X-Files Anniversaries

by Michael Marek

Note:  This page includes major anniversaries in the continuity of The X-Files.

January 22, 1964

Samantha T. Mulder is born.

February 23, 1964

Dana Katherine Scully is born to William and Margaret "Maggie" Scully.

February 23, 1997

Mulder takes Scully out to celebrate her 33rd birthday. Meanwhile, at about 8pm, Flight 549, carrying Max Fenig, crashes near Northville, New York, after an apparent encounter with a UFO.

March 7, 1992

Pilot Episode. After two years with the FBI, Dana Scully is assigned to the X-Files. Mulder initially distrusts Scully, believing she has been assigned to debunk his work. At face value, her assignment is to bring a rigorous scientific perspective to the cases. In fact, Scully really HAS been assigned to debunk the X-Files by the international conspiracy that feels Mulder's work is dangerous to them.

April 27 1997

The Conspiracy begins a test of the smallpox-carrying bees, in a school yard in South Carolina, leading to further deaths.

May 8, 1994

The death of Deep Throat, during the exchange of an alien fetus obtained by Scully for Mulder, who had been captured by an alien Bounty Hunter.

Late May, 2001

Dana Scully gives birth to William.

June 16, 1989

Mulder works with Dr. Heits Werber to use regression therapy to remember the night his sister disappeared. He remembers a voice in his head telling him that Samantha will not be harmed and will one day return.

June 30, 1908

At Tunguska, in Russian Siberia, a huge explosion occurs, laying waste to 1200 square miles.

July 4, 1947

The alleged Roswell New Mexico UFO incident, on or about this date.

August 7, 1994

After a lengthy hostage drama in which Mulder gets to know Duane Barry, Barry escapes and kidnaps Dana Scully from her apartment.

September 3, 1939

Southwest of the Bahamas, the British ship SS Queen Anne is reported sunk by a German torpedo. Mulder believes that it entered the Bermuda Triangle and became caught in a time warp.

October 13, 1973

State Department staff members learn that the aliens encountered at Roswell are planning to colonize Earth in a process that will kill all humans. For reasons that are not completely clear, the Colonists negotiate to delay the colonization while the members of the Project develop both a means of distributing the alien Black Oil virus, as well as develop a race of human-alien hybrids that is immune to the Black Oil. The operatives of the project take a vote and agree to work with the Colonists as a way of stalling for time while they try to develop a defense against the Black Oil. In this way, the Conspiracy is born, and the new Consortium is not controlled by any government.

October 13, 1961

Fox William Mulder is born on Friday the 13th

November 2, 1994

"Emily" is born, according to state records. She is soon adopted by Marshall and Roberta Sim, and named Emily Christine Sim.  Scully is anonymously left at a hospital, in a coma.

November 21, 1997

Writer Jose Chung is killed by a pickaxe through his skull after he is targeted by a militant religious sect known as the Church of Selfosophy.

November 26, 1863

Confederate soldier Sullivan Biddle dies in a battle with Union troops in Hamilton County Tennessee, when Union troops of General Thomas catch up with the retreating forces of Confederate General Clayborn near Apison House. Biddle's lover, nurse Sarah Kavanaugh hides nearby in a bunker. 133 years later, Fox Mulder comes to believe he was Biddle in a previous life.

November 27, 1973

Samantha Mulder and Cassandra Spender both disappear. On this day Gerald R. Ford is confirmed as Vice President of the United States. Also on this date, Rosemary Woods admits that she was responsible for erasure of some, but not all of the 18 minute gap on a tape recorded in President Nixon's office.

November 27, 1996 -- Wednesday

Mulder and several other involuntary experimental subjects are infected with the Black Cancer organisms from the Martian rocks.

December 3, 1946

Bert and Loretta Barry's first child is born in Greensboro, NC. The boy, who would later become an FBI agent as an adult, is christened Duane.

December 22, 2012

The date set for the alien invasion, confirmed by Mulder at the Mount Weather Complex at Bluemont, Virginia.

December 24, 1917

In Maryland, young lovers Maurice and Lyla die in a murder-suicide pact because they are anguished by World War I and the great flu epidemic that is killing thousands of people across the country.

December 24, 1991

At Dogway, West Virginia, a UFO crashes, and a critically injured EBE is recovered by the UFO recovery team working for Deep Throat.