffman is a focal point of the counterculture movement across the country. Mulder described him as one of the original Weathermen, the first Yippie (i.e. a politically active hippie) and also said that he played on the baseball team at Columbia University. As the years pass, Hoffman changes his approach, undermining authority by forgery of documents, including documents that subvert the church and religious teachings. He studies the life of Christ in such detail that by the year 2000 he comes to believe that Christ inhabits his body. (Hollywood A.D.)

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