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At a time when most of the "original" X-Files fan sites have disappeared, this site continues to stand watch.

See the main timeline for pretty much everything that happened in The X-Files that can be assigned an exact or approximate date, organized by year or date range.

For a more compressed look at the chronology of the mythology of the series (the oil, bees, aliens, and Conspiracy story arc) you'll want the Conspiracy timeline.


The X-FILES MYTHOLOGY. Read your Webmaster's "take" on how all of the often-confusing elements of The X-Files mythology fits together and makes sense.

ALL I EVER NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM THE X-FILES. Lost for many years, we are pleased to present the original 1994 compilation.

X-FILES ANNIVERSRIES. What are the major anniversaries in the X-Files chronology, organized in calendar order?