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Mike Marek's 2005
National Board presentation on
"Putting the Web to
Work for CAP"

Karen Copenhaver's
Building a Successful
Public Affairs Program

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(Outdated but still good info)

 Photos from the CAP Response to
Hurricane Katrina


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Description of CAP-PAO

This list is for discussion of issues related to CAP Public Affairs. It was formed to give CAP members a place to discuss the CAP Public Affairs program on a professional basis. This list is open to anyone, not just CAP members, as long as you are willing to take a professional approach to our conversations.

Appropriate subject matter for CAP-PAO includes the wide range of issues
we deal with in public affairs, including producing newsletters, dealing with news media, still and video photography, PA regulations and compliance, planning, and other things generally related to public relations.

Many CAP PAOs feel they are inexperienced, and are here to learn more than they are to share expertise. On the other hand, several highly qualified and experienced PAOs are also subscribed, providing an excellent resource. Public Affairs is also an art, not a science, and it is often not possible to give a black and white, right-wrong answer to a question. If you have either questions *OR* success stories, please post them.

CAP-PAO is not an official fixture of Civil Air Patrol, Inc.

Although NHQ PA staff members are subscribed and participate, this listserv is not a "back-door" to enable participants to circumvent the chain of command. Although Region and National staff may participate, any proposals for changes in regulations and procedures should go through formal chain-of-command channels. Unless people label the message otherwise, everyone should be understood to be speaking as individuals, and not on behalf of their CAP duty assignments.


The number one rule of CAP-PAO is "Be Polite!" There is no excuse for insults, name calling, and other types of "flames." As CAP members, we have respect for the opinions of others. If we disagree, we discuss those disagreements on a PROFESSIONAL level.


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Please consider carefully before you send a message or a reply to more
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List Owner

I am Michael Marek, LTC, CAP. I have been a CAP member since 1983 and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1993. I am the CAP national staff Communications TEam Leader.  I have been North Central Region PAO and have served as South Dakota Wing Chief of Staff, Director of Communications, Wing PAO (twice), South Dakota Wing Director of Emergency Services, and once upon a time was CAP's National Digital Radio Network Manager. I have also been an IC/MC for CAP, Mission IO, Master Ground Team Leader and Senior Observer. I have twice served as a CAP Encampment Deputy Commander. In other parts of my life, I am a college asscoiate professor of Mass Communication, and an Extra class amateur radio operator. I have also served as an American Red Cross First Aid Instructor Trainer.

CAP-PAO is not an official function of Civil Air Patrol.  Products or links contained on these pages have been suggested by members, but constitute no official endorsement.